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Special Offer: Nice old Qasghai (Iranian tribal) wool rug all vegetable dyes, There are about 6, 1cm-2cm moth holes (a fixer upper). ... read more
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Antique Shekarlu Qashqai tribal rug from Southwest Persia, 19th century. Size: 280x140cm / 9'2''ft x 4'6''ft
Estate find: Antique Southpersian Luri tribal rug, age: 19th century, size: 290x160cm / 9'5''ft x 5'3''ft, condition as found
Antique khordjin Persian Qashqai (maybe a pair of Khamseh confederation). In perfect condition. All wool with all natural dyes. Carpets washed and ready to use. More ... read more
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Old Azeri Gheoravan size m.3.66 x 2.57. In very good condition, washed and ready for use. Very fastened colors and with full pile. Original size, ... read more
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Bijar bag faces are not too common. The colors of this example are great. All natural dyes. Condition is pretty ... read more
price:  $150
Kashan, c.1940. Center medallion on red ground. 82" x 52".
price:  on request
Unusual Early 19th Century Arabatschi -- 15 1/2" x 55 1/2" -- Open To the left.
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Yomud group Chuval -- 19th Century -- Open to the right--Very floppy Handle -- All colors ... read more
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Textile fragment "Arkilla Kerka" cod. 0458. One of the items added on my new website link Wool hand woven cotton natural dyes. ... read more
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Kilim fragment cod. 0674. One of the items posted on my website link Wool, natural dyes. South Anatolia. Early 19th. century. Dimension ... read more
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Shaman' s painting cod. 0439 one of the items posted on my website link Pigments on rice paper. Yao people. Guanxi or ... read more
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Phulkari From West (Pakistan) Punjab India called As Rare Patang Design Bagh.Floss Silk on Hand Spun Cotton khaddar Cloth.(DSL03550).
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antique caucasian cuba cm 1.37x1.17 19th century very good condition natural colors & fine quality
Rare old antique persian Carpet Qashgaï Shiraz end of 19th century /// Size : 7'11" x 5'5" or 242 x 166 ... read more
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Kalamkari Palampore from South India. India. Made for Export Market, Printed cotton with exotic birds, peacocks, tigers, stylized mountain and cypress trees ... read more
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Banjara Gala From Karnataka,South India.C.1900.Embroidered on cotton.Gala is Traditionally Used by Women to Carry Pots on their Heads.Its size is 25cm x
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Sold. Large lush Antique south west Persian village rug. Circa 1900-1930. Great colors, good wool, good condition. Minor wear - otherwise good condition. ... read more
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Antique Caucasian Gendge Rug - with rare barber pole lattice borders. Note the checkerboard inside the Stars ... Superbly detailed ..made with ... read more
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Lush Camel Field Kurd Rug with thick pile. Priced to Sell at us$ 450 plus shipping. Reinforced ends. Soft floppy handle. Click ... read more
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387 x 125 cm Antique Karabagh Caucasus runner. In very-very good condition, full pile and not problems for this carpet. More pictures on ... read more
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575 x 110 cm Original ancien karabagh Caucasus in perfect condition. All wool. Fastened colors and shiny wool for this antique runner. Original ... read more
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Isfahan Ahmadi, c. 1900, 6'7" x 4'6". Wool on cotton. Very finely knotted, rich colors with uneven pile. Some wear to the ... read more
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Qashqai chanteh1880 Botteh disign size•••32x30cm
Qashqai Horse band 1880 circa all good colors and in perfect condition size•••190x11cm
Small Antique White Field East Caucasus Rug, probably Shirvan/Kuba or Dagestan. Contains a good combination of saturated colors. Unusual design. Low ... read more
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Central Anatolian Prayer Rug
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a Central Anatolian rug fragment. Original pile length. Cm 80 x 142. Professionally conserved. Two lions in the mihrab.
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Rare Turkmen Torba 28x108cm
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a Sivas saf kilim fragment. Centuries old (17th ?). Professionally conserved. Cm 70 x 150.
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Antique Baluch sofreh 120x80cm
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Antique Nort West Persian fragment Size.70x33Cm
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khorasan iran kelim from end of 19th to first decade of 20th century. camel wool. 183*160 cm overall in good condition with signs of wear ... read more
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a Ottoman Empire miniature painting from late 19th century , the story of Kiz Kulesi ( Maiden’s Tower) Istanbul framed with museums ... read more
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Rare Mid 19th century central Asian Kirghiz felted bag , wool embroidery chain Stich; backside flat woven Kilim camelhair collectible item size ... read more
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