Paul Murray

  • Antique large Persian Heriz, Serapi quality (10' 1" x 13' 5") with uncommon ivory field and rust field (more brown than red), ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • Caucasian prayer rug, late 19th, early 20th century. Size is 2' 7" x 3' 9" including fringe. Well maintained, original condition, no ... read more
    price:  $675

  • Old Kurdish rug, very good condition overall with medium even pile, no repairs, excepting machine overcast selvage. Weaver's personal touch of abrash ... read more
    price:  $425

  • Unique design elements in this Caucasian piece (Shirvan?). 6' 0" x 4' 1" Overall good condition with some re-piling done, scattered minor, ... read more
    price:  $1,150

  • Caucasian Karabagh Kasim Ushag (or Ushak, Ushaq if you prefer)...likely very early 1900's, colorful rug with some repairs/repiling. Excellent, if not all ... read more
    price:  POR

  • Caucasian, Shirvan/Perpedil with ram's head and bird design elements. Circa 1900, mostly original (repaired slit at one end and a couple small/minor ... read more
    price:  $975

  • Caucasian Kazak double niche prayer rug, fully restored, full & even pile, unique abrash. Circa late 1800's-1900; colorful & interesting piece. Very ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Antique Tekke Turkmen (Turkoman), later 3rd or 4th quarter 19th century, virtually complete, 4' 1" x 3' 8". Great color and unique ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Bakhshayesh long rug, 8' 2" x 3' 3", later 19th century, wool on wool. Heavy wear to foundation limited to central area; ... read more
    price:  on request

  • Caucasian Kazak (exact provenance unknown to me, opinions invited). Earlier 20th century, 6' 4" x 3' 6", uncommon earth tone colors and ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Kurdish bag fragment, 2' 4" x 1' 6". Superb colors and fine weave, no repairs, very even pile, loss on lower end ... read more
    price:  $100

  • Antique Caucasian rug, 7' 4" x 4' 1", exact provenance unknown to me (Turkish? any info welcome). Unique colors, no repairs, some ... read more
    price:  $625

  • Caucasian Cloud Band Karabagh 'Kazak', 6' 9" x 4' 3", Nice design and colors, especially shimmery copper field color. Tear in center ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Fachralo Kazak, late 19th-very early 20th century, in wonderful condition. Size is 7' 5" x 4' 9". Human, animal subjects;no repairs, original ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Shirvan long rug,3rd-early 4th quarter quarter 19th century. 9'9" x 3'7" Even wear, rewoven ends, small repiled spots. Unusual blue background.
    price:  Price on request

  • Bordjalou Kazak, late 3rd-early 4th quarter 19th century. 8'2" x 5'10"; warm color palette. Even wear throughout, no foundation visible. One end ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • Kazak runner, 4th quarter 19th century, 3'5" x 8'6". Even pile throughout, no foundation visible (has some very old repairs and some ... read more
    price:  SOLD