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Purple Boujad 2.60m x 1.80m
Active Since November, 24, 2008.
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Ethnic Arts
Rugrabbit note: For the sake of transparency please use your actual name or registered business name. Thanks!
Active Since March, 25, 2010.
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Hi! It gives us immense pleasure to introduce ourselves as a leading supplier and wholesaler for all kinds of Handicrafts, Tribal and Fashion Jewelry and Accessories and related items since last 10 ...
Active Since February, 6, 2017.
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Ezra Kohn

Active Since June, 22, 2009.
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Fabric Of Life
Fabric of Life specialises in handmade and Fair Trade contemporary and antique textiles from around the world. The Fabric of Life textile collection is diverse in culture and style. We travel the world, ...
Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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Faik Isik

Active Since June, 25, 2007.
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Faisal Aldamer
top quality antique carpets and rugs in perfect conditions in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.
Active Since December, 19, 2011.
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hasan huseyin deregozu dİvanyolu cad. no : 19/ 7 sultanahmet - istanbul
Active Since February, 5, 2010.
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Farid Porkar
Active Since May, 3, 2016.
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Farid Sadeghian
Since 1978 we have been activated in searching and collecting antique and nomadic carpets and rugs. we offer unique rugs,bags,animal trapping and bands.
Active Since November, 3, 2013.
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Farmand Gallery
We have been in businness for three generations. My grandfather was born in Caucaso during the period the Russian attacked Persia, he moved to Tabriz and fell in love with and married ...
Active Since March, 6, 2009.
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i am a collector of Indonesian textiles and an archivist of Shakespeare in Asian performance. i occasionally sell items from my Indonesian collection.
Active Since November, 29, 2009.
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Faruk Aldatmaz
Love rug like life
Active Since December, 23, 2006.
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Fatih Ugurlu
i am a carpet collector from Turkey. My passion in carpets started since i was a child playing on those handmade ones wove by my mother and my maternal grandmother. In the ...
Active Since May, 17, 2015.
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Felix Elwert
i collect Central Asian material with a focus on antique felts of merit. I'll let go of some lovely material in the near future to make room for more. Please check ...
Active Since May, 17, 2010.
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Active Since February, 19, 2013.
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Fine Rugs

Active Since December, 21, 2006.
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Flying Carpet
My name is Hakan Solak. i am originally from Turkey and i have been living in the United States since 2007. i am the internet sales manager at Flying Carpet located in ...
Active Since March, 7, 2013.
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Fragment Store
My name is Gergely Hadházi. i live in Budapest, Hungary. i deal with old rug fragments mainly. i have a partner in Istanbul, Turkey - we find & list rugs together in ...
Active Since April, 11, 2014.
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Franco Oriental Rugs
Franco Oriental Rugs brings time-honored craftsmanship & traditions from around the World into the homes of South Florida rugs from; Pakistan, India, China, Iran, Turkey & Afghanistan. Franco Oriental Rug Company, ...
Active Since July, 6, 2011.
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Frank Ames
Since 1970 i have been dealing in antique textiles and oriental carpets, exhibiting at antique fairs, curating exhibitions, writing articles and books, and advising collectors and Museums. Although my home base ...
Active Since November, 15, 2007.
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Fred Hazin
Dealing with Antique Tribal And Decorative Rugs

Our new gallery is located at 1425 Broadway, Burlingame, California 94010


Active Since November, 21, 2007.
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Antiques + new FUCHISO Since 2006 It is a small antique shop that collects folk crafts from all around the world in Tokyo.JAPAN
Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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Galerie Djamegari
Specialized in buying and selling antique and semi-antique Persian carpets for more than 30 years. We are based in Kronberg / Germany and Tehran / Iran. So please do not hesitate to ...
Active Since July, 24, 2007.
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Galerie Maxim
Galerie Maxim Tel 0033 783138202 0033 493019402 Email
Active Since May, 10, 2016.
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Active Since April, 16, 2007.
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Gallerie Mafrash
Home of the original Rugsbunny is a private collection of antique Persian rugs and textiles with occasional foreign impurities! Seatown, Washington. ckenr
Active Since September, 28, 2011.
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Gallery Elit
Our company, gallery elit is an experienced wholesaler and exporter of finest quality new and antique hand woven authentic Anatolian carpets and kilims made in the finest traditions, using lustrous hand ...
Active Since July, 30, 2012.
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Gallery Gokhan
gallery gokhan hasan & gokhan saz saz halicilik bİnbİr dİrek mah. boyaci ahmet sk no=16/1 sultanahmet / İstanbul - tÜrkİye
Active Since April, 3, 2007.
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Gallery Kojima
Gallery Kojima is located at Tokyo, Japan. Our collection of Japanese traditional textile is enormous and would love to share them with the world! We just started international export so the collection ...
Active Since January, 15, 2015.
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Gallery Of The Arts Of Man
a gallery dedicated to the finest in art and design from around the world.
Active Since May, 27, 2013.
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Gallery Tulip
Gallery Tulip is located in Tokyo, Japan. We specialize in antique textiles mostly from South to West Asia.
Active Since June, 13, 2007.
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Gaurav Kumar
indian arts provide you with the best antique phulkaris, rugs, turban and many more items which are rare of rare kind . Our main motive is to sell you best quality of ...
Active Since July, 2, 2015.
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Gebhart Blazek
Dealer highly specialized in vintage/old/antique Moroccan + North African Berber rugs + textiles since 1992. located at: Leonhardstrasse 12, 8010 Graz, Austria
Active Since July, 21, 2015.
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George Haroonian/ The Rug Warehouse
Has been active in the rug trade since 1976. He is a third generation trader with a love for fine antique pieces from workshop as well as nomadic origins. At this ...
Active Since November, 29, 2010.
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George Postrozny
since 1985, finding old navajo rugs locally, phasing out antique asian rugs and textiles . design and production of vegetal dyed tibetan rugs based on antique navajo blankets, Tahoe Rug Studio ...
Active Since May, 1, 2009.
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George Ray

Active Since May, 19, 2010.
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Active Since May, 23, 2009.
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Gianmaria Zanderighi
i have been an avid traveller to and collector of Central Asian and Turkmen weavings for more than twenty years. i am now in the process of selling many pieces from ...
Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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Gitizad Kg Germany
since 1962 located in Bonn Specialized in old and antique carpets.
Active Since September, 10, 2014.
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Giuseppina Danelon
Arredatrice titolare di naos mobili ed oggetti dal mondo da molti anni appassionata di arte in tutte le sue forme. Ho collezionato tutto ciò che rimandava ad uno spirito autentico dei popoli. ...
Active Since October, 26, 2012.
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Glenn Weiss
Glenn Weiss is representing Ramses Wissa Wassef tapestries from Cairo, Egypt. Since the 1950s, weavers have been creating free form flatweaves. The tapestries are in many museum collections and several ...
Active Since September, 13, 2011.
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Gnc Rug

Active Since December, 13, 2009.
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Gohari Oriental Rugs Service
Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Flatweave Restoration and Repair and Washing. please, visit my website :
Active Since January, 1, 2018.
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Golden Doors Gallery
a nomadic collection of Fine Art, Textile Art, Handcrafts and all things beautiful across regional boundaries.
Active Since August, 6, 2015.
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Göteborgs Auktionsverk ab is a private Swedish company which holds up to 50 public auctions every year. Goods handed in to Göteborgs Auktionsverk ab are sold on commision in our own ...
Active Since April, 1, 2010.
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Gregory Skaff
Greetings, My grandfather David Skaff came to the United States from Lebanon at the turn of the century at a very young age. In the early 1920s he became an ...
Active Since January, 1, 1970.
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Grogan & Company
Grogan & Company was founded in 1987 by Oriental rug expert Michael b. Grogan. Located on historic Beacon Hill in Boston, Massachusetts, Grogan & Company conducts four general estate auctions, including Oriental ...
Active Since December, 3, 2007.
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Gunduz Hali
i am Abdurrahman Gunduz. Gunduz Oosterse Tapijten in amsterdam. Address: Groen van Prinstererstraat 76, 1051 ep Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Active Since February, 7, 2009.
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