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Antique Lori Pambak 230x170 cm Some wear, both ends complete! Good age around 1900. and great look!
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Vintage fine quality tantric Kantha from Murshidabad district of West Bengal India 1900c. Depicting the kundalini snake in the centre, ... read more
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#7582 Antique Peking Chinese Rug Size: 12’1″ x 15’8″ (368 x 481 cm) Age: Circa 1900
beautiful antique Turkish kelim fragment with sea green ground size 140 x 80 cm probably Erzurum loosely mounted amazing colours fresh from ... read more
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Circa 1890-1900 Central Anatolian Konya Yastık Size.130x64 Cm
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Kozak/Bergama rug, 1850s or so. Great classic design harkening to classical 15th century rugs. This has decent pile and a repair in ... read more
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Old, rare and large Ushak kilim (384 cm. x 355 cm.) at bargain price! Some old repairs, backed with a fabric, very stable ... read more
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Antique Timuri Baluch Rug Size 215x125Cm
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Ceremonial Ramayana And Krishna , Chintz Kalamkari , Hand-Drawn Mordant-And Resist-Dyed Cotton, From Gujarat . India. India. c.1825 -1850. Exported to the ... read more
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3 nice torbas Take your choice an ikat design Ersari, uzbek or Mad /uzbek torba all are antique with natural dyes ... read more
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French tapestries old circa 1935, surrounded with wooden frame, in good condition. 72 x 144 cm and 82 x 144 cm
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Size: 180x190cm, An interesting textile from the Eastern Anatolia region. It's pretty old. I think horse cover...
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Rare type of Caucasian Kazak prayer rug (detail). Appears to be dated earlier. About 4 x 6 ft. Mostly good pile. Complete ... read more
Seljuk Bronze Ewer, ca. 12th Century CE; Diameter: 4 3/8” // 11.1 cm Height - including crest: 9 5/8” // 24.4 cm Diameter ... read more
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Antique Luristan Bronze Ewer, ca. 1200-800 BCE, Diameter: 6 1/8” // 15.6 cm Height: 4” // 10.1 cm Diam. Opening: 5 1/2” // 14 cm Diam. ... read more
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Multi-color Foral Rollakan Swedish Textile, 1900-1920, 37 × 36 cm (1' 2" × 1' 2"), For fast and quick reply send us a ... read more
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West Anatolian Yüncü Chuval Kilim
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Baluch - about 3.1 x 5.10 as found condition. Wear,oxidation, scattered moth. Few silk knots. Remnants of kilim ends
Beautiful antique Jaff Kurd bag face. 2'11" x 3'9" or 115 x 89cm
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Antique Yomut / Yomud Torba with original back. Natural colors. Nice border. 1'4" x 3'1".
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Mid 19th Century Turkmen Chodor Main Carpet size 192x310 cm
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Antique Ersari torba with glowing blue/greens. 1'5" x 2'8" Would make a beautiful wall hanging or framed. Cheers
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Swedish röllakan kilim, size: 55*53cm
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Rare and beautiful fragment of an Avar caucasian kilim (224 cm. x 135 cm.) Interesting archaic positive/negative design. Condition as shown, some scattered repairs, ... read more
Fine quality Persian Serapi Carpet circa 1880 size 300x415 cm
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Antıque Türkmen Chuval perfect size: 90x37 cm.
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Kyrgyz Felt, Mid 20th Century, 6' x 12'
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Old joyful Heriz large carpet (340 cm. x 250 cm.) Overall -as found- good condition, some wear but floor ready. Additional hd pics ... read more
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Belutch Afghan Persian knotted circa in 1925 antique, 289 x 173 (cm) 9' 6" x 5' 8" carpet id: LF-3 The black ... read more
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Tekke Turkmen Animal Tree Ensi - deep saturated colors and good pile alas a bit worn towards the top - circa 1850 ... read more
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Azerbaijan. About 110 km northeast of Baku is the village od Khizy or Xizi that gives the name to these wonderful sumack ... read more
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#6686 Antique Art Deco Chinese Rug Size: 8’11” x 11’5″ (185 x 350 cm) Age: Circa 1920
This first half 19th-century Peking Chinese rug measures 5’10’ x 8’9”. It has a diamond design on a peachy coppery ground ... read more
a very old uncommon Iran Hamadan rug. Very light and thin. On wool frings and cotton wefts. Even wear with about three ... read more
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