Kenneth Hayes

  • a cicim (brocade) runner, possibly Malatya area, mid to late 19th c. Poor condition with holes and scorch marks, but the item ... read more
    price:  150 USD plus shipping

  • a large Malatya Kurdish Perde in four parts. 146 x 61 inches (370 x 155 cm). Goat hair with natural colors (possible ... read more
    price:  500 USD plus shipping

  • Quashqai kilim, probably mid 20th century. Decorative pastel palette with white ground. Minor stains as shown. Ready for use. 110 x 65 ... read more
    price:  500 USD plus shipping

  • Sarkisla kurdish rug, 310 x 140 cm. Outstanding colour, blue weft, extensive off-set knotting. Battered and worn, but intact and restorable. Only ... read more
    price:  sold, thank you

  • Yuncu cicim, 58" x 74" (147 x 188 cm) Obviously not for the conditionally challenged, but professionally conserved on linen ready for ... read more
    price:  1800 USD plus shipping

  • i bought this silk-on-silk embroidery in Istanbul almost ten years ago, and at the time i was informed that it was from ... read more
    price:  not for sale