Coptic tunic(?) fragment, Egypt, 4-5 century. Click on this link: link for more images, details, and price.
18th c. Karaman sleeping rug fragment > full pile!
Erzurum Kilim Fragment.Size: 177x047 cm
price:  ask
West Anatolian Ushak Rug Fragment. Mounted. Size of linen support (full size): 76x90cm, fragment size: about 66x80cm.
price:  on request
Early East Anatolian Kurdish rug fragment
Rare fragment of an early Ersari main carpet, 11'2" x 5'6"
price:  On request
Ushak Rug - Border Fragment. Circa 16th century. Mounted. Size of linen support (full size): 56x74cm, fragment size: about 46x64cm. Ushak ... read more
Turkmen Cloudband Beshir Fragment 160 x 72 cm
price:  On Request
Beshir Rug Fragment. Size: 170x228cm.
price:  on request
West Anatolian Kilim Fragment. Mounted. Size of linen support (full size): 58x158cm, fragment size: about 48x148cm.
price:  on request
Persian Senneh Rug Fragment. Size: 43x183cm. On request it can be mounted.
price:  on request
20th cent over (100 years old) Persian Tabriz, fragment beautiful colours and spectacular design, the size is: 150cm by 180cm.
price:  POR
Central Anatolian Kilim Fragment. Mounted. Size of linen support (full size): 77x114cm, fragment size: about 67x104cm.
price:  on request
Early & rare East Anatolian Kurdish rug frag.
a very old Tourkmen feragment size: 75 x 52 price:POR
West Anatolian Rug Fragment, circa 17th century. Mounted. Size of linen support (Full size): 46x66cm (Fragment size: about 37x56cm).
Kurdish rug fragment. Aleppo? Reyhanli? Cm 31x155. Mid 19th century. wonderful colors, great pattern with ram horn medallions. See more pics on ... read more
price:  pls ask
a beautiful early-to-mid-19th century Central Anatolian fragment with fantastic old colors. Mounted on black fabric so it can be put on ... read more
price:  US$1000 or offer
Bakhtiari saltbag fragment, size: 55x43 cm
price:  POR
Early SaujBulagh Shrub Rug Fragment
Colonial period Central or South American embroidered fragment, approximately 5" by 30" (textile alone), 11 1/2" by 35" in its frame. ... read more
price:  $275
Large fragment of both ends of a beautiful old northwest Persian rug. Interesting design and all natural colors featuring a lovely old ... read more
price:  sold
small silk textile fragment * 19th century * Marroco Rabat * great colours *Silk emroidery on muslin * size: ... read more
price:  $ 45 - incl. ship
Karabagh (Goradis) 1880 * Fragment * good condition * soft and shiny wool * size: 114cm x 107 cm ... read more
price:  sold
Turkmen Ersari torba fragments.
price:  O.R.
Ottoman Embroidery fragment 46 x 42 cm
price:  On Request
Kirman Fragment 41 x 51 cm
price:  On Request
Karabagh Rug Fragment with inscription and date,not ofr the condition conscious,good design colors and age.Size 5'5"*3'5".e.mail for more info and pics.
price:  Sold Thanks.
Beautiful Persian brocade fragment,first half of 18th.cent or older,cm.33x50,complete width with both selvedges,very good condition,slightly stained.
price:  sold
Fragment of old Kurdish weaving with captivating design of an archaic stepped arch form on a spare field, original selvages; 3rd quarter ... read more
price:  SOLD
2 beautiful 17th cent. tapestry border fragments,cm.27x139,good condition,some silk missing.
Prayer rug - maybe a baluch - Fragment
price:  sold - thank you!
Jaf bagface fragment - around 1900 - clean - soft and glossy wool
price:  $ 130 incl. ship
These fragments are the two elem panels of what must have been a great and early Abdal, Yomut sub-group main carpet. ... read more
price:  SOLD
Uzbek Belt Fragment 92 x 11 cm
price:  On Request
Bidjar fragment about 24" square.
price:  SOLD. Thank you!
Early Caucasian Soumak Fragment circa 1850 or before. After a long research i could not find this field design in any literature ... read more
price:  por
Persian Fragment (Kerman or Keshan) - 19th - great colours - shiny wool - brown slightly corroded - size: 52cm x 45cm
price:  $ 80
Turkmen Yomud Chuval Gul main Rug fragment 150 x 64 cm
price:  On Request
Kurdish Rug Fragment, nw Persia, 19th c. approx.. 3’ 6” x 3’6” This very unusual and archaic fragment must fall into the Kurdish ... read more
Antique Beshir fragment. Many great and early fragments have appeared in this format from Tibet a suitable size for a monk's ... read more
price:  Sold thanks
early middle age (circa 7-8th c) silk samite fragment. 2 half pearlless roundels with holy birds and eight pointed star secondary element. ... read more
East Anatolian Rug Fragment 148x109 cm
price:  On Request
Persian Rug Fragment 125 x 57 cm
price:  On Request
Konya Karapinar rug fragment. Half of a shared rug. Great wool and colors. Circa mid 19th. century. Size: 28" x 72" (71cm ... read more
price:  O.R.
Kurdish/Anatolian fragment, early 19th Century or before, 38" by 46", with an extraordinary array of saturated colors. Reddish wool wefts, white ... read more
price:  Sold Thank You.
17th-18th c. Anatolian rug fragment
price:  Please inquire.
Beautiful type of Rare Kashkar rug ( fragment ) Warp : Cotton , Weft : wool . Size : 177x150cm Circa : Second half of
price:  1200 euro .
Fine Tekke Torba fragment. Of a superior quality. Needs to be seen and handled. The light blue in the photo is a ... read more
price:  sold thanks
Early 19 th century Tekke Torba fragment size 46x92 cm
price:  por
a colorful Turkmen Aksu torba? Indeed so! This early eastern Turkmen torba fragment has great scale and precisely rendered drawing illustrated with ... read more
price:  SOLD
Yuan Dynasty or Early Ming Textile Fragment. c. 1300 - 1450 ad. 13 x 14 inches. Great color and imagery, ... read more
price:  SOLD
Turkish kilim pair border frag -19th c , one has great colors incl a archaic soft purple, the other not so great ... read more
price:  $1200 pr
Uzbek Fergana Valley Suzani Fragment 136 x39 cm
price:  On Request
An Antique Saryk Fragment 19th century 122 x 98 cm
price:  Sold
early Kirman Border fragment - pillow case damaged - great shiny wool and good colours - Size: 33 cm x 24 - ... read more
price:  $ 50
antique turkoman chuval. Older fragment, possibly kizil. "as found", very dirty with some low pile as shown. Has beautiful color under the ... read more
price:  sold
Fragment Sumak 18th century, Kuba-Dagestan, 1,00 x 1,04 m, for condition please look at the photos.
price:  450 €
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