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Detail from a Pre-Columbian tapestry panel depicting a herd of andean Brocket Deer. These animals were revered in the andes and ... read more
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Antique Baluch Rug
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Antique Textile Greece, no: 156, size: 145*39cm, silk and metal on linen.
Shirvan prayer rug (fragment), 19th century, all wool, great natural colours. 114x152 cm (45x60 inches). Sides and bottom incomplete. Pile down to ... read more
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Small Kork wool on cotton Afshar rug. Partially faded (unfortunately) Size: 90x75 cm
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Antique Ningxia runner with yin-yang medallion and fo-dogs. Part of a long temple runner, hence bothe ends replaced. 19th century. 170x70cm.
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19th Century Baluch Bagface Fragment Size: 69x60cm Natural colors, there are old repairs
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Caucasian flatweave mafrash panel. Cm 46x94. Late 19th, early 20th c. Great, deep colors, see the different blues. Some old restorations. Lovely ... read more
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Central Anatolian Yastık Rug
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Animal decoration, Shahsavan, early 20th century, 11 x 130 Cm.
Early to mid-20th century Baluch soft camel ground prayer rug with goat’s hair selvage finish. The Tree of Life design of this ... read more
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Shahsavan panel 43x40cm
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Tibetan Mats. Circa 1920, cm 81x82 each. Wool texture and warp. This couple show a European-inspired decorative motif dating back to the 1920s. ... read more
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Belouch, Turbat-i-Haidar, great condition, no issues, deep glow. 190 x 100 Cm. 6.3 feet x 3.3 feet. Clean.
Jozan, nice 'meaty' and glossy pile, 200 x 152 Cm. 6.6 feet x 5 feet. Mid 20th century or even 70ies.
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Happi Coat, Japan, cm 86x124. Happi are those traditional Japanese work coats often wearing name of enterprise or related symbols, as sort of ... read more
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c. 1900 long / large caucasian shirvan or KUBA......w/ need of repair.......approx. 4.9 x 13.6.......please check for overall wear, edge and ... read more
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Two Persian chanteh. Complete and original with striped backs. Late 19th c.
Small (29" x 52"), classic striped Caucasian Gendge prayer rug with silky wool. c. 1860-80. Good condition. Relatively fine weave.
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lovely tibetan rug with allover clouds, ca 1900, central tibet, 125 x 65 cm, 49,21 x 25,59 inches, partly worn, one restoration ... read more
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#7050 Mahajaran Sarouk This circa 1920s Mahajaran Sarouk measures 9'1" x 11'10". It has the so-called empty design motif with a floral medallion. ... read more
#6780 Mandarin Chinese Rug This Mandarin Art Deco Chinese rug measures 9’11” by 12’10”. It has a yellow gold field with a ... read more
Phulkari From East(India)Punjab Region of India. India.Silk on Brown-soil colour, Hand Spun Cotton ground.C.1900(20180504_151236).
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Dragons, stars, swastikas, big s good luck symbols. Sweet, rare Baku area sumack dragon bag face. Cm 42x42. End 19th, beg 20th ... read more
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Afshar Size: 81x61cm Natural colors, made in period 1910
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#1b163 Hand made antique Persian Sarouk Farahan rug 3.1' x 5.4' ( 94cm x 164cm) 1880.c
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Qing Jade Cat Pendant: Lovely carved nephrite pendant with classic “cat on a leaf” motif. This piece has been re-carved to appear ... read more
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China: Exceptionally fine and rare three paneled ikat blanket from the Li people of Hainan Island, Southwest China. The lighter wide indigo ... read more
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Antique West Anatolian Cecim
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Antique West Anatolian Yüncü Kilim Fragment
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Old moroccan rug , 395cmX307cm ,minimalist design, perfect condition with a sunny yellow background.on the detail photo you can see the ... read more
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Sarköy Kilim Balkan 152 x 100 cm
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Uzbek Suzani 240x 167 cm
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#7055 Kazak This Kazak measures 4’2” x 7’5”. The central motif are botehs in rows of four facing each other, in probably ... read more
#6964 Art Deco Chinese Rug This Chinese Oriental rug measures 8’10” x 13’5”. It has a navy blue field with a ... read more
Turkmen Penjerelik ca.1920,47x185 cm
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