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Textbook 19c Shahsavan soumak mafrash panel, Hashtrud area, 54cm x 44cm. Exemplary, impeccable, and finely woven. Note the space afforded to the motifs ... read more
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nw-iranian antique kurdish runner 96x304cm
Early Caucasion rug 1,17*2,03 (Deep green) Collector item
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Uzbek cross stitch embroidered mini bag. Size: 3.1" x 3.5" - 8 cm x 9 cm.
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Persian silk embroidered mini bag & pouch. Size: 3.5" x 4.7" - cm x 12 cm
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Amazing work of art. Kufic border "painters" Shirwan rug. Cm 493x120. Rare, beautiful, unusual, antique, precious. Fantastic, intriguing pattern and wonderful colors. ... read more
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Sweet Shahsavan reverse sumack panel with all four sides of different lenght: 37/41 x 43/51. Great workmanship, great colors, great age. Apply ... read more
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Tebriz hajhicelili wagire size 48x52cm
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Bergama yüncü Chuval fragmand very fine quality. size 15x70cm
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Beluch fragmand bag face size 46x70cm
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Kurdish shahsevan bag size 30x30cm
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Avshar rug wonderful colors and excellent condition all original size 1,57x1,17 cm Circa 1900
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Antique Timuri Baluch Rug
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Bahtiar Feridan amazing colors and excellent condition all original size 2,02x 1,36 cm Circa 1900-1910
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West Anatolian Bergama Rug circa 1870 size 84x121 cm
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Early Ensi sarik with damage 145 x 112 cm link
Early 19th Century Anatolian Kilim fragment Size.180x70 Cm
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Java | early hand drawn batik waist wrapper Indonesia, Java, Solo, second quarter of 20th century Commercial cotton, botanical indigo and soga dyes, batik ... read more
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Karabagh Rug wonderful colors and excellent condition all original size 3,90x1,54 cm Circa 1900
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Northwest Persian Kurdish rug with a star border and 'Memling gul'design
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Size : 15 x 40 (cm), Central anatolia, cappadocia . Ca 1600s Came out of the Greek house In Greek mythology, there is always an ... read more
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Early 19th c. Shahsavan sumak very fine bag face. Exquisite!
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Antique Apache burden basket, Native American,19thC, hand woven, hand twined with willow, black devil's claw, the redish-brown seen on the inside but ... read more
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Antique Kazakh from Caucasus in fair condition. Wool on wool and natural colors for this piece. Very archaic design and shiny colors. More info or ... read more
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Afsahar carpet size 162x130cm
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Antique Armenian Caucasian Kilim. Incredible tight weave and great colors. It's from a rare group of kilims. Sourced from a village near Tusheti, ... read more
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Antique Chinese carpet. Excellent condition. Size 3 by 5 feet.
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Indonesia | Bridewealth Ikat Panel Lembata, Lamalera, Lamaholot people, mid 20th century Handspun cotton, botanical indigo and morinda dyes, warp ikat This is a lovely ... read more
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Antique crazy quilt. Size 6.6 by 4.5 feet.
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Black Shahsavan sumack panel. Cm 36x47. Imho 1860/70 probably. Rare? Very rare. Powerful, beautiful, wonderful. But, well, it's up to you. Apple ... read more
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#7775 Antique Borchalou Kazak Caucasian Rug Size: 5’2″ x 7’5″ (158 x 229 cm) Third 1/4 19th Century Price on Request
Antique European Rug #7942 Price on Request Size: 13’5” x 16’6” This gigantic European rug measures 13’5” x 16’6”. It is most probably a ... read more