West Anatolian Oushak Rug Fragment – Smyrna Rug. Size: 114x200cm. Last picture is only illustration, it shows another example in Carpet Museum Istanbul ... read more
price:  on request
Early Interesting Beshir rug fragment with nice design and offset knotting size 51'x54'
price:  por
Lakai belt fragment. Great colours.
price:  p.o.r.
Antique Ersari or Afghan Fragment - glossy and soft wool + goats hair - clean/ and age: pre 1900
price:  sold - thank you!
Doroksh Fragment - 19th century - rare drawing - rare piece of a large palace carpet - Size 170cm x 82cm - ... read more
price:  $ 80
Central Asian Uzbek? pile strip fragment woven almost like a tentband. (Take a look at the back.) Great colors, wool, and ikat ... read more
price:  SOLD
Antique Bachtiari. Huge chunck of what must have been an enourmous carpet. To my opinion a descendant of the famous Von Hirsch ... read more
price:  please ask
Rare Veramin small rug fragment > c. 1850-70
Anatolian Rug Fragment 110 x 73 cm / 43'' x 68''
price:  On Request
Green Oushak Fragment. West Anatolian Oushak Carpet Fragment. Mounted. Size of support (linen): 103x159cm, fragment size: about 93x149cm. Last picture serves as ... read more
one of the best copy of a ming lotos silk on tibetan rugs. big khaden fragment with a beautiful green ground and ... read more
Şarköy çintamani fragment cm 40 x 90
price:  SOLD
Ottoman Greek (?) embroidery Fragment. Great Saturated Colours. Cm 52 x 40.
price:  SOLD
West Anatolian Ushak Saf Fragment. Mounted. Size of linen support (full size): 52x148cm, fragment size: about 42x138cm.
price:  on request
East Anatolian Kurdish rug fragment. Super vibrant madder. mounted and conserved.
price:  $5000?
West / Central Anatolian Zile fragment......circa 1840....all wool w/ balanced plain-weave ground....2'4" x 2'9" (70cm x 85 ) large-scale diamonds(9" x 11")....extra-weft ... read more
price:  on Request
Khorasan Rug Fragment
price:  ON Request
Old, Beautiful, Karapinar fragment. Unusual use of camel pile and cotton highlights. This is a great example but has some condition issues. ... read more
price:  $8000
Old Tekke Main Carpet fragment. Old, lush and supple with a velvety buttery feel. Fantastic drape and saturated color.
price:  SOLD
17th century / circa 1700 Bergama area 2-1-2 large pattern Holbein derived carpet.A larger longer format than later 18th century varieties with ... read more
price:  on request
Northwest Persian Shahsevan pile fragment with a large polka-dotted quadrupedal animal, birds, trees, and a somewhat anatomically correct human male figure. Excellent ... read more
price:  SOLD
Saryk ensi fragment. silk highlights. Deep but varied madder red ground color. 5'3" x 3'1".
price:  $550
beautiful fragment of an early 20th century tibetan rug of an originally 230x 130cm size. rugs bigger than the common khaden size ... read more
Baluch Mina Khani; first half 19th c.; part of a small main carpet; 50 x 128cm (1`8" x 4`2"); double wefted; it ... read more
price:  please ask
Lovely Baotou lattice pattern fragment. Early 20th century. 60*110 cm.
price:  € 175 plus shipping
authentic antique Bashir Central Asian fragment ikat design/ diamond Nineteenth Century
price:  POR
4390-Ottoman textile frag 47x25
price:  p.o.r
Beshir Fragment - antique 1850 - very glossy wool - velvety - size: 94 x 50 cm must be from a huge Beshir ... read more
price:  sold - thank you!
Better than average is the quality of the embroidery fragments of which this cushion was probably made in the european part of ... read more
price:  Sold thanks
a wonderful early east turkestan, possibly kashgar, carpet fragment with a masterful colour palette and a rare border ... read more
Fragmentary 15th. century tripartite prayer rug, mounted 53" x 28"[135 x 71cm]
price:  On request
Prayer rug fragment - 1850-1900 - anatolian - turkish - size: 112 x 85 cm - shippment worldwide possible
price:  sold - thanks!!!!
Caucasian Runner fragment 2'9" x 4'8". Photos are very true and vivid. Nice pile, great wool, some etching to charcoal shades. In ... read more
price:  please ask
18 th Century Kapadokya Fragment Size 110 x 116
price:  Ask please
Sileh Sumak, sumach 130x80 ca. 4,3"x2,7", 1850 ca. Fair condition.
price:  P.O.R.
early Persian Silk embroidery textile fragment , 46x64cm
Fantastic Fragment of a early Salor maincarpet 101x40cm, around 1800
price:  SOLD
an early 20th century large lama throneback with a powerful bold design. the border diplays the eight auspicious buddhist symbols. thought in ... read more
Huge fragment of an Anatolian rug, Bergama - Karakecili area,18 th century. Among the best of its type. Could use a bath ... read more
price:  not cheap
Veramin Mina Khani design rug fragment > c. 1870
Coptic tunic(?) fragment, Egypt, 4-5 century. Click on this link: link for more images, details, and price.
18th c. Karaman sleeping rug fragment > full pile!
Erzurum Kilim Fragment.Size: 177x047 cm
price:  ask
West Anatolian Ushak Rug Fragment. Mounted. Size of linen support (full size): 76x90cm, fragment size: about 66x80cm.
price:  on request
Early East Anatolian Kurdish rug fragment
Rare fragment of an early Ersari main carpet, 11'2" x 5'6"
price:  On request
Ushak Rug - Border Fragment. Circa 16th century. Mounted. Size of linen support (full size): 56x74cm, fragment size: about 46x64cm. Ushak ... read more
Turkmen Cloudband Beshir Fragment 160 x 72 cm
price:  On Request
Beshir Rug Fragment. Size: 170x228cm.
price:  on request
West Anatolian Kilim Fragment. Mounted. Size of linen support (full size): 58x158cm, fragment size: about 48x148cm.
price:  on request
Persian Senneh Rug Fragment. Size: 43x183cm. On request it can be mounted.
price:  on request
20th cent over (100 years old) Persian Tabriz, fragment beautiful colours and spectacular design, the size is: 150cm by 180cm.
price:  POR
Central Anatolian Kilim Fragment. Mounted. Size of linen support (full size): 77x114cm, fragment size: about 67x104cm.
price:  on request
Early & rare East Anatolian Kurdish rug frag.
a very old Tourkmen feragment size: 75 x 52 price:POR
West Anatolian Rug Fragment, circa 17th century. Mounted. Size of linen support (Full size): 46x66cm (Fragment size: about 37x56cm).
Kurdish rug fragment. Aleppo? Reyhanli? Cm 31x155. Mid 19th century. wonderful colors, great pattern with ram horn medallions. See more pics on ... read more
price:  pls ask
a beautiful early-to-mid-19th century Central Anatolian fragment with fantastic old colors. Mounted on black fabric so it can be put on ... read more
price:  US$1000 or offer
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