Elite Wari Tapestry Tunic Fragment. Apparently re-purposed in ancient times to create a small coca bag. a.d. 500 - ... read more
price:  inquire
Baluchi Fragment. Damage either side at middle - see photos. Evidence of fuchsine, see photo 4 compared with reverse of rug photo ... read more
price:  SOLD
Ak su design fragment from a spindle bag? Possible Turkmen origin on Baluchi bag or original old Turkmen. Size: 11 1/2 inches x ... read more
price:  £125 ono + P&P
19th century Hamadan rug fragment. Wool warp and good range of natural colors. Cut and shut, patched and glue on ... read more
price:  Ebay item
Great turkmen tentband Fragment with fantastic natural Colors and super graphic, size: 162x40cm
price:  POR
Turkmen Tekke Torba Fragment 33 x 42 cm / 13.0'' x 16.5''
price:  On Request
Turkmen Tent Band Fragment 30 x 455 cm /0.9'' x 14'9''
price:  ON Request
early nw persian carpet fragment. Beautiful design and highest quality natural colors. Center section of a large early carpet. Pile varies from ... read more
price:  Sold
Colorfull carpets fragment with a face figeure in the middle,great natural colors and early age,as found.Size 4'8"*3'7".E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  US$ 300.
Turkmen Yomud tent band fragment. Cm 36x102. See more pics on my fb page: https:// link
price:  please inquire
Afshar bagface fragment - 19c - very soft handle - even thin + fine waive - very nice small bag (Size: ca. ... read more
price:  SOLD
Tibetan Carpet (TC13) Wine colored fragment with stylized dorje design. Well used but solid condition. 31 1/2” x 21 1/2” por
Uzbek Lakai Fragment 40 x 46 cm / 16 x 18 inches
price:  On Reaquest
Antique Caucasian Fragment Rug size 155 cm 101 cm . 18- 19 th.
Persian velvet antiqe fragment size:86x77-cm ask
price:  Ask
19th century Ottoman velvet fragment. Metal embroidery on silk. Cm 34x40 or in 13.3x15.7. Not much velvet left, but beautiful. Found framed ... read more
price:  sold tks
16th-17th c. Herat carpet fragment > mounted.
Early Ming period silk fragment.Cm.26x84
1254-Konya carpet fragment 176x123
price:  P:O:R
Greek Embroidery Fragment with three flowers Linen, embroidered with silk- and metal-threads< 18 x 37cm 19/20th century I have more pieces from Greece, please ask for ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Tibetan Dragon Pillar Fragment! Measuring 2'2''x2'6''. Fragment.. In excellent condition minus the low areas.
price:  $650
Baluch Bagface Fragment with good age and natural colors,nice design,as found.E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  US$ 150.
Ak chuval fragment.
price:  O.R.
Kurdish rug fragment. 4'1" x 2'10"
price:  por
17th c. Indo-Isphahan fragment, 72 x 151 cm.( 28" x 59"), has been for 40 years in a private Dutch collection. Cleaned.
price:  sold
Lot 157, Khorasan fragment of a saf prayer carpet, East-Persia 17th century, 5 ft. 8in. x 2ft. 9in., 172 x 85 cm. Provenance: former ... read more
Caucasian Kilim ? Fragment,all good natural colors,nice design and age.As found without any work done.Size 7'10"*5'11".E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  US$ 399.
Ca1800 Khotan coffered gul fragment 21 x 97cm
price:  Sold, thank you
R-0931 Antique Khotan runner carpet fragment with a central field design of round orange leopard spots against a sky blue ground and an ... read more
Early and Unusual Tent Band fragment,ca.1800,22x125cm,some moth damage,mounted on linen.
price:  on request
Turkmen Tekke Yellow Chyrpy Fragment 22 x 22 cm /
price:  On Request
Antique Anatolian Hollbayn Dizayn Bergama Carpet Fragment Piece But Realy very nice quality Number one Carpet and square size: 190x184
price:  Ask Please
Caucasian rug fragment. 2' x 1'11".
price:  POR
Turkmen Tent Band Fragment 28 x 392 cm
price:  On Request
East Anatolian Kurdish frag > early 19th c. > mounted.
Two border fragments from a large old northwest Persian carpet. Storage clean out priced. Ca. 1900? Each about 18" x 4'
Antique little fragment of a Caucasian soumak rug. Nice field design with endless knots. Appears to have good color. Reasonably clean. Storage ... read more
price:  $100 of best offer
Ghostly little fragment of an antique Caucasian soumak rug. Nice border. All good colors. Clean out priced. 19th c. 3'7" x 4'8"
price:  $75 or best offer
Persian brocade fragment, First half of 18th Century? 50 x 33 cm. ( 19.7 x 13.0 inch ), For more pieces please visit ... read more
price:  On request
Mysterious little fragment of a rug found while cleaning out storage. Interesting color palette and whirling design elements. Dark purple wool wefts ... read more
price:  sold
17th century tapestry fragment, wool and silk, mounted and stretched over frame. 44 x 42cm, fragment 33 x 31cm and two others.
price:  SOLD, thank you
Double Ikat futon cover fragment, Japan. Hand loomed cotton, indigo, madder. 27" (68.5 cm) wide by 66" (187 cm) long. Late 19th to early 20th ... read more
price:  On request
Coptic fragment wool and linen 3.5 inches across the middle.
price:  Sold
Small Western Anatolian Small Pattern Holbein Fragment, 16th century (about a foot square)
price:  SOLD
Kerman Vase-Carpet Fragment, Safavid era, medium size, 24"x29"
price:  POR
a n a t o l i a n c a r p e t s - 24 full page photos ... read more
price:  por
Antique yomud chuval fragment. Good natural colors. From an older example. Ca. 1880 or before. Storage clean out priced. 17" x 23"
price:  $75
Chinese textile fragment. Ming dynasty, Wanli period?
price:  SOLD
attractive second half 18th century ningxia fragment with double vajra or dorje design and very nicely drawn lotus border. superb wool and ... read more
Antique little south Persian fragment. Abused and worn but still brings a smile. Nice green. Been With me for many many years. ... read more
price:  $100 plus shipping
Spanish colonial rug fragment, Peru, alpaca wool, early 18th c
Antique Tekke main carpet fragment. As found with wear, stains, patches, reduced size. All natural colors. Storage clean out and priced accordingly. ... read more
price:  sold
Ak- Tekke chuval end band pile fragment. Top graphical design. White is cotton. great collectible item. End xix cent. Good colors, good ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Early xix cent. Chodor main carpet fragment. Size cm 115x55 ca; Good patina; front and Back.
price:  SOLD! ;) thank you!!!
large Border Fragment - North West Persian - maybe Ferahan - very nice colours (including slightly corroded apple-green) and glossy soft wool ... read more
price:  sold - thank you
Balkan Greek Embroidery Fragment 22 x 18 cm
price:  On Request
Ottoman Embroidery Fragment 20 x 17 cm
price:  On Request
Serab Rug Fragment 24 x 98 cm / 9.4'' x 38.5''
price:  On Request
link Part of our online exhibition, "Hunting and Gathering: China, Tibet, and East Turkestan" Silk throne cover fragment Kashgar East ... read more
price:  $4500
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