• Caucasian Shirvan (Marashali) 19th.century carpet with good condition for it's age, lives colour (multicolour) carpet dimension are: 320cm x 115cm, price compensation ... read more
    price:  5990 €

  • Ushak 19th. century carpet with Lotto Lorenzo motives (duduk carpet which was made in 19th. century) patrician wool with good conditions for ... read more
    price:  4990 €

  • It is for sale this aboved mentioned carpet what, 19th. century caucasus shirvan type. material conditions are: lives colour, the wool and ... read more
    price:  5990 €

  • Ghom carpet from about 1930 Size: 330 x 430 Good estate but must be purging. Price: 2500 euroes
    price:  2500 euro

  • Heris Seraphi from the begining of 19th. century (1820) Size: 105 x 145 In good estate with living colour Price: 5000 euro
    price:  5000 euro

  • Caucasian carpet from 19th. century Size: 180 x 140 Good estate and synthetic colour Price:4500 euro
    price:  4500 euro

  • Item age: 19th. century Size: 160 x 130 Marasali design with perfectly estate and synthetic colour. Inquiry price: 12000 euro
    price:  12000 euro

  • This item is a Sumak from about end of 19th. century Item Size: 170 x 130 Inquiry price: 2000 euroes The condition is very good
    price:  2000 euro