• Shahsavan, mafrash long-panel, 92,5 x 50 cm, late 19th c. Cotton warps, sumak all wool, good colors, very good condition. Contact: matthiaswohlgemuth@gmx.ch
    price:  USD 950

  • Caucasian silk embroidery, 2nd half 18th c., 74 x 73 cm. Typical "Baku" (?) style embroidery with pastel-like colors. Mounted on cloth, ... read more
    price:  sold, thank you!

  • Anatolian kilim fragment, 1st half 19th c, 380 x 85 cm. About complete lenght of one width, missing long border, professionally mounted ... read more
    price:  USD 950 + ship

  • Tekke torba, pre-1850, 103 x 41 cm, fine weaving. Rare curled-leaf border, upper güls with a corrosive pinkish red (insect?) dye. Missing ... read more
    price:  POR

  • Central Anatolian banded kilim fragment, 1st half 19th c., 78 x 261 cm, professionally mounted on cloth. Contact: matthiaswohlgemuth@gmx.ch
    price:  USD 450 + ship

  • Anatolian kilim fragment, Central-West (?), niche, pre-1800, 118 x 113 cm, contact: matthiaswohlgemuth@gmx.ch
    price:  EUR 1500

  • Anatolian kilim fragment, South-Eeast (?), pre-1850, 2 part fragment, 127 x 88 cm, contact: matthiaswohlgemuth@gmx.ch
    price:  sold, thanks!

  • Anatolian kilim fragment, gül-budak, Mut (?), pre-1850, 2 part fragment, 70 x 196 cm
    price:  sold, thanks!

  • Tekke torba, pre-1850, 117x46 cm, very fine weaving, some (moth) damages, but overall good pile, contact: matthiaswohlgemuth@gmx.ch
    price:  por

  • Salor, c. 1800, border fragment from mc, 38 x 11 cm, cutie!
    price:  sold, thank you

  • Golden triangle rug fragment, Anatolia (?), 18th c. (?), 23 x 56 cm, contact: matthaswohlgemuth@gmx.ch
    price:  EUR 450