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Charming squarish Afshar ca.1900, 186 x 161 cm., 6' 1" x 5' 3". Woolen chain, No repairs and all natural dyes. Minor ... read more
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Turkmen pile pieces in good condition. All are 19th century examples with good dyes. a few are published. ... read more
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unusual border and a good green dye in this yomut chuval - great price for this border
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An Antique Farahan-Persian about 100 years,very nice naturall colrs,over all good condition,a very small repair in the corner. size:194x130 cm
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Shahsevan small bag (chanteh)1870 circa with two techniques kilim and sumak in very good condition•••size 25x20cm
beautifull Luri Bakhtiyai Saltbag sumak technique 1880 circa•••60x48cm
Persian Afshar, late 19th century, 4-4 x 6-6 (132 x 198), rug was hand washed, wear, good pile too, both ends original ... read more
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Central Anatolian Konya (Sille) Yastık, possibly woven by Anatolian Greek Artisans 1920s century Size:92x55cm / 36x22 inc
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Nice tentband frag probably Saryk with decent age and great dyes. 78 cm x 28 cm.
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Turkmen chirpy collar. One very small damage on it. Size: 3.5" x 43.3" - 9 cm x 110 cm.
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Uzbekistan Kungrat silk embroidered hanging. Silk embroidery on broadcloth. Some restorations done as can be noticed from images. Size: 55 cm x ... read more
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West Anatolian Balıkesir Yüncü Chuval Size:94x62/3'1"x2"
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Mid 19th Century Eagel Kazak All natural Colours Size.230x145 Cm
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Antique Baluch Rug All Colours Natural Size.225x120 Cm
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Antique Avşar Carpet Perfect Size: 190x122
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Antique Kirman Textile Perfect Size: 210x143
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Indonesian Pelangi Shoulder Cloth Textile "selendang" cod. 0767. Pelangi and tritik technique (tie dye) on Chinese silk, early 20th century. Palembang -Sumatra. ... read more
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Suzani fragment cod. 0759. Silk embroidery on cotton. Central Asia. Early 19th. century or earlier. Size cm. 262 x 29 (103 x ... read more
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Very unusual Ewe woman’s cloth cod. 0743. Handspun cotton. Ghana. Circa 1900. Some neat old patches and faint marks, overall good condition. ... read more
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Here is an absolutely gorgeous and powerful Shahsavan? or Anatolian? killim in great and vibrant color combination and perfect condition. The primitive ... read more
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I've always thought the unique design of this 19th century Baluch Balisht was like a picture of what happens when a pebble ... read more
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The worlds most interesting Kazak. Very early with multiple condition problems, but these don't really seem to matter all that much. ... read more
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Antique Caucasian Chelaberd Rug, so called "Eagle Kazak" or "Sunburst Kazak" from Karabagh, South Central Caucasus. 4.7 x 6.9 Ft (140x205 cm, ... read more
Antique tribal Persian Qashqai rug, 4.7 x 6.7 Ft (140x200 cm)
Dear Shahsavan Experts, would you be so kind to give me some info on this type? At this point i would like ... read more
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Size : 145 x 260 (cm), East anatolia, Wool on wool, Natural dyes .
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Rare Kurdish sumach fragmand size 36x24cmm
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Bakshaish Heriz Persian knotted circa in 1925 semi antique, 286 x 224 (cm) 9' 5" x 7' 4" carpet id: P-2605 In ... read more
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Kouba Caucasian knotted circa in 1880 antique, 172 x 114 (cm) 5' 8" x 3' 9" carpet id: RS-312 The black knots ... read more
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Baktiar Persian knotted circa in 1900 antique, collector's item, 203 x 129 (cm) 6' 8" x 4' 3" carpet id: K-3551 The ... read more
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Antique Caucasian Zeyhur Small Bagface Circa 1870.80 Size.43x35 Cm
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Size : 170 x 317 (cm), Central anatolia, Konya ! Ca 1770s
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Eastern Anatolia Sinanli tribal group kilim strip. Cm 320x75 circa. Wonderful natural saturated colors, a real benchmark for dyes of that area, ... read more
Shahsavan Kurdish bag face size 64x58cm
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Symmetrically knotted Baluch rug with a Mushwani type diamond design. Some wear and old attempts at restoration. Dynamic and fun with nice ... read more
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An antique Persian carpet Shahsavan (Northwest region, Azerbaijan). Very nice elegant piece in gallery format.