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Early Yastik Fragment. Central Anatolia. 2nd Half 19th Century. Abrashed field with saturated colors including strong purple and turquoise. Compare the rendering ... read more
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Anatolian Kurdish fragmand size 110x80cm
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cute little early 20th century anatolian yastik, probably West Anatolia, maybe Makri region. Red wefts. most likely contains syntheric dyes.Recently hand-washed. One hole ... read more
price:  USD 375 includes shipping
Size : 42 x 125 (cm), West anatolia , bergama .
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Antique West Anatolian Ushak Rug Fragment size.160x70cm
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Vivid Saturated Color. Two matching fragments of an Anatolian Yatak, mounted together and conserved. multicolored carnations on a golden-saffron abrashed ground, perfect ... read more
price:  $4200
18th Century Ottoman Embroidery. Cotton embroidery on delicate hand loomed cotton ground. Complete. Size: 32.5 x 45 inches. This piece ... read more
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Prayer rug, Karapinar, late 19th century. 150 x 93 Cm's. 5 ft x 3ft 1". Wool on wool.
Antique East Anatolian Savak Yörük Yastık
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Antique East Anatolian Yörük Rug
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Turkish Yastik. Nice colors and drawing. Black is corroded. Soft wool and handle. No repairs. Mostly good pile, with some low areas ... read more
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Mid 19th c East Anatolian Sivas Yastık Size.82x62 Cm
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Mid 19th Century East Anatolian Sivas Yastık Size.80x48 Cm
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Bergama Anatolian, knotted circa in 1860, antique, collector's item. 283 x 181 (cm) 9' 3" x 5' 11" carpet id: ... read more
price:  On request
East Anatolian rug fragment, very fine weave and saturated natural color. An exceptionally elegant but battered older example of an iconic type.
price:  $300
Antique east Anatolian yoruk rug with classic “baklava” design. Older example in rough condition with fine weave and all natural colors featuring ... read more
price:  $495
Anatolian Sivas Carpet size 235x124cm
price:  Por
Antique West Anatolian Kula Rug Fragment Mid 17th Century
price:  por
Perfect decorators antique Angora Oushak 10'3" x 13'2" / 312 x 400cm Has one hole, and wear.
price:  please enquire
Antique Anatolian Karapinar Prayer Rug size. 112x100 cm.
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Antique Ottoman textile, 19thC embroidery, embroidered metal and yellow silk chain-stitch on cotton, backed with silk, it prominently displays the Tughra of ... read more
price:  $250.00US
An 1870 Anatolian rug fragment with 160/110 cm.
price:  por
Anatolian Kurdish Divan Fragmand size 136x110cm
price:  Por
Anatolian Kurdish size 240x140cm
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Antique Kula Oriental Rug #7944 This Kula measures 3’11” x 6’1”. It has a prayer field in a beautiful red with four coffee ... read more
18 th Anatolian cappadocia uçhisar fragment Size=120x110 cm
price:  ASK
Antique Turkish melas rug with an interesting design featuring a lovely “star” border. Good age and good old colors but not good ... read more
price:  $160
anatolian anique karapinar cm 2.05 x 1.34 19th century natural colors full pile
price:  SOLD
Bergama area Anatolian Turkish rug, an early rendition of this uncommon type with saturated color and open drawing, silk knots in the ... read more
price:  $5500
Size : 126 x 125 (cm), Middle anatolia , Aksaray region ! Hasandag .
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Antique Transilvanya Tuduk Prayer Carpet size: 195x130 cm.
price:  Ask Please
Antique Anatolian Mucur Prayer Rug size:165x125 cm.
price:  Ask Please
Mid 18th Century West Anatolian Ushak fragment Rug Size.315x195 Cm
price:  Por
Antique Anatolian Sivas Yastık size.117x62cm
price:  por
Antique Anatolian Mucur Yastık size.80x65cm
price:  por
Old Anatolian Konya Yastık size.85x60cm./ Antique East Anatolian Savak Yastık size.75x45cm
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classiacal Turkish Ushak carpet fragment, 17th century
price:  $100 cheap!
Ushak fragment, 68 x 102 cm, 2'3 x 3'4, around 1700, some old repair (faded)
Hand carved Anatolian wooden drop spindle Excellent condition ! Size - Height : 10 cm - Circumference : 26 cm Thank you ... read more
price:  O.R
central anatolian ca 1880 full pile, konya. yastic, 63x99cm at its widest, 2.1x3.3ft , no repairs
price:  SOLD
Antique Western Anatolian Bergama region Karakecili rug, of traditional design. click the link link to view more items. Circa 1900. Size: 5ft ... read more
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Large (5'1" x 8'3" 155x252cm) East Anatolian Yatak with harshang and other ornament (alien cyclopses?)
price:  $15,000
#6020 Megri Antique Turkish Rug This mid 19th century Megri or Makri antique Oriental carpet measures 3’3″ x 5’3″ (100 x 161 ... read more
price:  $1750
Mid 19th Central Anatolian Karaman Yastık All Colours Natural Size.83x44 Cm
price:  Por
#5970 Makri Antique Turkish Rug This circa 1850 antique Turkish Megri or Makri antique Oriental rug measures 4’3” x 7’0” (131 x 213 ... read more
#7397 Hereke Antique Turkish Rug This circa 1850 Hereke antique Oriental carpet measures 6’1” x 9’11” (185 x 303cm). This is the finest ... read more
#7464 Antique Mudjur Turkish Rug This probably 18th century, possibly older Mudjur (Mucur) measures 3’9” x 5’3” (118 x 161 cm). This little ... read more
This circa 1880 silk Sivas prayer rug measures 4’2’ x 5’5’. It is the coupled column variety on a turquoise ground with ... read more
7738 Antique Kula Turkish Rug This circa 1800-1825 Kula antique Turkish Oriental carpet measures 4’3” x 6’2” (131 x 189 cm). It is ... read more
Antik Turkish Oushak size 350x275 . Very good condition , very fair price sold
Antique Turkish Oushak Rug Turkey ca.1890 19'0" x 14'10" (580 x 453 cm) FJ Hakimian Reference #04005
price:  Price upon request
antique west anatolian bergama cm 1.97 x 1.78 1860/80 circa natural colors very good condition
price:  please ask
Mudjur Prayer Rug, Late 18th Century - Early 19th Century. Incredible colors. It contains a solid green field representing the heavens crested ... read more
price:  POR
anatolian mihalicik ( eskisehir) cm 1.06 x 0,82 19th century good condition natural colors
price:  please ask
Bergama rug, size: 130 x 88cm. click the link link to view more items.
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Yuruk long rug, size:235 x 94cm. click the link link to view more items.
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Manastir prayer rug, click the link link to view more items. Size: 4ft 5in x 3ft 3in (135 x 100cm). Antique Turkish Manastir ... read more
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#7748 Antique Yoruk Turkish Rug This last quarter 19th century antique Yoruk Oriental Turkish carpet measures 4’3” x 8’0” (131 x 244 cm). ... read more
Early 19 c Mujur fragment great colours
price:  £400 + ship
Rare and beautiful fragment of a 17th/18th century Karapinar rug with directional palmettes and stylised tulips, Central Anatolia. An example with this ... read more
price:  POA
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