Uzbek silk ikat chapan, pre-1900s
price:  POR
Amazing Antique Embroidered Indian Tribal Bag, collected from a tribal area in Madya Pradesh, according to my source for this textile. Fabulous ... read more
price:  US $350
Antique Indian Kantha Embroidery, 24 x 23 inches. The West Bengal region of India is known for its fine Kantha work made ... read more
price:  SOLD
Antique Indian Kantha Embroidery. Interesting and attractive antique design, 30x 23 inches, with human figures, elephant and flowers. The West Bengal region ... read more
price:  $150
inca "walq'ipu" bag- ca. 1450 a.d. unusually large , approx. 24" x 30 excellent condition vibrant color
price:  $2800.00
nazca / wari panel ca. ... read more
price:  $6500.00
Old or Antique Indian Kantha Embroidery. Nice old whimsical kinetic design from the Bengal region of India that may have once been ... read more
price:  SOLD
Old or Antique Indian Kantha Embroidery. This is a very nice old Kantha Embroidery quilt from the Bengal region of India, Approx. ... read more
price:  SOLD Thanks
Antique Sindi Applique Quilt. Beautifully drawn and rendered quilt from the Sind desert region near the India and Pakistan border. 82 x ... read more
price:  SOLD, thanks
Uzbek silk ikat shohi, pre-1900s, 43sm x 125 sm
Uzbek silk ikat shohi, pre-1900s, 38 sm x 120 sm
Uzbek silk ikat adras, pre-1900s, 26 sm x 123 sm
Uzbek silk ikat adras, 1980s, 25sm x 92 sm
Uzbek silk ikat adras, 1910s, 27sm x 110 sm
Old/Antiq Banjara Indian textile known as a "Galla" used as a part of a woman’s headpiece to cover the back of her ... read more
price:  $125
19th Century Lakai Embroidery Book cover (posh Quran), all embroided with naturel colours and Petit point (gul sheraz) a lovely piece, very ... read more
price:  sold
Silk Brocade, Chinese for Tibet, 18th. century, size: 2'1 x 2'9 (64 x 75cm), mounted Found in Kathmandu and probably from a ... read more
price:  $2800
Old Uzbek Lakai, very good condition, nice colours, very rare designe, size is 60/56 cms
price:  745 Euros
Old uzbek Lakai, in great condition, very fine embroidery on red felt, great condition, size is 62/42 cms, complet piece with its ... read more
price:  545 Euros
Safavid Silk Sash Fragment, Persia, circa: 1650, size:0'10 x 1'11 (25 x 58 cm) The textile came out of Tibet via Kathmandu. ... read more
price:  $950
Pre-Columbian Nazca Poncho, Peru, 6th.-8th. century ad, size: 3'1 x 3'5 (92 x 103 cm) The piece is complete. It has been
price:  $2800
Ottomanian Chatma wonderful colours and very good condition size:1,24 x 0,61cm (2''0 x 4''1 foot) circa 1820
price:  SOLD
a very Rare persian RaSHT horse cover, great condition, very fine embroider, complet piece.
price:  sold
Old Turkmen chawdor in very good condition, complet piece with very fine embroidery, the back ikat is a cotton ikat not silk
price:  sold
End of 19th century Uzbek Lakai, in very good condition, very standard desinge
price:  sold
Antique Belt, Wool, Chile, 19th c. Beautifully made. Red is most likely local cochineal. 2.5" x 76". Excellent condition.
small North Indian tempura painting on textile with lotuses and fish. Perhaps Kotah? circa 18th century?
price:  SOLD
18th century Mughal Indian silk textile fragment with stitching in 2 colors of insect dye.
Late Safavid silk textile fragment with boteh and chrsanthamum on a blue ground. (detail is of the back).
price:  SOLD
Mughal Indian silk textile fragment of a garment or sash end with beautifully drawn plants. Probably 18th century, (perhaps earlier?)
two shibori oshime CLOTHs, Japan, early Showa (circa 1930), cm 133x34 each. Japan's blue-and-white cotton textiles are regularly associated with its traditional ... read more
price:  SOLD
Mid 19th Century Nurata Suzani, Fantastic Condition and Colors, a real Colectors Piece, Size: 230x140cm (7.5ftx4.6ft)
price:  sold
East Sumba Indonesia Ikat dyed cloth, very fine, complex deer motif design. 45 by 100 inches.
price:  $300.00
West Sumba Indonesia Kodi cloth, Ikat dyed. 36 x 90 inches. Black and white with color border and accents.
price:  $250
Ikat, hand woven kain from East Sumba, Indonesia. 50 x 100 inches. Good condition.
price:  $300
Ikat panel wonderful colours and very nice design circa 1900
price:  SOLD
Wonderful colours and very nice ikat panel circa 1900
price:  on request
Ottoman Turkish Embroidery. about 1800. Good condtion except for the stains. (Maybe you know someone who can clean it?) There is a ... read more
price:  $900
Embroidered Ottoman Turkish end. circa 1800. Damaged but beautiful. The embroiderd part measures 26 by 11 inches and there is also extra ... read more
price:  $500
1800s Ottoman Turkish embroidery with silk and some metal. It is complete and needs to be washed. It has a measurement of ... read more
price:  $1600
a 19th century ottoman towel fragment, framed/mounted. One of several.Good for Christmas presents!
price:  £55 each
a Beautiful old kashmir shawl in great condition
price:  sold
a beauiful old turkmen bag, in great condition, made with small white chyrpy chapan fragmenet, original piece
price:  sold
yomud silk embroidery third quarter of 19th century turkestan 42cm x 40cm (16.5 inches x 15.7 inches) price Including gst Aust $495 ... read more
price:  EXPORT Aust $450
finely woven cloth-like ersari chuval with rare 5 panel DESIGN,Ca.1800,5'2"x3'2"
price:  P.O.R.
uzbek silk ikat panel uzbekistan/far north afghan border first quarter of 2Oth century Backed with Early Russian Print Cloth Dates it to ... read more
price:  Aust$400 for Export
bakuba area buschong tribe raffia n'tschak/royal vest- cm 104x508 - maximum expression of the african abstract art -pure primivitavism -
price:  PLS ASK
Absolutely unique and utterly charming. Handpainted and block printed Mystery textile. 19c. posibly of Syrian origin. 55"x80". Research shows ... read more
price:  on request
a Very beautiful end of 19th century, The piece is an uzbek door piece, we dont see very often yellow suzanis, nice ... read more
price:  POR
Lakai Banner. Late 19th. Very nice piece. Great condition
price:  P.O.R.
a Beautiful end of 19th century velvet Ikat Oyna Khalta uzbek, in a very good condition, the velvet is double sided as ... read more
price:  POR
a very beautiful olf end of 19th century Lakai, kongrat tribe, the size is 52/53cms and the condition is very good
price:  500 USD
a Beautiful old 19th century lakai piece in very good condition, the size is 53/51cms.
price:  500 USD
Ladys & Gentlemans this kind of textile l need if you have please let me know please thank ... read more
price:  NOT FOR SELL
a very rare 19th century Ikat Panel, in a great condition, lovely colours, and unique designe, the condition is great, no coour ... read more
price:  POR
a Beautiful dark blue Uzbek Ikat panel from 19th century in a great condition, doubled with very nice cotton, the size is ... read more
price:  645 Euros
a very beautiful Ikat Panl 19th century, in a very good condition, no colour runs, doubled with very fine old cotton, the ... read more
price:  1390 Euros
silk temple cloth, Japan, Meiji (circa 1900), cm 120x118. This is an ‘uchishiki’, a squarish cloth of rich silk used to ... read more
price:  SOLD
a Beautiful very rare green Velvet Ikat, probably end of 19th century Uzbekistan, in a great condition, a collector piece.
price:  sold
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