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Itzhak Mordekhai
Hi all, and thank you for your interest in my items.  I've been collecting antique and rare textile artefacts for the past twenty five years, but only recently decided to sell as well. Antique ...
Active Since November, 16, 2009.
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My passion is to find and collect ethnographically significant weavings and textiles, as well as Islamic and Indian antiques.
Active Since October, 25, 2008.
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Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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Jaisalmer Handloom Handicraft Industries
old textile shop in thar of desert rajasthan state in city jaisalmer on boarder of india and pakistan in west of india ....we are collector of old textile since 1975 so we ...
Active Since March, 19, 2010.
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Jake Gregory
Textiles; tactile fragments of human history, have been a source of wonder for me, as long as i can remember! Long before i formally studied cultural anthropology in the early '70's, ...
Active Since January, 22, 2010.
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James Mcdougall
Located in Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland, uk
Active Since March, 8, 2012.
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James Snyder

Active Since January, 26, 2012.
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Jason Rezaian
After traveling often to Iran as a journalist over the past few years, I've recently become involved in rugs. i run a small gallery near Union Square in San Francisco ...
Active Since October, 20, 2008.
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Jeanne Hardy-Sloan
Collect Central Asian Hats
Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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Jed Irwin
Jed Irwin is a Canadian visual artist and Professor Emeritus with the Department of Art, University of Calgary, where for many years he taught painting and drawing. He has collected - ...
Active Since June, 20, 2007.
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Jeff Dworsky

Active Since October, 13, 2006.
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Jene Thomas
i have lived and worked in Afghanistan and Pakistan where i purchased these rugs.
Active Since December, 29, 2014.
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Jesse Edwards
traveler , buyer , seller and trader in art and jewelery and textiles since 1971 . i started as i traveled through asia in the early 70's . bringing goods back to ...
Active Since May, 8, 2013.
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Jim Austin
Kimonoboy is our company name. We are an online dealer of Japanese antique and vintage goods with a specialty in mid 1800s to 1900s cotton indigo textiles and old farmer's clothing. My ...
Active Since January, 24, 2008.
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Jim Dixon
For a preview of some of the rugs on display at Occidental please visit the rugrabbit exhibition, Turkish Prayer Rugs: The Hesperides Collections, Part 1
Active Since September, 20, 2009.
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I'm a private collector in Massachusetts. My collection is eclectic, but tends to focus on mafrash, Kurd (particularly Jaff), Baluch, and Yomud. Given that i have a couple of fur ...
Active Since February, 9, 2008.
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John Batki
If your inquiry was not answered, please try Pieces are shipped upon clearance of payment. Purchase price minus shipping costs will be refunded if return is made within 3 days of ...
Active Since June, 30, 2007.
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John Hardy

Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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John Hutchinson
i have a modest collection of South Persian textiles. Over the last few years i have bought a fairly wide range of rugs and bags so i could live with them and ...
Active Since January, 5, 2008.
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John K. Atchley
i am a former us Foreign Service Officer with postings in Kenya, Nigeria, India, Mexico, Venezuela, El Salvador and Guatemala, as well as in the Department of State, Department of Commerce and ...
Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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John Liu

Active Since October, 24, 2007.
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John Murray

Active Since January, 1, 2008.
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Joseph's Imports
As Indianapolis's family-owned Oriental rug showroom since 1949, We have thousands of luxurious antique to modern Oriental rug selections available in our Fall Creek Parkway showroom. You will find a magnificent accumulation ...
Active Since November, 27, 2012.
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Joshua Lumley
i am a collector, dealer and valuer of oriental and european rugs. After several years working with carpets at international auction houses, latterly as Head of Department of Sotheby's European Rug Department, ...
Active Since July, 16, 2008.
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Kabul Art Galerie
Large and varied selection of Afghan, pakistan, iran, Turkmenistan, uzbekistan and Oriental nomadic Art. rugs,kilims,war rugs, textilies,jewellery,pottery,wooden art, brass and coper articles. with Online-Shop Mr. Latif Karimi Hamburg Germany
Active Since January, 2, 2010.
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Kadir Alan
KADiR alan klodfarer cd. 12/b sultanahmet/istanbul
Active Since June, 8, 2007.
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chanteh di kami,arte antica del tappeto. via po 59-10123 torino italy
Active Since February, 2, 2014.
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Kamil's Antique Rugs
I'm Kamil, a antique Rug and Kilim Collector from the Netherlands. i collect unique rare rugs and kilims ,some time sell somethings to buy other tribal arts.
Active Since January, 21, 2009.
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Saeed Shalgouni has been traveling crises-crossing the entire breath of Iran in a calculated relentless pursuit of mostly unusual textiles and carpets, buying directly from weavers, families, tribal, private estates and privet ...
Active Since May, 11, 2009.
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Karl Sacks

Active Since November, 9, 2010.
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Karma Fair London
karma - Kensington Antique Rug Mercantile Association LONDON

Active Since June, 3, 2009.
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Kasim Altuntaş
zafer mah beledİye cad no 39 manİsa /salİhlİ
Active Since September, 29, 2012.
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Katey G

Active Since August, 13, 2010.
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Kerry Duerig / Asad Khan
Rare, antique, esoteric collectible rugs and textiles. Specializing in fresh material from New England estates.
Active Since December, 6, 2012.
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Antique Rug Dealer and Repairer
Active Since May, 14, 2009.
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Kia/ Artistic Orientals
Hi my name is Kia and i own and operate an Oriental Rug Gallery in the Boston area. i buy and sell all types of interesting rugs from Hamadans to........ I'm always ...
Active Since January, 7, 2011.
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Kian Hezaveh
Direct Importers and Suppliers of Exquisite Hand-Made Rugs & Carpets to Beautiful Homes Since 1880
Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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Kilim Art
gÖkhan AVŞAR Klodfarer Caddesi Sultanahmet / Istanbul
Active Since February, 17, 2015.
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Kilim Warehouse traded in London from 1982 until 2002, and is now situated in Galicia in nw Spain. Please visit our website for more info. We can send larger ...
Active Since July, 12, 2009.
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Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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Kilims Ada
Company kilims ada was founded on May 24, 1985 by Ahmet Diler and Marc-Antoine Gallice. We are specialized in the importation and the sale of kilims.
Active Since December, 9, 2010.
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Klaus Frantz

Active Since December, 11, 2006.
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Kolya Von Somogyi
(14 Jan. 2015): Winter has found us, finally, and we have rugs to keep us warm. Still have plenty looking for a new home... - the KvS Collection ...
Active Since April, 5, 2011.
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Krikor Markarian
For over 35 years, The Krikor Markarian Antique Rug and Carpet Gallery, based in New York City in the heart of the wholesale rug district, specializes in very fine collectible antique tribal ...
Active Since December, 12, 2009.
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Kurosh Amrami
Dealer in fine and antique oriental rugs for 35 years. 7433 France Avenue, Edina, Minnesota, usa. a+ with the Better Business Bureau.
Active Since January, 9, 2012.
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Kutch Arts
kutch arts is Specializing in indian antique & rare textiles & Handicrafts. If you are looking for Indian Antique & Rare Textiles & Handicrafts.Please Contact Us.We will provide you best ...
Active Since June, 26, 2008.
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L'esprit Tribal Galerie
We offer old objects of Tribal Art from Africa, Asia, Oceania, modern canvas from aboriginal artists or Japanese artist at your disposition for any question
Active Since March, 21, 2010.
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Lakai Gallery
Antique Carpets and Textiles
Active Since August, 23, 2008.
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Landry & Arcari Oriental Rugs
Landry & Arcari, with showrooms in Boston and Salem, ma, services New England's retail and designer market in fine quality hand-woven rugs. a significant part of the trade is in antique ...
Active Since March, 11, 2010.
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Langauer Textile Art
Langauer gmbh & co. KG

My grandfather was a rug dealer, my father was a rug dealer and i am a rug dealer! It is the passion of my life.
Active Since January, 7, 2007.
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