Late 19 century Bijar rug 4.6 x 6.9
price:  $2650 plus shipping
19 century colorfully Khamseh rug approximately 5ft x 6ft
price:  $1250 plus shipping
Persian Kurdish rug size 345x150cm
price:  Por
Tabriz, second part 19th, 183 x 134, the round of the hole is not rotten. Price upon request
Afshar kuhi wool frings kilim with a tiny hole of villagers repair.needs a bath,Size:320x148 cm
price:  Please ask
Afshar Cuval Size: 137x54cm Natural colors, made in period 1910/20, there are some moth bites (see picture 12).
price:  SOLD
Antique Senneh rug northwest Persia with paisley leaves and buds & tendrill allover , very good condition for collection or flooring ... read more
price:  $1759
Heriz runner, woollen foundation, in excellent condition. Original ends and sides. 14'0" x 3'3"
price:  please enquire
Mid. 19th Century Persian Avshar Rug It Has Good Pile Size 140 x 170 Cm
price:  On Request
19th Century Unusual Nord-West Persian Rug.It's in Really Good Condition Size 107x184 Cm
price:  On Request
Shahsavan fragment carpet size 165x110cm
price:  Por
Antique flat woven Persian çuval, 37" x 30"? Qashqai of Varamin, Wool. Beautiful soft natural colors. Excellent condition . Good price.
price:  POR
Lavar kirman
price:  70000$
nw Persian flat woven khorjin. 57" x 25". Early 20th c. Wool. Dovetailed tapestry. Bright stable cheerful colors. Plain woven back ... read more
price:  POR
Malayer carpet in good condition,Size:307 x 220 cm
price:  Please ask
Beautiful antique Khamseh chicken rug, in full original pile, no repairs. All natural dyes despite appearances to the contrary.
price:  sold, thank you
Persian bidjar rug very fine and very old circa 1820 th century size 200x120cm
price:  Por
Persian embroidered bokche from Esfahan, probably Armenian work, 19th century. 77x77cm
price:  POR
Sarouk size 185 x 270 cm, beautiful colors,
price:  On request
Bidjar Harshang design. 19th century, early 20th century. 420 x 120 Cm.
price:  SOLD
old senna senneh now on ebay selling tonight - 51 x 71 inches
price:  sold
Afshar Bag Complete and Bagface Size: 35x22cm and 30x28cm Natural colors, made in period 1920
price:  SOLD
Antique. Silk, Tabriz, Hadji Jalili, even wear. Citron Medaillon, refined coloring with beautiful celadon. Silk on cotton. 155 x 145 Cm.-- 5,1 Ft. ... read more
From an old German estate: Antique classic Persian Kirman Ravar with an elegance design and a finely drawn medallion, size: ca. 400x280cm ... read more
Persian Bakhtiari Camel Bag 1'8" x 1'11"
price:  POR
Persian Bakhtiary Kelley, lovely details like men on horses, size: ca. 490x150cm / 16'1''ft x 4'9''ft , age: circa 1920
a lovely small antique Afshar bag with birds. Origin: Southpersia. 19th century. Size: ca 40cm x 30cm / 1'3'' x 1'ft Nice ... read more
Old Persian Kurdish rug 112x195 cm
price:  por
Antique Persian Afshar rug - ca. 1880. 4'6" x 5'3". Overall good condition with good even pile. Excellent all natural colors. ... read more
price:  POA
Antique Heriz Nw panel. Size 3'11''x1'11''. in very good condition. Decorative colors and design.
price:  $450
Antique Persian Kurdish Rug Size.290x133cm
price:  Por
Set of 2 fine Persian paintings on specially made paper from fabric. 18/19th century. framed, the passe-partout is part of the painting. 34 ... read more
price:  600
An antique Persian metal scissors and silk velvet scissors bag, dating to the 19th century Iran. These are probably from Yazd region ... read more
price:  $399
Kamseh Bagface Size: 60x60cm Natural colors, made in period 1910/20
price:  €125
Antique Afshar bagface Size.70x45cm
19th Century Unusual Design Colorful Avshar Rug.It's in Perfect Condition.Size 122 x 165 Cm
price:  Sold Thanks
authentic single wefted senneh
price:  sold
1900 -1910 Afshari nomads west Persian poshti 100 x 70 cm moth damage good design borders Beluch designs ?
price:  370 Euro inkl shipping
Fine antique Persian Ferahan carpet from the well known Ghazan workshop , size: ca. 335x185cm / 11ft x 6'1''ft , some wear ... read more
Antique Khamseh Original Southwest Persian Rug 2'5" x 2'5"
price:  POR
Antique Persian Jaf Kurd Rug Circa 1880 1'7" x 2'
price:  POR
cradle or hammock Chair, Persian. 75 x 140 Cm. 2.5 ft. x 4.6 ft. Fabric on the inside and leather ... read more
price:  € 450,00 + shipping
Antique Shahsavan Panel Size: 2' x 4'
price:  POR
Antique Khamseh Bag Face Size: 2' x 2'4"
price:  POR
Antique w. Persian Jaf Kurd Size: 2'5" x 3'
price:  POR
Antique Qashqai Saddle Cover 3′ x 5′
price:  POR
Two jufti knotted Persian fragments, 18th c. Probably Khorasan. 13" x 22", and 13" x 27". The larger one (corner) has a ... read more
Shahsevan kilim very unusual animal figures 330x145cm
price:  Por
Heriz runner circa 1920, full pile and built like a tank. Original ends and sides, lovely apple green border, most unusual. 11'5" ... read more
price:  sold, thank you
Unique Antique Persian Beluch Rug Size: 2’11” x 5’3″
price:  POR
9’x12’ 1920’s Sarouk in good condition.
price:  Reasonable SOLD
Antique Afshar rug 148x202 cm
price:  por
Afshar wool foundation in very good condition circa 1890 rare size 175x160 cm
price:  on request
Antique Persian Jaff Bagface Size.100x62cm
price:  Por
a neat antique tribal Qashqai Rug with rich colors and fine weave, 133x240 cm.
Iran - Bidjar area Kurdish small kilim. natural ivory and indigo blue all wool combination with geometric motifs. Circa 1920-1930 size : ... read more
price:  P.O.R
Senneh, Bidjar. Wool on cotton. 198 x 132 Cm Fine rug. Senneh was the name of a little town now called Sanandaj. ... read more
price:  850
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