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Kilims Ada
Company kilims ada was founded on May 24, 1985 by Ahmet Diler and Marc-Antoine Gallice. We are specialized in the importation and the sale of kilims.
Active Since December, 9, 2010.
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Klaus Frantz

Active Since December, 11, 2006.
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Kolya Von Somogyi
(21 June 2014): Mid-Summer along the meandering Danube. The bees are still busy, lavender and roses in full bloom. - the KvS Collection is updated regularly.

Active Since April, 5, 2011.
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Krikor Markarian
For over 35 years, The Krikor Markarian Antique Rug and Carpet Gallery, based in New York City in the heart of the wholesale rug district, specializes in very fine collectible antique tribal ...
Active Since December, 12, 2009.
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Kurosh Amrami
Dealer in fine and antique oriental rugs for 35 years. 7433 France Avenue, Edina, Minnesota, usa. a+ with the Better Business Bureau.
Active Since January, 9, 2012.
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Kutch Arts
kutch arts is Specializing in indian antique & rare textiles & Handicrafts. If you are looking for Indian Antique & Rare Textiles & Handicrafts.Please Contact Us.We will provide you best ...
Active Since June, 26, 2008.
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L'esprit Tribal Galerie
We offer old objects of Tribal Art from Africa, Asia, Oceania, modern canvas from aboriginal artists or Japanese artist at your disposition for any question
Active Since March, 21, 2010.
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Lakai Gallery
Antique Carpets and Textiles
Active Since August, 23, 2008.
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Landry & Arcari Oriental Rugs
Landry & Arcari, with showrooms in Boston and Salem, ma, services New England's retail and designer market in fine quality hand-woven rugs. a significant part of the trade is in antique ...
Active Since March, 11, 2010.
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Langauer Textile Art
Langauer gmbh & co. KG

My grandfather was a rug dealer, my father was a rug dealer and i am a rug dealer! It is the passion of my life.
Active Since January, 7, 2007.
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Lars Bonnevier
i live in Luleå, north Sweden. I´m a collector and user of old rugs and textiles. Colours, shiny wool, patina and the weavers ability to create something beautiful, turns me on. When ...
Active Since March, 27, 2009.
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Le Voyage
Oriental Glamor from the Past, From Plateau to Peninsula
Active Since January, 25, 2010.
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Leah Caruso

Active Since February, 16, 2009.
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Lella And Gianni Morra - Venezia - Italy
Specializing in Japanese art including woodblock prints, stencils and Japanese books related to textiles.
Active Since December, 2, 2010.
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Little-Persia is Scotland's largest Persian and Oriental rug specialist with over 1,800 unique handmade carpets from all over Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Turkey and China. In addition to the wide selection of ...
Active Since August, 15, 2013.
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Little-Persia is Scotland's leading Persian rug specialist with over 1,000 unique Persian & Oriental rugs in stock making them have one of the largest collections in the uk. Little-Persia also carry out ...
Active Since March, 17, 2011.'s Pages
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Liu Yanchao
i live in Shanghai - China i have a Chinese tibetan art store! ! i really like beads! i think if you can find some of the bead, i ...
Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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Looms Of The World
a passionate and candid collector turned occasional dealer
Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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Hello everybody! i do love Tibetan rugs...
Active Since September, 12, 2012.
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Lucy Durnan

Active Since February, 14, 2014.
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M. Topalian, Inc.
We are a gallery committed to providing our clients with a comprehensive selection of both decorative and collectible rugs and carpets. We are located in the New York Design Center at ...
Active Since August, 26, 2009.
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Maide Erdem
Old Anatolian Carpets and kilims on our two businesses are in Konya in Turkey. Fifty-five year old family company
Active Since September, 7, 2013.
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Majid Carpets
i, Majid Mirmohamadi (owner of Majid Persian Carpets) have been a collector of rare and older Persian rugs in Australia (since 1989). i regularly travel to Iran to find interesting older & ...
Active Since July, 13, 2011.
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Active Since December, 16, 2008.
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Mark Santos

Active Since March, 25, 2009.
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Mark Spiegel
i run an antiques business specializing mostly in Southeast Asian Buddhist art, Mekong Antiques ( and have been a rug collector for about 15 years, purely for my own pleasure. i ...
Active Since April, 18, 2011.
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Mark Traxler
Collector and weaver of oriental textiles. Caught the bug in 1996 and it hasn't let up any. Live in rural Minnesota.
Active Since January, 4, 2013.
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Markus Voigt
Markus Voigt Downstairs Admiral Vernon Arcade Portobello Rd. London
Active Since October, 10, 2007.
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Matthew Miller
If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Active Since October, 7, 2009.
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collect random pieces
Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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Mehmet Alan
Mehmet alan
Active Since June, 9, 2008.
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Mehmet Kilic
Antique Textile Art Gallery zozan since 1988
Active Since March, 18, 2008.
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Mehmet Saggün
Orient Basar is in the old harbour (Kaleiçi) in Antalya / Turkey. The owner is Mehmet Saggün and he sells and buys carpets and kilims since 24 years now. He has a ...
Active Since January, 20, 2007.
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Mehmet Turkmen
Terlikciler street no: 60 grandbazaar beyazit İstanbul
Active Since May, 7, 2012.
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Metin&hüseyin Konukcu
Klodfarer Cad Binbirdirek Mah Sümer Ap No:40 Daire:4 Sultanahmet / İstanbul - tÜrkİye
Active Since February, 4, 2009.
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binbirek mah. suterazİsİ sok. no .2 / c sultanahmet fatih istanbul turkiye
Active Since June, 24, 2008.
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Michael Carlson
i was born into a textile loving family and was lucky enough to keep with it. Check out my posts and feel free to contact me.
Active Since September, 29, 2010.
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Michael Hall
Antique Rug Collector in Chicago: I've been collecting one of a kind antique textiles and rugs for almost 25 years now.
Active Since March, 2, 2014.
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Michael Hawes
Michael Hawes is one of the U.K's most active dealers in antique rugs,carpets and textiles.Dealing mainly with the trade and collectors he provides a constant variety of freshly sourced items.
Active Since March, 29, 2008.
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Michael J. Clark
i was active in the Tribal Rug and Textile trade in the 1970's and 80's. While my career changed my love of antique textiles has not and i have been a quiet collector through ...
Active Since October, 26, 2011.
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Я живу в Москве. У меня есть коллекция антикварных carpets.I хотят покупать и продавать или изменить некоторые examples. Я хотел бы общаются с людьми, заинтересованными ковры.
Active Since March, 1, 2010.
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Milton Cater Oriental Carpets Australia
Since 1974 fully involved in sourcing good old rugs and textiles. My main shop is at 11 Byron St Bangalow, near the popular holiday town of Byron Bay. See this link for ...
Active Since September, 19, 2009.
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