My passion is to find and collect ethnographically significant weavings and textiles, as well as Islamic and Indian antiques.

  • Worn but extremely beautiful 19th century Northwest Persian Kurdish rug 260 x 130 cm (8'6"x 4'3")
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  • An extremely fine Qasquli Qashqai rug, c.1900, 179x111 cm
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  • a good early 20th Century Quchan Kurd rug, North East Persia. 225x137cm. In very good original condition, except for a small area ... read more
    price:  inexpensive

  • Bijar Kurdish rug, 205 x 120cm.
    price:  low

  • a rare example of a pre-Russian period Ersari room carpet, woven for the local market.
    price:  inexpensive

  • a striking Afshar Shahr Babak rug, circa 1900 with soft wool and excellent colours. In very good condition, just minor wear. 195 ... read more
    price:  sold

  • a rare Persian tribal rug, possibly a Bakhtiari khersak. The field is natural dark long staple wool, woven on a handspun cotton ... read more
    price:  reasonable

  • Tekke ensi
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  • a superb mid-19thC. central or east Anatolian cicim brocade panel. 212 x 80cm

  • An attractive Ottoman or Greek Island embroidered panel, silk and metal thread on linen. Chalices with bunches of grapes. 40 x 98 ... read more

  • a very early 12-Gul Tekke torba. Please ask for more details.

  • a good 19th Century Aydinli Zebir kilim in excellent condition. 330 x 170 cm. Please ask for more details.

  • a Khorassan Belouch rug with silky wool and beautiful field tones. 173 x 85cm.
    price:  inexpensive

  • Fabulous Qashqai mowj (jajim) c.1900, in excellent condition. 254 x 158 cm / 8'4" x 5'2"
    price:  please ask

  • Fabulous wool and colours! a mid-19th Century Kurdish rug. Please ask for more details.

  • Best of type Shahsavan rug. Further details on request.

  • a rare and early Middle Amu Darya small carpet. Further details available on request.

  • An early 19th century Central Anatolian kilim with wondrous colours. 390 x 195 cm / 12'10" x 6'5".
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  • a beautiful fragment from an Ersari Beshir main carpet. Middle Amu Darya region, early 19th Century. The four sides are secured by ... read more
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  • a superb Kordi trapping, 19th or early 20th Century. All good colours and in excellent condition. The face approx. 2ft square.
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  • Fabulous colour! a fragmented East Anatolian kilim, mid-19th Century. The white is cotton.
    price:  inexpensive

  • a rare white-ground Khamseh rug, with luminous natural colours. Second half 19th Century. 6'5" x 4'6" /196 x 138cm
    price:  please ask

  • An interesting Afshar rug with three Turkmen guls. Worn but attractive. All good colours, late 19th Century. 5'6" x 4'4" / 168 ... read more
    price:  inexpensive

  • An attractive Karabagh kilim, early 20th Century.
    price:  very reasonable

  • Zil-i-Sultan rug in practically mint condition, with lustrous thick pile. Mid-20th Century, 200 x 150cm/ 6'7 x 4'11.
    price:  very attractive

  • An attractive late 19th Century Qashquli Qashqai rug. 179 x 111cm /5'11' x 3'8"
    price:  very reasonable

  • a superb nineteenth century Azeri namakhdan or salt bag. Karabagh, probably from the vicinity of Qalbajar. In excellent condition with a velcro ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • a striking Lori or Qashqai gabbeh, c.1930s. Great graphics and in excellent condition. On a cotton foundation. 192 x 155cm
    price:  attractive

  • a very elegant late 19th Century Shushtar kilim from Khuzestan. 373 x 191cm. In good condition with a few scattered small repairs ... read more
    price:  interesting

  • a very attractive Kashan rug with excellent colors in a well-balanced design, early 20th Century. 198 x 127 cm/6'5" x 4'2"
    price:  please ask

  • Uzbek Julkhyr with ikat design, four vertical lengths joined. 345 x 140 cm. First half 20th Century.
    price:  attractive

  • a good Ersari Beshir small rug, c.1900. 120 x 109cm.
    price:  sold

  • a good 19th Century Belouch with excellent rich colours and silky wool. 173 x 85cm
    price:  In £ and inexpensive

  • a silk jajim from Sheki, Azerbaijan, c. 1900 or early 20th century. Made up of narrow strips sown together. 128 x
    price:  please ask

  • a very rare geometric design Belouch rug, probably from Iranian Khorassan, c.1900. There is excellent balance to the design and a subtle ... read more
    price:  Reasonable, please ask

  • a mid-19th Century Kizil Ayak Turkmen main carpet, 3x2m. Excellent colour with subtle variations of design make this earlier example more interesting ... read more
    price:  sold

  • a Toraja Sulawesi ceremonial cloth, joined cotton lengths in warp ikat technique. Indonesia, mid 20th Century. Note the human figures interspersed between ... read more
    price:  SOLD

  • a lively Tekke ensi, late 19th century. 137 x 116 cm.
    price:  friendly

  • a rare mid-20th century 'Kuchi' (nomadic) rug from Western Afghanistan, with camel wool pile. Some minor old moth damages, otherwise in excellent ... read more
    price:  sold

  • a rare Ottoman silk bohca, 18th century. 70cm square, condition as shown.

  • Art Deco carpet by Leveugle of Tournai, Belgium circa 1930's. 305x175 cm

  • a quirky Northwest Persian Kurdish rug, early 20th Century. 198x107cm, in good pile throughout.
    price:  £185 + shipping

  • An early Ersari long carpet. 302 x 185cm. This carpet is part of a small group of extant pieces that appears to ... read more
    price:  reasonable, please ask

  • a striking Kurdish rug in good condition and with all natural colours, 220 x 130cm.
    price:  reasonable

  • An unusual Northwest Persian rug, early 20th Century. Flower filled lattice design. Repair at one end, otherwise great condition. All good colours ... read more
    price:  £285

  • a North Persian rug, possibly Luri, with Ottoman carnation and tulip design. There are one or two related examples in the literature.

  • a charming white-field Bijar, with a few bites at one end otherwise in great condition. 170 x 138 cm

  • a Kirghiz shyrdak, Northeast Afghanistan, first half 20th Century.
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