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Indian trade textiles 004 – (390cm x 112cm – 153.5 in x 40in), silk patola double ikat, ceremonial cloth and sacred heirloom, ... read more
Super Yomut cuval. 3rd q 19th c. Liver background, very detailed pattern with 9 great main guls, lovely side guls, insect border, ... read more
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Lovely antique Qashqai rug. Super weave and wool quality. Good condition. Possibly a dowry rug with a couple woven into the centre ... read more
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19th century Bakshiash carpet in superb original condition, full pile, original ends and sides with very desirable allover large blossoms in abrashed ... read more
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Luristan Gallery Rug-- 5 ft 6 in x 9ft 9in. Southwest Persia. Dark brown wool foundation. Decorative tribal piece with soft colors. ... read more
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Palace size Indo-Persian c. 1920s-- 17 ft x 21 ft. Amazing rare size, especially w/ massive width. Thick, heavy, finely knotted ... read more
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Bidjar Carpet-- approx 9 ft 2 in x 12 ft 4 in. Wool foundation. Unique camel color is most likely undyed wool. ... read more
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Bakshaish, Circa 1880-- 8'5" x 11'8" hearth medallion on soft red field; Ivory rosette borders; azure corners with abundant interesting abrashes. Archaic/tribal design ... read more
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Rare Kungrad yurt hanging, decoration for the yurt interior is not unusual but for some reason few in this style have survived, ... read more
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Detail of one of two indigenous Bolivian dance decorations. Both of these pieces were worn over the shoulder in various ceremonial dances ... read more
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Rare 19th c. Persian bedding bag face. The origin of this piece is anyone's guess. "Probably woven in Persian Azerbaijan in a ... read more
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17th century Joshogan carpet with an arabesque/garden design field. Heavy wear, old repairs and all, but the beauty remains. Check out that ... read more
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size : 90 x 140 (cm) 19. centry eastern Anatolia praying state kurd
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Colors. Color fans only. East Anatolian kilim fragment. Reyhanli tribal group. Cm 40x320 ca. 1800/1850. Fantastic saturated dyes. Ram horns all over. ... read more
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Wonderfull Qashqaii Bagface
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Beautiful old Anatolian Khelim. Circa 60-80 years old. Lovely mellow colours, nice details. Very good condition, 2-3 small restored areas see pics.
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Antique Anatolian Kilim
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Antique Anatolian Rug Fragment
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Antique East Anatolian Rug Fragment
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Mother of all Jaff bags ... huge bagface cargo bag !! Approx 95x70cm and in good condition. Good pile some knots showing. ... read more
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Very fine woven kilim, around 1930. 'Sarkoy', is the name Turkish rug deales gave to these Balkan made weavings. It is in ... read more
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Great 'Sarkoy' kilim. Bulgarian, early 20th century, 30ies. Clean no staines in perfect condition. 280 x 194 Cm. .3 feet x 6.5 ... read more
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Small, gold field Caucasian Dagestan prayer rug. (32" x 59"). Good, even pile. Excellent color range. Circa 1870.
Extremely rare antique kashmir shawl. It has a figures of leopard and birds all around shawl.its a great peace but unfortunately it ... read more
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Early 19th Century Persian Kurdısh Rug Size.184x98Cm
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Fine quality very decorative Mood carpet. 256x154 CM Circa: 1900 p.o.r
An antique Sultanabad Mahal with 350/280 cm. Some use. a part of 30/20 cm sewd in, seems to be an old repair. ... read more
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Syrian Silk Textile 172 x 176 cm / 5'7'' x 5'8''
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#7133 Art Deco Chinese Rug This circa 1920 Art Deco Chinese Oriental carpet measures 8’9” x 11’8”. It has a uni-directional floral design ... read more
Shahsavan saddle bag face size 67x60cm
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#7121 Konya This dated 1870 Konya rug measures 4’8” x 12’10”. It is to my eye one of the most beautiful Konya rugs ... read more
Makri Double Niche Prayer Rug. Circa 1875, 6'8" x 4'4", all natural dyes, rich color. Beautiful dynamic design. Contact for additional images ... read more
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nw Persian Rug circa 1830-50 size 90x480 cm
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Nice,unusual Malayer Rug Circa 1900 p.o.r
Tekke Mafrash, 72 x 26 cm. 19 th. Cent. The design with 12 Tekke Chuval Gols. Pink silk and white cotton ... read more
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Anatolian antique blanket wonderful Camel hair color and excellent condition all original size 1,60x1,16 cm Circa 1890-1900
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