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Really Unusual Early 18th Century Anatolian Rug Fragment Size 120 x 170 Cm
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antique eagle kazak 3' 9" x 6' 10" in poor condition fragment nice design 185.00 plus shipping sold thanks
Aksaray carpet Anatolia, cm 112 x 146. Rug mid-XVIII century. Perfect condition,very beautiful and bright colors. No repairs. Ask for price or ... read more
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Kilim Konya, Center Anatolia, fragment, all wool, natural colors and one cochineal color beautiful example - 135 x 75. 250€ shipping included
price:  250€
Antique Swedish kilim, 130x195 cm
Tibet Tibet wool blanket back, s about 1800 years or so, size 103 cm wide width 138cm, 96 cm high, all wool ... read more
Fine Antique Kashan Pictorial rug - 4'6 x 6'6 - 137 x 198 cm.
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Finely woven Shahsevan reverse sumak khorjin face, 19c.
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2 0 7 x 1 2 6 Antique Peking in very, very good condition. full pile, no holes, repils, ... read more
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1 4 0 x 7 0 cm. is the size of this inner mongolian carpet antique. In very good conditions. Full pile. ... read more
price:  360 euro
Antique Qashqai grainbag, early 20th century. Size: ca. 75x65cm / 2'5''ft x 2'1''ft
Antique Baluch rug with Mina Khani design, size: ca. 165x95cm / 5'4''ft x 3'1''ft
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Caucasian Zeyhur Sirvan Carpet
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Heriz, c. 1900, 8' x 10' +/-. very good, used condition. Shows a little wear and a moth bite or ... read more
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Caucasian Dragon Carpet size.215x90cm
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Probably an old Shirvan rug - from around 1920 - Old elegant Caucasian Rug - slight signs of use and small restorations ... read more
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Fragment Konya area 18th cent with wonderful aubergine 76 x 45 cm
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Antique Yellow ground Shirvan Rug, Caucasus, ca 1880. Perfect Condition, All Original. No repairs, No issues. 4 x 5.6 Ft ... read more
Very rare and early Yomut-group Turkmen chuval. first quarter 19c or earlier. Unusual secondary motifs found in only a few other pieces, ... read more
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Avsar Bag Face size.42x65cm
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Anatolian Tülü Carpet size.195x102cm
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Central Asian Turkmen quilted jajim on felt horse cover 162 x 174 cm / 5'3'' x 5'8''
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Rare silk Kashan saddle cover ,19th cent. The pile and warp in silk , the weft in cotton.Cm. 83x86 The condition is ... read more
Antique Shahsavan Kilim Bag Size.80x42cm.80x42cm
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Mid 19th Century Akstafa Rug size 116x282 cm
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18th Century Anatolian Kilim size 162x360 cm
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Old Ersari trapping in very good condition with full pile, 40 x 165 cm
price:  125 Euro + shipping
Late 19th Century Shirvan Karagashli Rug size 116x152 cm
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Donkey Saddle bag,A bound weaving of thick cotton,used as a salt sack,From Saurashtra Gujarat India.Its size is 75cmX120cm(DSC04355 New)
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Shahsavan wild bunch. Yesterday a friend of mine, a collector, passed by and wanted to see some Shahsavan pieces. Here some of ... read more
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antique Agra fragment runner 4 ft x 13 ft
price:  $499 + $79 shipping
351 x 222 cm antique malayer original design. In good condition. All original. Very, very beautiful piece and size. Other info, notes oder photos ... read more
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Farahan sarouk, c. 1900. 5 x 7, good condition.
price:  1900
#7318 Peking Chinese Rug This Peking Chinese Oriental carpet measures 9’1” x 15’5”.
Armanibaft Kelim 293 x 287
price:  POR