• Jomud Mani Carpet, around 1900 Wool on Wool natural color Very good condition according to age Size: 310x212cm
    price:  950 €

  • Bachtiyari late 19.century Wool knotted on cotton natural color Very good condition. Size: 138 x 118 cm
    price:  450€

  • Tschelaberd Eagle Kazak 19th century Impertant Eagle Kazak of the Sunburst Type beautiful natural color Size: 212x125cm
    price:  4900

  • Beautifuu ivory Ground Dagestan Proyer Rug With all natur colors, good age and beautiful design, dated and Signed, As found Without and ... read more
    price:  900 €

  • Ersari Engsi Turkmenistan around 1920 age and signs of wear Size: 190x127cm
    price:  150 €

  • Antique Caukasian Alpan - Kuba 19th century Very good condition. Size: 145x90cm
    price:  SOLD THX

  • Antique Caucasian Leshgi rug late 19th century a professionally repaired spot,see pictures, Size: 173x103cm
    price:  350€

  • Antique Caucasian Kuba Seichur rug late 19th century, good condition Size: 150x110cm
    price:  650 €

  • Tschelabert-Karabagh 19th century good conddition Size: 220x139cm
    price:  1900 €

  • Tekke Engsi 19th century Size: 129x103cm
    price:  450€

  • Tekke Engsi Turkmenia First half of the 20th century very good condition Size: 200x130cm
    price:  350€

  • Tekke Engsi Turkoman very good condition, Size: 148x120cm
    price:  SOLD THX

  • sewan Kasak very good color Scattered moth damage, slightly shortened at the and bottom otherwise good condition, Size: 170x116cm
    price:  450€

  • Ersari Turhoman late 19th century Size 180x150cm
    price:  SOLD THX

  • Saryk Djolar Torba Turkmenia around 19th century Size:136x52cm
    price:  800€

  • Jomud Mani carpet, 19. centtury Age appropriate condition Size: 316x198cm
    price:  SOLD THX

  • Teke Tschowal around 1900 very good condition Size: 140x75cm
    price:  480 €

  • Jomud Horse Blanket 19th Excellent condition Size: 103x93cm
    price:  1550 €

  • Caucasian Perepedil rug 169x127cm circq 1900 on a coppered ground, very well very vine knots,Completely original, all color natural dyes,Overall verygood condition.
    price:  1250 €

  • karachov kazak Cazcasus, 18th CENTURY Wool on Wool Naturalcolor,with sigms of age and use wear Size: 247x148cm
    price:  1550€

  • karachoph Antique 19th century wool on wool natural color age and signs of wear Size: 300x145cm
    price:  1350€

  • Bergama Western Anatolia around 1900 Wool on wool natural color good condition Size: 108x80cm
    price:  800€

  • Wonderful East Anatolian Kurdisch rug circa 1900 brulliant shiny colors glassy wool good condition. Size: 300x145cm
    price:  SOLD THX

  • Sarugh Persian around 1920 good condition Size:210x135cm
    price:  650€

  • Tekke Torba 19 th century Wool on Wool woven with sumac technique,very good condition a popular collector's item Size: 74x40cm
    price:  490€

  • Antique Yomut Torba around 1880 Very good condtion a highly couglt-after collector's item, Size: 79x36cm
    price:  650€

  • Antique Tekke Torba around 1780 Very good condition,original state, extremly rare collector's intem Size: 82x39cm
    price:  SOLD THX

  • Antique South West Persian Kashkuli Qashqai rug a gorgeus and rare sepecimen near perfect condition, Wool on Wool, Natural Colors, Late 19th century. Size: ... read more
    price:  950€

  • Jomut Asmalik - Salatschak Wool on Wool Natural color very goog condition Size: 120x102cm
    price:  359€

  • Jomut Tschowal Wool on Wool Natural color Very good condition Size: 140x75cm
    price:  450€

  • Farahan Persien Late 19 th century Wool on cotton Natural color, good condition Size: 193x132cm
    price:  850€

  • Jomut main carpet Wool on wool Natural color Late 19th century Size: 255-285x203cm
    price:  1450€

  • Teke Torba Wool on Wool very good condition Size: 78x29cm
    price:  SOLD THX

  • Saryk Torba Wool on Wool Good condition Size: 84x36cm
    price:  350€

  • Tschaudor Kapunuk Wool on Wool Very good condition Size: 116x88 cm
    price:  190€

  • Yomud double bag Wool on Wool, good condition Size: 104x50 cm
    price:  450€

  • Teke tent tape in a condition Size:282x14 cm
    price:  350€

  • Antique Timuri Baluch rug dy the Yaqub Khani Subtribe, Original Sides with oxidized dark browns. Many wounderful motifs, wounderful blues Cheers. Size: 160x80cm
    price:  SOLD THX

  • tebris Persian,around 1920 good condition, cork wool on cotton small spots on the upper left,old repairs, Size: 195x137cm
    price:  750€ + Post

  • Zili,Verneh, Bachtiari Region, Late 19th century. Wool on Wool Natural color good condition, Size: 208x164cm Foot 6,10"x5,5"
    price:  1350 €

  • European copy of transylvanian prayer rug 1900 - 1925 Wool on Wool Very good condition Size: 196x130cm
    price:  SOLD THX

  • Ersari mani carpet antique around 1900 Tribal carpet from Beschir - Amu Daya Valley region Wool on Wool natural colors slight moth ... read more
    price:  SOLD THX

  • Asmalyk wedding CamelmTrapping 114x70cm Turkmenistan, Aralo-Caspian zone Yomut No later than early 19th century Very good condition.
    price:  SOLD THX

  • Torba Tent Bags Front Panels, Turkmenistan southeast caspian coast region So-called Eagle-göl group. 19th centory, excellent condition. Size: 93x39cm
    price:  SOLD THX

  • Jomud main carpet, a rare collector's carpet Signs of age and wear Size: 318x228cm
    price:  SOLD THX

  • shikli Kaukasien Mid 19th century Wool on Wool Natural color Signs of age and wear a very rare collector's item Size: 196x116cm
    price:  SOLD THX

  • karatschoph Kaukasien around 1900 Wool on Wool Naturalcolor sings of age and wear Size: 211 x 130 cm
    price:  SOLD THX

  • Bergama Western Anatolia around 1920 Wool on Wool Good condition Size: 130 x 96 cm
    price:  550€