Kurdish Rug.All naturel colors.There are some old repairs but very fine work.120x200cm
price:  sold
a very beautiful mid or early 19th century nw persian ?kurdish runner. Approx 15ft x 3ft. i think it's missing an outer ... read more
price:  sold
4.2 x 8.8 Antique Bidjar rug, circa 1900, with powerful graphics and an appealing ivory border. Please inquire regarding condition ... read more
price:  Upon request
2.9 x 2.9 Jaff Kurdish bag face. Circa 1900. a large Jaff Kurdish bag face with a wide ranging ... read more
price:  Upon request
Antique kurdish bagface. First rate natural colors with 2 greens. ca. 1875 or earlier. 18" x 29"
price:  on request
An Old Quchan Kurd rug, good dyes and shiney wool, clean, good condition and floor ready. Velcro hanging sysetm to rear. Circa ... read more
price:  SOLD
Yuruk yastic, e. Anatolia, 61.5 x 67.5 cm. This in in the Bags and Trappings section of our web site: link You ... read more
price:  €900
Anatolia kurdish frakment size=200*105cm
price:  200€
Nord West Persian Kurdish Rug 154 x 071 cm
price:  ON REQUEST
persian kurdish artifact. This finely worked piece is a collar for a small animal and would be used on ceremonial occasions. The ... read more
price:  Euros 280.
High quality rug nv Persia late 19th c. 203x147. Intense dyes and the best Kurdish wool, just a little corrosion and selvedge ... read more
price:  P.O.A.
Old Kuchan kurd.150 years old all natural colors and beautiful colors. very good condition.size 365x152.
price:  Sold.Thanks
1910 kourdish in good condtion . no repair needed
price:  680.00
East Anatolian Kurd Rug, fantastic wool, saturated color. orange wefted, condition issues, good scale, recently washed and gleaming. 7'3"x4'5"
price:  SOLD
kord rug pirst half 19 ch 112/470 best best veg colors need some repairs .collectible piace .mina hane. disgin graet woll
price:  SOLD
Small nw Persian rug 37"x57"...95x145 Cm. Generally good short pile.
price:  Please ask
a 19/20th Century Jaff Kurd Khorjin with Brocaded Striped Kilim Back Size; Face:70 x 68 cm Overall (including flat woven ties): ... read more
price:  sold thanks
nw Persian Kurdish long rug. 3'10"x8'4"
price:  SOLD
Kurdish rug with floppy handle and great natural dyes. 4' x 6'4" The wool is very soft and shiny. All intact, wool foundation, ... read more
price:  SOLD
Kurdish rug with some good pile. Worn areas as shown. Wool foundation. Good colors including lots of aubergine. Can benefit from a good ... read more
price:  SOLD
a very old Kurdish runner with an unusual pallete and top quality wool.Very good pile, but some big holes down one side ... read more
price:  SOLD
Bidjar area rug with a camel caravan. 3 ft 6 x 7 ft 0 inches. Pretty cool rug. Got some wear here ... read more
price:  SOLD
Kurdish rug, 3' 3" x 5' 5", probably circa 1930, maybe earlier. Thick fluffy pile all over. There is a ... read more
price:  $600.00
nw. Persian Kurdish Runner , Circa 1880's Size: 3'.6 x 11'.0" ft. Sold
price:  Sold
Kurdish bag face. In very good condition. All colours are natural. Age 1880s. Size 45x40cm
price:  On request
nw Persian mid 19 th century great colors size 57"x113inch 145X287cm
price:  sold thank you
mint codition antiqe bijar late 19ch.very fine 110/145cm soper colors original suomak on haeds
price:  spld
East Anatolian Kurdish yastik, beautiful shimmering unlined center, 3 blues and a lighter blue weft than most of this type. Complex use ... read more
price:  SOLD
Yastik-shaped East Anatolian pastiche nicely assembled from what must have been a great East Anatolian Sivas? rug. Thick pile, good colors, could ... read more
price:  SOLD
Fine c.1890 Kurdish Bakhtiari. Truly an impressive masterpiece. 4’ 8’’ x 7’ 2’’
price:  SOLD
Jaff Bag-Face with cloth-like handle, 19th. century, 22'' x 21''(57 x 54cms)
price:  ON REQUEST
Very finely woven n.w. Persian Bag-Face with extraordinary colors, Ca. 1840, 23'' x 20''(59 x 51cms)
price:  ON REQUEST
antiqe mid 19 ch kord (iran)graet wool on wool ,very nice colors ,graet condition 150/250cmaprox
Antique East Anatolian Kurdish Fragment. crisp drawing and all natural colors. The majority of the flatwoven brocade ends at the top are ... read more
price:  SOLD
kurdish rug.19th natural colors with camel wool. is a small repair in the end size 230x127 ... read more
price:  sold thanks
Attractive small chanteh from the village of Laadee, Azerbaijan, nw Persia. Early 20th c. 21 x 20 cm. All wool in weft-float ... read more
price:  $200.-
Antique Jaf Kurd saddle bag, 2' x 3', 100% wool, amazing colors,
Persian antique Bijar, circa 1900, 4'9" x 7', made with wool & Silk pile & wool foundation, wonderful condition.
5' x 8' 4'' - Bidjar Wagireh - $2,500
price:  SOLD
Nice 1940's Kurdish saddle bag. It's in good shape. Little stain towards the top....oh well. This bag is very ... read more
price:  sold
Jaf Kurd with beautiful natural colors and shiny wool,all original.Fine weave,Wool on wool.E.mail for more info.
price:  Sold.
An exceptional East Anatolian Kurdish rug, very strong graphic quality, with good dyes and excellent wool. Some wear, dirty, but untouched and ... read more
price:  SOLD
old persian bidjar bag face full pile 113x058
price:  ON REQUEST
Really Nice Kurd Long Rug with Memling guls
Big Kurd Jaf with very nice colours and excellent condition,fine weave.Ready for the display.
price:  Sold.
(70) Kagizman Kurd, 130 x 267 cm., Eastern Anatolian village rug with a hefty handle and full pile of soft, lanolin-rich ... read more
price:  SOLD
Supereb nw Persian bag face with natrul colours and beautiful design,fine weave,E.mail for more info.
price:  Sold Thanks.
(43) Daghestan/Derbent rug, early 20th c., 121 x 156 cm., high pile overall, nice abrash and very silky wool, floppy but robust ... read more
price:  SOLD
Kurd Hamadan runner 2 ft 10 by 9 ft 2 inches. Lots of soft blues and a hundred interesting abrashes. a little ... read more
price:  SOLD
Kurdish Hamadan w/ Harshang design 3 ft 2 by 5 ft 7. Beautiful colors and original braided ends. Some pile wear toward ... read more
price:  SOLD
Quchan Kurd, 4 ft 6 by 8 ft 7. Classic Howzi/watertank design. As found and unmolested condition. Some pile wear in one ... read more
price:  SOLD
(127)Jaff Kurd pile panel-mid 19th c.57x54 cm -see Tribal Rugs MacDonald plate 118 for similar. All vegetal colors (11)-including emerald green, aubergine, etc.Low ... read more
price:  300 $
Wonderful Anatolian Weftless Soumac with original beautifull belt in the middle.
price:  SOLD!Thanks
3.9 x 12.5 Northwest Persian Kurdish, probably Souj Bulagh. Polychromatic Shrub design on an oxidized brown field. Circa 1900
price:  Price on Request
Erzerum Village Rug / circa 1875 This East Anatolian rug is really wonderful; it is pure folk art; resembling an abstract impressionist ... read more
price:  Sold!
i am posting this piece again as i was very dissatisfied with the original photos; hopefully these are better?! Early Adiyaman ... read more
price:  SOLD! ;-))
Antique Persian Bidjar Rug, Size cm:200 x 130 Size ft:6'8 x 4'4 Code No:R6472 Availability:In Stock, This rug is around 75 to 80 years old and ... read more
price:  Sold
Kurdish Saltbag 40 cm x 45 cm
price:  p.o.r
Jaff bag unusual big size 60 x 103 cm
price:  P.O.R.
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