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Central anatolia,Cappadocia fragment.
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Indonesian Sumba Ikat..Cotton on cotton..Wonderful naturel colours.. 2 panels and each panel is 240cm long 77cm breadth..
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a very rare Palepai ceremonial ship cloth with row of horn head ancestor believe as guardians at journey of life, pasisir people ... read more
Antique kazak fragment. Probably Borcalu. About 130x120cm. Mid 19th century.
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Ushak rug with a cypress tree design. West Anatolia. Circa 1900. 6x4ft approx.
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Extremely rare knotted band. Reminiscent of a tent band. The ribbon was in the middle sewn together, edged with a fabric on ... read more
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This is a sweet antique Isfehan pictorial rug from Central Iran 78x57cm. The subject is Madonna and the Child. The drawing is ... read more
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Mazaendaran 3 panel minimalist kilim. Good colors, size and condition. 93" x 59" -- 237 cm x 150 cm
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Sauchbulag Rug Size:290x150 cm
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Persian Main Rug
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Mihalich Prayer Rug Circa 1800 Size:101x140 cm
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This is an Ensi Turkman with a few different elements making it interesting and different from the standard Ensi. Its size is ... read more
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Kuba Runner, 19th century. Wonderful floral designs and colors surrounded by a striking border. In excellent condition. 114 x ... read more
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Swedish röllakan kilim, size: 69*47cm
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Very late Ming or early Qing (aka Ch’ing) Dynasty kesi - silk - panel 'fragment’ of exceptional quality made in China at ... read more
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Finely hand-woven four paneled raw silk Bhutanese blanket (i.e. four individually woven strips or panels sewn together post weaving) made with all ... read more
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Fine old Baluch minakhani rug, very flat back and a great floppy handle, nice abrash
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Big bold Afghan Ersari time
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Good antique Khamseh rug from Southwest Persia, circa 1880 and needs a little work but rugs if this vintage are getting more ... read more
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This is a colorful little symmetrically knotted piece that measures 48 x 30 inches. It is complete, with original selvedges and ... read more
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Antique one of a kind Afghan compass. For the pilgrim who has everything. Said to be an aid for establishing the direction ... read more
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Complete Pre-Columbian tapestry strip. a.d. 100 - 400. Most likely a head band. Size:27.5 x 2.75 inches. See some other ... read more
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Tibetan, late 19th century, 1' 8" x 2' 9"
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Size: 115x280cm, 18.y.y cappadocia fragment !
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Small soft cover book with 79 color plates mostly of presynthetic Kirgiz and Uzbek main rugs with a few smaller weavings included. ... read more
Early 1970s Halishte - wool throw, bed cover or rug from Bulgaria. Part of a dowry. Approx. 150x130cm. Clean - professionally washed, ... read more
price:  140 Euro
Soft cover book with 56 color plates of presynthetic Saryk weavings: mostly chuvals and torbas with a few mafrash, kapunuk, and one ... read more
orginal turkmen sack size119x78
orginal turkmen sack size117x61
Antique Sangtchuli Baluch Carpet, ca. 1870; 5’10” x 10’8” / 178 x 325 cm Possessing 21 twenty-lobed medallions, possibly variants of what is ... read more
price:  450.00
Size : 35 x 60 cm, Old Turkmen .
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Mint condition , top colours Qashgai ... Size 114x126
price:  200 euro
Afshar chanteh circa 1890 size23x20cm
Size: 183x185 cm, Old aleppo textile... Technically a combined skirt and attached shawl and often referred to as an ‘abba’ street dress, but ... read more
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Ningxia (Ninghsia) small dragon and lotus rug, Kangxi Period, circa 1700-1720 link
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Anatolian kilim, woven circa in 1860 antique, collector's item, 372 x 170 (cm) 12' 2" x 5' 7" carpet id: A-688 Woven ... read more
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