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Yamut chuval. 19 century.
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nobori bata cloth, Japan, Taisho (c.1920), cm 103x121. a cotton flag of those displayed in the early 20th century by shops and ... read more
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Old or Antique Indian Kantha Embroidery. This is a very fine old Kantha Embroidery coverlet from the Bengal region of India that ... read more
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Beshir Rug.Has been cut, middle of 19th century, size.340*160 cm
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Beluch Timuri prayer rug. good condition. 19th century
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Baluchari Saree from Murshidabad (Western Bengal, India); 19th century. 107x404 cm. Silk. Worn condition. More textiles on my webpage
Senneh Kelim; 54x98 cm; Iran; 20th century; wool, cotton. More flatweaves on my webpage
Two Bhaktiari-Schusthar Kelims ; early 20th century; SW-Persia; Wool, Cotton, Camelwool. Very good condition. Big one (mijan):126x365cm Small one (kenareh): 95x365cm More ... read more
Naga-Sash; 13x142 cm, probably Angami or Ao-Naga. Cotton(?) Woven More Naga-textiles on my webpage
south west persian rug 150x217cm.
Beautiful tekke juval 1st half 19th cent. Exceptional colours, faded reweave top border and sides missing.
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karashishi-botan futon cover, Japan, Meiji (circa 1890), cm 181x158. The mythology of the lion-dog (or Chinese lion) landed Japan in the same ... read more
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2 Embroidered tent bands, Middle Atlas, Morocco, circa 1930. 96x10.5 inches each. Very good condition. Please email me with any questions.
price:  $650 each
Baluch balisht, first quarter 20th century. Great colors and soft wools. Very good condition, with full pile throughout. Ends ... read more
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Yomud juval, circa 1900. Very good condition: edges are intact, a few small repairs in main field. Sparse elem ... read more
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yongzheng almost square, quiet summer weave.
Naga Bodycloth, from tribal northeast India, mid-20th, good condition. Worn as a skirt wrapped around the waist. 49 x 31 inches
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Beautiful Kantha Quilt from West Bengal region of India. Early 20th. 68 x 42 inches. Beautiful embroidery, excellent condition.
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Hazara or Swat region embroidered wallet or purse. Good condition. Early to mid-20th. 9 by 5 inches. India
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Antique Jaff bag face with the softest wool.Damage to bottom end.
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happi coat, Japan, Showa (circa 1940), cm 86x124. Happi are those traditional Japanese work coats often wearing name of enterprise or related ... read more
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guchan kurd carpet
price:  560
baluch double back with back and missing closing
baluch double saddle bag complete with back and closing
Nice Yomud group mafrash panel, very good colors, first half 19th c. missing a bit on one side, one hole, rest in ... read more
Persian bagface with pinwheel design missing half of the border al around, afshar? cotton foundation, symetric knot, maintenant à vous de
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Antique afshar bag complete with back,colors and wool
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ancient scorpion baluch
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Shahsawan bag face wonderful colours like rainbow and very old circa 1870
price:  on request
Turkoman yamut Okluk wonderful colours and Excellent condition circa 1900
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furoshiki cloth, Japan, Taisho (circa 1920), cm 116x97. Furoshiki were (and still are to some extent) wrapping cloths used when carrying ... read more
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Antique Persian Veramain bag face wonderful colours and very good condition circa 1900
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nobori bata cloth, Japan, Meiji (c.1880), cm 350x32. a textile banner used for celebrating Boys' Festival, a Japanese festivity occurring early May ... read more
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Caucasian soumac complete double bag. Late 19th century. Very good condition, but selvedges need some attention. Closure loops are there and flatweave ... read more
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jaff kurd 110 cm x 184 cm
price:  P.O.R