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Antique Anatolian Mucur Prayer Rug
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Antique Atler Rug
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Antique Turkmen Tekke camel trapping fragment. Fine silk embroidery. Size: 8" x 16" - 20 cm x 41 cm.
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An unusual Persian Baluch prayer rug. Within the hand, a gül with an eight pointed star and a goat have been woven. ... read more
Mid 19th Century East Anatolian Rug Size.215x115 Cm
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Second 19th Century East Anatolian Yastık Size.80x48 Cm
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Antique Turkmen Ersari Chuval
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Karachof Kazak Rug, 1854 or so. This particular Karachoff has a less cluttered field than younger pieces giving it a good ... read more
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#7513 Antique Peking Chinese Rug 9’1″ x 11’6″ $7,500.00 Size: 9’1″ x 11’6″ (277 x 353 cm) Age: Circa 1915
#7374 Antique Pao Tao Chinese 3’3 x 5’0 $1,500.00 Size: 3’3″ x 5’4″ (100 x 164 cm) Age: Circa 1910
Antique Yomud (Yomut) Asmalyk Oriental Rug 1’2” x 3’6” #8020 $1,400.00 Age: late 19th century
Antique Turkmen Yamut Chuval
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Attractive intact 'throne' back and seat from the Baotou- Suiyuan area - i.e. Inner Mongolia - but in this case, given the ... read more
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Chair panel 155x50 cm, 18th century (Qing), silk brocade. Curiously I've found that a similar one (19th century) has been in the ... read more
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Kalamkari Palampore Hand-Drawn Mordant-And Resist-Dyed Cotton,From Coromandel Coast South India. India. Showing the exotic birds, peacocks, tigers, stylized mountain Sun, and cypress ... read more
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excellent plus condition - 2 x 2 ft size -$350
price:  $350
Antique Kashan Mohtasham rug 4.6x6.6
price:  3000
early persian cap with double headed bird...old and unusual..
tiffany knotting ...only five exemplar known?
Farahan rug Stems and leafs creates a marvelous vision in this antique farahan rug , superb natural colours adds account into it , ... read more
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Lakai Mirror cover. silk embroidery on wool. size : 21" x 20" - 53 xn x 51 cm
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a Tibetan book with 98 leaves (in need of conservation) and a fine wood book cover in excellent condition. At the moment ... read more
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Red Kilim, ca. 1920. 3.45 m long, 2.86 m wide. Perfect for a smaller living room or large foyer. POR -Kolya
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Floral Chintz Kalamkari Fragment Hand-Drawn Mordant-And Resist-Dyed Cotton,From Coromandel Coast South India. India. C.1725-1750. Exported to the European (Dutch Market) Market. Its size ... read more
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Rugs of the Golden Triangle.A blog entry from 2017 outlining a non-existant weaving area.Trust only the original. https:// link
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Collection of four vintage/antique cloth printing blocks from Tamil Nadu, all in excellent condition, acquired in India 30 years ago. Large one: ... read more
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Nice Kizil Ayak Chuval, mid 19th century 130 x 88 cm.
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Antique Reshwan Kurdish Rug - ca.1880 in great condition. 240x118cm
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West Anatolian Striped Desing Kilim Rug Size(8.9x4.4 feet)/266x130 cm
price:  450$
18.end of Century Anatolian Aksaray Area Pray Rug Size(4.11x3.4 feet/150x100 cm
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Vintage Inuit Greenstone Polar Bear Carving 6"l x 2.25"w x 3"h
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About 5.2 x 5.9. Has wear. Wonderful color saturation. Great size. It’ll be at Brimfield auction acres Tuesday sept 7th and Friday ... read more
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Turkoman Tekke Rug 19th Century Size:305x215cm
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Antique small Mashad rug Size:177×110cm P.o.R
Antique Baluch prayer rug, a very old example with a rare archaic design. Size: ca. 165x85cm / 5'4''ft by 2'8''ft
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Mini vanity bags from Afghanistan. Size; As they are closed 5 cm x 6 cm.
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