Larry E Bergman

For 40 years I have been a commercial beekeeper, transporting a semi-load of honeybees, seasonally, between Wisconsin and Florida. I do several high-end antique shows each year, showing mostly decorative antique carpets. Rug Rabbit is new for me but I hope it's the right venue for passing on the meritorious (one would hope) old textiles that have been accumulating for the past 39 years.

  • hali: Issues 130,131,132,133,135 and 137. All in excellent condition, subscription insert cards never removed.
    price:  $140 plus shipping

  • hali, 6 issues: Numbers 120,121,124,128,129 and the 25th Anniv. issue. (Number 121 sells for $400 from the publisher) All are in excellent ... read more
    price:  $150 plus shipping

  • Little Turkoman bag face, 13" x 27", weak-wefted and shredded on left side as shown. i don't have time to look in ... read more
    price:  $125 plus postage. Cheap!

  • Pre-1900 Konaghend Kuba, 50 inches x 63 inches. Dusty, dirty and ravaged. i bought this old piece in Eau Claire, Wisconsin about ... read more
    price:  First $100 plus shipping.

  • Pre-1900 Yomud chuval/face, 29" x 46", very good condition.
    price:  First $750