Bags and Trappings

Small Shahsevan bag 1870 circa,size12x15cm
Kurdish Bijar Mafrash panel 1880 circa size38x35cm
Antique Avsar Bag size.40x61cm
price:  por
Shahsavan saddle bag 30x28cm
price:  Por
Kurd Mafrash Pile Mafrash Panel, nw Persia, 19th c., 22" x 19" Please inquire for more information/details.
Antique Shahsevan Mafrash Kilim Panels Size.105x48cm.52x52cm
price:  Por
Super Shahsavan mafrash panel fragment, clear saturated colours, finely and tightly woven, has the feeling of considerable age, 38 x 31 cm.
price:  On request
Shahsavan Moghan Savalan reverse sumack khorjin bag face. Cm 46x51 or in 18x20 ca. Datable 1870/1880. Beautiful, bold pattern, tight weave, lovely, ... read more
price:  please inquire
Shahsevan sumak chanteh, fine weave, good condition, good age, 31 x 27 cm.
price:  € 145
Exceptional Persian Veramin bagface (19"x 15") with animals! Very fine weave. Best quality lustrous wool and saturated natural dyes. Perfect condition. Late ... read more
Antique Baluch Bagface
price:  Por
Superb colours and condition compleet older baluch half bag
Kurdish Bag Face, w. Persia, 19th c., 1’11” x 1’8” a colorful Kurdish bag face with excellent drawing, ie. the ‘birds heads’ or ... read more
Mid 19th c Shahsaven Mafrash Sumak Size 110x42 Cm
price:  Por
Central Anatolian Horse cover (at eger) Size:68x68cm
price:  On request
afshar trapping 1880 circa to decorate horse chest.size66x8 with fringes37cm
West Anatolian Karakeçili cuval. size=150x110 cm
price:  ask
Attractive Teke Turkmen chuval in nice overall condition with replaced selvedges. 1.12 x 0.61m (3' 8" x 2' 0").
price:  Please Enquire
Antique Qashqai Khamseh Bag face Some places have silk Size.73x56 Cm
price:  Por
Kayseri Kelim Tschuwal 1,10/1,45 m 19. j.h. Ein Cuval (Sack) in aufgetrenntem Zustand. Jeweils sieben farbige Streifen (blau, rot, grün, rot, blau, gelb, ... read more
price:  POR
Turkmen vintage handmade bag cover textiles Size : 40 cm x 30 cm Fast shipping worldwide Thank you visiting for my shop :)
price:  O.R
shahsavan Mogan area bedding bag side panel with saturated colors. minor upper corner wear. Circa 1900 -size : 43" x 19" - ... read more
price:  O.R.
Antique Turkmen Yamut Chuval
price:  por
Antique West Anatolian Bergama Bagface
price:  por
Antique Persian Baluch Bag, circa 1860-1880's , very good original condition, size 28" x 59"inches.
price:  Please ask
Veramin Bag Face, Persia, 19th c., 2’ x 2’2” a colorful and visually engaging bag face from the Veramin region of north/central ... read more
Complete large Khamseh bag set. Guessing first half of 20th century, maybe 30's. Measures 58 1/2" x 28". Each bag is 28x28. ... read more
price:  On Request
East Anatolian flat weave chuval with camel > c. 1850-70
Shahsevan kilim khorjin wool on wool all good colors,1880 circa-size 127x50cm
Lovely antique Yomut torba in excellent condition. No holes, no tears, no stains . Considering its colors and design , the age ... read more
price:  Sold.
Baluch Balisht All wool usual good wool and colors, size: 40" x 22" -- 101 cm x 56 cm
price:  O.R.
Antique Persian Avshar Bagface Size.70x45 Cm
price:  Por
Shahsavan salt bag
price:  Por
a pretty shah savan ( shahsevan) bagface. cm 55x55 ca. very fine weaved. 1880 ca Very good condition considering age and use. For any ... read more
price:  P.O.R
Antique Shahsavan Silk Saddlebag
price:  por
Baluch Bag Face, w. Afghanistan, 19th c., 2’ x 2’2” The design seen here is not uncommon but seems to appear only ... read more
price:  SOLD
Antique 1850 Tekke torba with two large distinctive Salor guls in great condition and all natural dyes. It is a collectable rare ... read more
price:  SOLD.
Rare 1850 Arabatchi torba. Seriously collectible rare Arabatchi piece. Its design is much more Arabatchi than Yomut, especially considering the motifs in ... read more
price:  SOLD.
South Persian tribal khorjin bag with a large scale boteh design. Looks Khamseh. All nice colors.
price:  $350
Antique Persian Kurdish Bagface Size.50x50 Cm
price:  Por
sold! thank you. Baluch Balisht, 16 x 28 in. Unusual Boteh inside Boteh motif. No repairs, glossy wool, traces ... read more
price:  SOLD, Thank You $275 OBO, plus shipping cost of $20
Antique Persian Khamseh Bag face Size.55x50 Cm
price:  Por
Origin: Asmalyk; Circa:1880; Size: 4'4" x 2'4" Original quality, un-touched, un-repaired Asmalyk rug!
price:  $5500
Two Bakhtiari sumack mafrash end panels with triangular top. Cm 51x62 and 56x64. Wool & cotton. Datable back to end of 19th, ... read more
price:  please inquire
Interesting Senneh or related west Persian bagface with Qajar soldiers bearing swords and birds in the corners, nice wool and saturated natural ... read more
price:  $550
Ersari trapping - nice wool and design. Couple small darned areas otherwise even wear with mostly good pile.
Antique Turkmen Ersari Chuval
price:  por
Sumack fragment. Cm 38x58. Just found it in the deepest side of the cave. 19th c. Natural saturated colors. Imo it's an ... read more
price:  please inquire
Colorful Shahsavan flat weave bag face. Cm 48x52. End 19th century or earlier. Lovely square with awesome colors. Mount it and enjoy ... read more
price:  please inquire
Northwest Persian Veramin bagface with bold medallion. c. 1880. Cool white ground star border. Very good condition.
Antique Shasavan Sumak Panels
price:  por
Antique Mina Khani Baluch bagface, very nice collector´s item. Size: 73x70cm / 2'4''ft x 2'3''ft
Antique Avsar Bagface
price:  por
The ram horns beauty. The ram horns were symbols of power, strength, weapons, supremacy, sovereignty, regal dignity, etc... This is a Shahsavan ... read more
price:  please inquire
Rare pinwheel Shahsavan pile opened bagface with striped kilim back. Very good condition.
price:  SOLD > Thanks!
Antique Qashqaii Bag face Size.68x50 Cm
price:  Por
Southwest Persian chanteh 9 1/2" x 10 1/2". Full pile with great wool.Price does not include shipping.
price:  $350
Azerbaijan. Baku sumack khorjin bag face. Cm 34x42. 4th quarter 19th century. Lovely pattern, great natural saturated colors. a little tribal textile
price:  please inquire
Second 19th c West Anatolian Bag face Two pieces Size.41x35 Cm 41x33 Cm
price:  330 dollar inclg shp
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