• Nice nw Persian or Shahsavan piled Mafrash side, about 1900, 40x55cm, good colors. Corrosion to the dark brown.
    price:  240$+shipping

  • Fragment of an early Tekke maincarpet, appr.1800. Mounted on linen, 47x70cm.
    price:  Sold - Thanks!

  • Nice Jomud juval, 19th.C., 32x27 (107x68cm), good condition, except some rows of knots on the left side are missing. All good colors.

  • Small southern persian bag, 19th c., 30x28cm. Flatweave with knotted surroundings and striped kilim backside.Condition is well to see on the pics.
    price:  20 Euro for each animal= 280 Euro.

  • South Persian Bagface, 1865-1890 (some small areas of fuchsine in the border) Good condition, 60x62cm, just washed.
    price:  200 Euro incl.shipping

  • Persian Senneh Bagfaces in used condition, 2nd half 19th c. This is a rare pair of fine (camel?)wefted bagfaces with shiny glossy ... read more
    price:  480$ incl.shipping

  • Persian Afshar bagface, appr.1900, wool on cotton, 70x46cm.
    price:  not that much!

  • Rare Jomud rug with Juvalguls,181 x 98cm, 19th.c,almost full pile,all around complete-on one side with a kilim of 4cm. Two areas - ... read more
    price:  P.O.R..

  • Tekke Trappingor tent decoration(?), end 19thC.,120x18cm, wonderful veg.dyes, partly cottonwefted, two spots show more use.
    price:  SOLD

  • Nice fine Baluch bagface, appr.1900, 68x70cm, good colors, good condition, one small mothbite
    price:  SOLD