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Two extremely rare Azeri Verneh horse cover fragments. Cm 36x43 and 39x44. Datable to third quarter of 19th century, but, could be ... read more
price:  330€ each + UPS
44 x 55 inches full pile genge or kazak with old repairs best all natural dyes and pile today only
price:  450
Afshar saltbag (Namakdan) circa 1900,very good condition,size 55x55cm
Antique Tekke Main Turkmen Rug - Ca.1900 (310x217cm) Condition: Great condition with one small area in need of restoration (view picture)
price:  POR
An antique Ersari-Beshir small main carpet, Buchara Oasis, circa 1880, 230 x 120 cm. Unusual design with a lattice of diagonal placed ... read more
price:  On request
Kurdish village rug, Kolyai, Asadabad - Kermanshah region. 225 x 138 cm. (7.4ft x 4.5ft.)The design with a large elongated medallion on ... read more
price:  On request
Tigma monastery runner "Nambu" fragment cod. 0722. Tied-dyed wool plain weave. Tibet. Circa 1850 or earlier. Good condition with some holes, ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Headscarf Adrar cod. 0735. Wool traditional dyes (henna). Feija territory. Morocco. 20th. century. Dimension cm. 101 x 83 (40" x 33").
price:  P.O.R.
Cross stitch embroidered robe trim cod. 0667. Silk, cotton, traditional dyes backed with ikat. Central Asia. Late 19th. century. Cm. 113 x ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Very Fine Folk Embroidery Kantha Quilted and embroidered cotton kantha Probably From East Bengal(Bangladesh) region, India. c.1875 -1900 Its size is 78cmX82cm
price:  On Request
West anatoli,Milas Size ; 103x150cm If you do not get an answer when you ask directly, my alternative e-mail address is; . There may be ... read more
price:  Ask
Late 19th century cochineal Tekke chuval, published in Turkmen Carpets a New Perspective Volume 1, Plate 68. Laboratory analysis verifies cochineal use. ... read more
price:  $180, domestic shipping included.
Early 1900s Yomut felt bokche. In great condition minus a few red runs near the border. 1'10" x 2'0".
price:  $275, domestic shipping included
a striking Luri bag from the 19th century for you. You will enjoy looking at it.
antique sirvan marsali cm 195 x 116 19th century natural colours fine quality for more info please contact
price:  please enguire
a Dynamic Antique Qashqai bagface, circa 1920 from s.w. Persia, a wonderful range of colors with unique bird designs, soft lustrous wool, ... read more
price:  $350 USD+ shipping
complete Luri Bakhtiyari khorjin circa 1890.all good natural colos and good condition size 80x50cm
Caucasian soumakh bagface. Unusual design. Excellent condition. 36 x 37 cm
price:  POR
Antique Anatolian prayer rug, size ca. 140x90cm / 4’6ft by 3ft link
Shirvan Prayer Rug Circa 1870’s Size: 120x180 cm
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Konya Prayer Rug Circa 1840 Size: 95x127 cm
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Antique Western Anatolian Bergama region Karakecili rug of classic design. link Size: 6ft 7in x 6ft 4in (200 x 192cm). 2nd half 19th ... read more
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Antique Persian tribal Qashqai kilim, South West Persia. link Size: 8ft 4in x 4ft 11in (255 x 151cm). Circa 1900. a good Qashqai kilim ... read more
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Antique reproduction of a 17th century 'Transylvanian' column prayer rug. link Size: 5ft 1in x 4ft 1in (154 x 125cm). Circa 1920. This rug ... read more
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central asian hat from kyrgyzstan - which are worn by men for ceremonial occasions. The top is made from felt which is ... read more
price:  euros 135
See the beauty of this panel....don't look at the tears, holes, etc.....look at the lovely stripes, the great madder red, the tens ... read more
price:  € 320+UPS15/Italy/35EU-USA
Mbuti pygmies hand beaten tree bark cloth painting. Congo. Cm 45x85 ca. Early 20th century. Quiet, sparse decoration, great spacing. Provenance is ... read more
price:  120€ + UPS 35€ most countries
Floral Chintz Kalamkari of Jainamaj style, Hand-Drawn Mordant-And Resist-Dyed Cotton With Manchester-Roller Print Backing. From Coromandel Coast, South India. India. Made for the ... read more
price:  On Request
Size : 100x145 cm, old repairs are available. in very good condition now Central anatolia, Cappadocia (Uchisar)
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Beluch tree of life Sofra size 130x87cm
price:  Por
Belutch prayer asymmetric knotted circa 1935 semi antique, 126 x 83 cm carpet id: brdi-62 The knots, the warp and the ... read more
price:  On request
Belutch old, 90 x 158 cm, carpet id: NEM-5 The knots, the warp and the weft threads are wool. The selvages are ... read more
price:  CHF 440.-
Dragon sileh fragment with outstanding colors, 19th c.
#7255 Antique India Rug Signed Ghazan 10’2″ x 16’2″ Size: 10’2″ x 16’2″ (310 x 492 cm) Age: last 1/4 19th Century
#4177 Shirvan Runner Antique Caucasian Rug Size: 3’7″ x 9’4″ Age: 1850 or older Price on Request
Antique Baluch Balısh
price:  por