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Antique Baluch rug. Size: 96 x 163 cm.
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It was a real barn find....about 40 years ago..... 1840/1860 East Anatolian cuval/storage bag. Complete, end to end, despite tears, holes, etc. Fantastic ... read more
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Qashkai Neris Saddle cover, see it at Arts, October 19-21! i will be exhibiting as 'Turkish Folk Arts'. link
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Avar, Dagestan, north Caucasus, characteristic - just red and blue. With very little white and black. 4 medaillons in the outline form ... read more
superb ningxia in great condition with flushy long pile, top wool and colors. ca 1850
Afshar chanteh, late 19th cen. or earlier, 1'5"x1'0". An excellent example with a particularly fine weave and excellent color. link
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Unusual south west persian kilim, probably Luri or Qashqai. Graphic with a very unusual and decorative colour scheme. Needs a clean and one ... read more
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Finnish ryijy rug, 167x134, made about 1830. In used condition.
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East Anatolian or Morocco tulü rug interesting piece(touched it in five pieces) size=135x112 cm size=135x112
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Charming and very decorative Heriz/bakshaesh rug. Good condition. 165 x 140cm.
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Antique nw Persian or Kurdish DOuble Bagface. Full pile condition.
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#7695 Heriz Oriental Rug This circa 1930 Heriz handmade Oriental Rug measures 9’6” x 13’3” (292 x 401 cm). It has a tomato ... read more
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#1b341 Hand made antique collectible Persian Kurdish bag face 1.10' x 2.3' ( 58cm x 70cm ) 1880.c
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Ersari Tekke, antique, from a German private collector, used as a wall hanging. see detail photo's. Fine knotting - 49 knots per ... read more
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Mid 19th Century Anatolian Keçimuhsine Kilim Cicim Size 112 x 142 cm
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Turkmen Yomud Ensi 140 x 177 cm / 4'7'' x 5'9''
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Mazandaran Indigo Quilt with a jajim front 177 x 242 cm / 5'9'' x 7'11''
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like the Mohicans......these pieces are the last ones....they do not make them any's FINISHED!!!! Goat hair Kilim. Cm 135x240. Mid or early ... read more
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Refined vintage Baluch Taiche 150x90cm. The simple yet delicate work on this piece is impressive. In very good condition More Info:
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Mid 19th Century Unusually Small Shirvan Rug size 63x108 cm
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Antique Cappadocia Kilim
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Antique Turkmen Chodor Chuval
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Antique Peredil Sirvan Rug
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Antique Yomud applique asmalyk of a rare type. Made of embroidered cloths, with a visible corelation to the more traditional Yomud piled ... read more
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Mid 19th Century Sauj Bulack Rug size 127x201 cm
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Caucasian Dagıstan Rug Circa 1880-70 Size.245x120 Cm
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Antique full pile Afshar Khorjin, saddle bag Circa 1920 p.o.r
Antique Avsar Small Rug
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Antique Jaff Bag Face
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18th century Usak fragment 155 x 140 cm link
Beautiful 19th century Turkmen Tekke 12 gul torba, with great color and velvety wool quality. Very finely woven. Some moth bites as ... read more
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Very rare Beluch double bag, original natural colors and great condition. End of 19th century Collecter´s item! Size 25 x 25 cm
Antique Tibetan khaden rug, 1850-1875. In good condition and with lovely colours.
price:  €2500.
Bakhtiari rug. Full great pile. Circa 1920's. Size: 56.3" x 85" - 143 cm x 216 cm.
price:  P.O.R.
Small charming heriz/karaja rug. 123 x 103cm
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Charming Baktiari village rug. Early 20th century in good useable condition. 206 x 142cm.
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