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Rare Qhasgai carpet very old. Size 310x220cm
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Pendants, West Africa. Bronze and brass alloy. Early to mid-20th century #3574a Skeins of rope goldweight 2" (5 cm) ... read more
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Kurdish bagface,circa 1880 wool on wool,original borders•••size 86x70cm
Afshar Sofreh 1890 circa•••size88x88cm
Baluch bag 1880 circa,no repairs and all good colors,size 42x42
Beluch carpet size 203x96cm
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Beluch carpet size 180x90cm
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Beluch carpet size 163x90cm
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Chakansur Baluch Grain Bag, Late 19th Century. Beautiful apricot hue on the front and rich red and purple on the back ... read more
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Antique Caucasian Sahnazar Sirvan Rug
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Antique Sahsavan Rug Fragment
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Antique Jaf double bag, 112 x 63 cm., end 19th. c.
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Blanket type. Size 185×120 cm. Beautiful colour. For more info kindly contact on my email
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Second 18th Century Central Anatolian Konya Bozkır Rug Size.190x135 Cm
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Antik Isfahan in excellent condition, without repair, nice color, no wear size 220x141 cm
Antique Baluch Rug Size.210x90 Cm
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Ottoman silver watch case and small vanity bag with silver tassels. Circa 19th century.
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117 x 85 cm Antique mogolian carpet in very good condition. Original size and design for this beautiful piece. More info and price on ... read more
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Beautifully embroidered dress from from the Sindh area of Pakistan. Early to mid 20th century. 29" high by 20" wide. Great ... read more
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Three Pre-Columbian strips. Two are fragments. One is complete. They date between bc 100 - ad 1100. The complete ... read more
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Fine Aymara woman's shoulder cloth. Lake Titicaca region 19th century. Textiles like this are the most finely woven of Aymara textiles. ... read more
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Beautiful 1920's Afghan Purdah / Ensi from the village of Chakesh. Great soft wool with wonderful sheen. One small 1in hole. Hard ... read more
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Baluch with camel ground secondary border, 189 x 105 cm, apart from corroded brown in nice condition.
Turkman / Turkoman asmalyk 111 x 70 cm in great condition
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East Anatolian Kurdish yastik. This pieces uses several talismanic knots of either horse or possibly human hair in areas of the bottom. ... read more
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Colorful Luri rug. 68 inches (173 cm) long, 38 to 40 inches (97 – 102 cm) wide—not a perfect rectangle and not ... read more
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Complete hand embroidered vintage tribal woman dress from swat valley of northern Pakistan, The embroidery is very finely done and exquisite, The ... read more
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Tribal Nuristan/Kohistan valley bridal wedding shawl. The embroidery is very finely done complete handmade with silk threads. in best condition.The embroidery is very exquisite ... read more
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Super Anatolian cuval. Cm 125x160. Fantastici colors. Condition issues as you can see.
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Baluchari Saree from Bengal, India. 19th Century. a procession with Horse and Nawabs becomes a motif for the saree. It was this ... read more
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Large antique Jaf bag-face in good condition 1880 circa great strong colours size 112x66cm
Antique Caucasian Shirvan Akstafa Rug, 4.8 x 10.4 ft (141x313 cm, a112), ca 1875. Purchased in and shipping from ny. High resolution ... read more
kurdish Jaf bagface 1890,all good colors and in very good condition size60x50cm
jaf bagface 1880 circa,all good and in good condition size 85x55cm
Old Karaja Heriz runner, nice small size: 175 x 65 cm. minor wear and losses in places, sides and ends original. Free ... read more
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Size : 130 x 192 (cm), East anatolia, Erzurum prayer kilim.
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