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Antique pictorial Turkish rug, 8'9" x 12'1" , circa 1880's-1900's, good original condition.
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1527 Bergama Kozak circa 1880 or earlier. In good condition with all natural dyes.
price:  £1,750
Konya Anatolian antique. Collector's item, Size: 321 x 114 (cm) 10' 6" x 3' 9" carpet id: K-5390 The black color is ... read more
price:  On request
#7121 Antique Konya Turkish Rug 4’8″ x 12’10” This dated 1870 Konya Oriental Turkish rug measures 4’8” x 12’10”. It is to my ... read more
Antique Anatolian Kurdish prayer rug rug wpnderful colors and nice condition size 1,33x79 cm Circa 1880-1890
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An early 19th century melas rug. 5ft x 3ft9. quite extenive repiling to the red center and other scattered light repairs. Retains ... read more
price:  $750
Antique Anatolian Milas Carpet size: 145x100
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Antique Anatolian Ada Milas Carpet size: 160x115
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Antique Anatolian Yagcibedir prayer rug, beautiful drawing. Size: 156x128cm / 5'1''ft x 4'2''ft
Antique Anatolian Merdivenli Prayer Karapınar Carpet size: 245x135
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Antique Anatolian Konya Carpet size: 230x140
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#6875 Antique Konya Turkish Rug This mid-19th century Konya antique Turkish Carpet measures 3’7” x 6’8”. It has a golden butter colored ... read more
Ref 1458 Antique Dazkiri from Menderes Valley. First half 19th century. In very good condition with minimal restoration. 5'6 x ... read more
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Early and interesting "Ancient Mosaic style" Tulu Central Anatolian Kapatocya. 240cms x 145cms.
Old , Beautiful Yastik on Tessellation Row
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Yastik with Octagons, mounted on a frame.
price:  On request
Yagcbedir Bergama sadlebag with naturell Colors in perfekt Condition
price:  200$+shipping cost
#6952 Ghiordes Antique Turkish Rug 4’2″ x 5’4″This late 17th century to early 18th century Ghiordes measures 4’2″ x 5’4″.
Size: 153 x 205(cm) Middle anatolia (Aksaray/hasandag), Over 100 years old, Natural dyes
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#6856 18th century Ghordez Oriental Rug 3’6″ x 5’8″ This 18th century Ghordez antique Turkish oriental rug measures 3’6” x 5’8”. It is ... read more
East Anatolian Kurdish yastik, Size:85x52cm / 34x21 inc
price:  On Request
Sivas family pray rug. three saph size=142x92 cm
price:  ask
#6787 Antique Turkish Melez Rug This circa 1875 Melez or Melas Oriental carpet measures 3 ‘11” x 5’ 7”. The prayer ... read more
Unusual Early 17th Century Ushak Fragment Has Great Powerfull Colors Size 47 x 105 cm
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Antique Bergama, west Turkey, made by inhabitans from Caucasian decent. 8 Memling-Guls, Shamdan Mashaal, 'wineglass and sawblade' design in the border. 155 ... read more
price:  sold
Central Anatolian Cappadocia Rug circa 1750 size 120x180 cm
price:  On Request
Mudjur prayer rug, late 18th or early 19th century. Wonderful green above the mihrab. Small crosses appear in the diamonds ... read more
price:  POR
18th Century Central Anatolian Cappadocia Rug Fragment size 117x167 cm mounted on linen
price:  On Request
1870 Konya Prayer rug. In fair condition. natural colors, great green. 182 x 137 Cm.
price:  sold
Antique Anatolian Saddlebag faces
price:  por
Antique handmade Turkish Oushak Rug,all in natural,low pile,Some professional Old repairs,Clean,soft,more than 100 years old,Size:252cm by 194cm
price:  Sold
Anatolian / Turkish Block Printed Bokhca ( Wrapping Cloth ) Early 20th c. 124 x 125 cm / 48.82 x 49.21 inches
price:  On Request
Ushak Anatolian circa 1910 antique. Size: 300 x 258 (cm) 9' 10" x 8' 6" carpet id: p-5271, the black color ... read more
price:  On request
Ushak Anatolian circa 1925 Semi-antique, Size: 324 x 226 (cm) 10' 7" x 7' 5" carpet id: P-5678 High pile, good condition, ... read more
price:  On request
east anatolian gaziantep yastik cm 1.10 x 0.48 from private colletion
price:  SOLD
Antique Ushak Fragment Carpet size: 120x105x115
price:  Ask Please
antique anatolian turkish yastik-exceptional purple dyes and fine weave and good pile- 18x 36 inches - incl usa shipping
price:  SOLD
18th Century Central Anatolian Cappadocia Rug Fragment size 114x172 cm
price:  On Request
Lot 66, Transylvanian Prayer Rug, 148x117cm, 18th century, Auction December 15th at 4pm, Starting bid € 2000, https:// link
price:  Starting bid € 2000
Second 18th Century West Anatolian Rug Fragment Size.190x82 Cm
price:  Por
#1b427 Handmade antique Turkish Ghurdes prayer rug 4.10' x 7.3' ( 152cm x 222cm ) 1870.c
price:  $2350
Northwest Anatolia, Balikesir Chowal Yüncü noamds 92x65 cm
price:  por
Anatolian Carpet size 230x160cm
price:  Por
#6020 Megri Antique Turkish Rug This mid 19th century Megri or Makri antique Oriental carpet measures 3’3″ x 5’3″ (100 x ... read more
price:  $1750
#5988 Ladik Antique Turkish Prayer Rug This lovely Ladik measures 3’10” x 6’11”. It dates from the 18th century. It’s all there… ... read more
#5970 Makri Antique Turkish Rug This circa 1850 antique Turkish Megri or Makri antique Oriental rug measures 4’3” x 7’0” (131 x 213 ... read more
Antique Central Anatolian yastik, last quarter of the nineteenth century, classic design, obvious condition issues. All dyes appear natural.
price:  $195
Fragment | Region Konya | Central Anatolia | Early 19th century
18 c Ladik prayer rug on rare white ground. Needs a good clean ask for more details
price:  Sold thanks
Excellent 18th century Ottoman kaftan, spectacular gold plated silk stitches and natural colours. Mint condition.
price:  POR
East Anatolian Rug Literature: Featured in Hali Magazine, issue 52, vol.12, no.4, August 1990, p. 177; for a similar example see Von ... read more
Antique Anatolian saddle cover rug 1850 - 1870 second half 19th Century properly Sivrihisar region province Eskişehir central Anatolian ... read more
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Turkish Hand Block Printed Quilted Prayer Mat Early 20th c. 80 x 151 cm / 31 x 59 inches
price:  On Request
Ottoman Embroidery circa 1800 size 32x49 cm
price:  On Request
Anatolian Khula th18 size 310x135
price:  P.o.r
This Anatolian camelhair fragment has crossed the Atlantic a few times, but it retains all its beauty. Cm 59 x 76. Mounted ... read more
price:  800 €
"Beauty is the only thing that time cannot harm." Oscar Wilde Ladik prayer rug, Anatolia, around 1750 Please ask for more photos ... read more
Turkish Prayer Rug, early 20th century, 3-1 x 4-2 (.94 x 1.27), rug has been washed, very good condition, fine weave, full ... read more
price:  SOLD
19th Century Central Anatolian Konya Tülü Fragment size 133x135 cm
price:  On Request
New England Rug Society meeting, Friday, 16 November, 7:00 pm Durant-Kenrick House, 286 Waverley Ave. Newton Centre, ma, 02458 Gerard Paquin: Silk ... read more
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