• proto nazca gauze cotton textile 100-500 ad, 66x32" Discontinuous warp, weft. some stains but intact. Adorned by a dozen wonderful remaining ?silver stars, I ... read more
    price:  POR

  • 19th c 3 pieced fez embroidery, silk on linen. 32x35". good condition. two shades of red Colors still vibrant. 2" area ... read more
    price:  $525

  • Timuri blue ground squarish prayer rug 32x35". 2 cord red and blue checker board selvages and kilim ends intact. good condition for age. ... read more
    price:  POR

  • Pair of Khotan fragments, each 32" x 35", cut from a large early 19th c 3 medallion Tarim Basin carpet. Condition good for ... read more
    price:  POR

  • 19th c anatolian Yoruk long rug 3'5" x 8'7" rich color, full silky soft pile. no holes or stains. goat hair warp, original ... read more
    price:  $1250 obo

  • Ersari trapping, 16x19", raggedy edged but a gem. very fine knotting, flying gurbache guls, superb composition and color with bluish red cochineal, ... read more
    price:  POR

  • nw Persian Kurdish mina khani long rug, 9ft x 4ft5". large scale drawing with archaic s border. Excellent condition. Untouched with original selvedges, ... read more
    price:  POR

  • mid 19th c konya yaştık 23x34" fair condition with fraying of selvages and ends, 2 fingertip holes and a 1"x 1/2" hole
    price:  POR

  • Shahsavan long rug 9'2"x3'2". good condition with some wear. original selvedge.
    price:  POR

  • Moghan long rug 98x43" beautiful drawing and color, classic memling guls. Sold. thanks
    price:  please ask

  • ersari torba 71x18" very soft wool, mint condition
    price:  $285

  • tibetan rug. 28x53". full heavy pile.
    price:  por Rugrabbit note: Nice piece but please remember not to post images sideways. Thanks!