Bags and Trappings

Very fine nw Persian Sumak 1870 circa-size 55x56cm in very good condition,
Iran Tashe - grain bag all wool natural colors. Minor repairs on lower guard border minor holes restored in kilim part. Size ... read more
price:  O.R.
Qashqai Chanteh 1880circa all good colors,-size 25x44cm with Kilim
Kurdish bagface 1880 circa,size 60x50cm
Anatolian Zili saddlebag. Size: 15.3" x 49.2" - 39 cm x 125 cm.
price:  P.O.R.
Yamout complete chuval. 130cm x 69 cm = 51x27 inches
price:  P.O.R.
Afshar sumack mafrash panel. Cm 80x40 ca. End 19th c. Fantastic graphic. Small holes, tears, moth bites, one border redone...but notwithstanding a ... read more
price:  please inquire
North-west Persian khorjin face (perhaps Shahsavan in the Bijar area?), 53 x 53 cms, sumak technique, main motif is a rare one ... read more
price:  POR
Yamout chuval. 113cm x 73 cm = 28x44 inches
price:  P.O.R.
Shahsavan/Khamseh sumack saddle bag face. Cm 48x65. End 19th c. Great saturated colors. Very interesting diamond lattice main field with a repeating ... read more
price:  please inquire
Monastir/Kurdish Kelim Bagface Size: 75x66cm Natural colors, made in period 1910, there is old repair
price:  €95
Detail complete pair sumac bags ca 1860 Funky village feel some cotton good colours Old moth damage and nibbles
price:  Ask
Beautiful, classic Shahsavan sumack bag face. Cm 60x60 ca. End 19th c. All good colors. In very good cond.
price:  please inquire
Early South Persian (Luri) bagface with pile, great color & rare design.
This quirky Tibetan sitting or saddle top rug (Khagangma) shows a unique combination of colour and expressive design. Circa 1920. 82x60cm.
price:  please ask
Circa 1800 Nomedıc all natural colors tent tape size=760x9 cm
price:  ask
Antique Bagface Size 1'2''x1'4''. In rough condition sides and ends only.
price:  Best offer
Probabaly Early 19th Century Ersari Chuval Size 70 x 140 cm
price:  On Request
#1b318 Hand made antique collectible Persian Khamseh bag face 1.9' x 1.11' ( 58cm x 67cm ) 1880.c
price:  $1600
Jaf Kurd salt bag with tassels and straps (probably shortened).
price:  $450 + shipping
Baluch balisht, size 18.5" x 36", old, battered but interesting, the knots are symmetrical, it has a two cord selvedge, the foundation ... read more
price:  On Request
Old Kurdish bagface. In all respects a typical jaf Kurd diamond bagface except all the whites are cotton. Never seen that before. ... read more
Shiraz Bag size 30x30cm
price:  Por
Antique Turkmen Yamut Mafrash
price:  por
wonderful around 1850 ersari amu daria region chuval, it has some repair and some old mothbite, see photos wonderful collectors item 142x93cm 4.7x3.1 check also groen7groen ... read more
price:  SOLD
Shahsavan Kurdish saddle bag size one bag face 50x50cm another face 50x51cm
price:  Por
Baluch bagface, 29 x 33". Flatwoven with supplementary weft technique. Very tightly woven elegant design. Excellent conditiion.
price:  $160 + shipping.
Lovely Afshar complete bag. 19th century. ca.50x30cm. All natural dyes. Rare type.
price:  € 350,-
Anatolian Yuncu chuval. Condition as it is found. Size: 28" x 43" - 72 cm x 109 cm.
price:  P.O.R.
Unusual long Jaff Kurdish bagface rug with thick lush pile. i have not seen any Jaff bagfaces so long.... measures roughly 102 ... read more
price:  s o l d tks
Full Pile Mogan Gul Kurd Bag Complete Size: 72x117cm Natural colors, made in period 1910/20
price:  €175
#6762 Jaffe Kurd This circa 1880 Jaffe Kurd rug measures 1 ‘ 10” x 3’ 3 “. It is a bag that ... read more
price:  $850
Antique Persian Saltbag size:73x44
price:  Ask Please
Kirgiz or Uzbek ok bash 19th cent. 35 x 67 cm + tassels. Excellent cond. More info or photos if you ask.
price:  Please ask
Kurdish (Khorassan Kurds) flatwoven salt bag, 14 x 19". Mint condition, good dyes. Reverse side with 2 rows of multi-colored
price:  Sold, thank you.
Kurdish (Jaf) salt bag, 13 x 19". Good condition, some knot collars visible. Fraying to selvages and abrasion to lower ... read more
price:  $175 + shipping.
Rare antique flatwoven khorjin, Kalat-i-Naderi, 48" x 21". 19th c. Wool. Natural dyes. Fine condition for age. Multiple weaving techniques- kilim, ... read more
price:  POR
Rare antique flatwoven cuval, West Karadagh, 3'6" x 1'10". Wool. 19th c. All natural dyes. Excellent condition (restored edge wrapping, repaired corner ... read more
price:  POR
Early 19th Century Tekke Six Gul Torba Fragment size 46x90 cm
price:  on Request
Antique Türkmen Tekke Torba Size.112x39 Cm
price:  Por
Classic c. 1850-70 Anatolian Karapinar yastik with bold drawing and great color including a clear, early aubergine. All original.
Antique Afshar Or Gashghai bagface. 1'6''x1'3''. One end is missing bad has been secured. Looks like 2 tiny repairs ... read more
price:  $275
Antique Turkmen salt bag ,54 x 34 cm link
Antique Ersari Chuval ,150 x 95 cm link
Baluch Bagface Size: 84x78cm very good condition
Antique Bergama Saddle Bag face size.35x45cm
price:  por
Antique Complete Mafrash
price:  Ask Please
#1b316 Hand made antique collectible Persian Khamseh bag face 1.10' x 2' ( 57cm x 61cm ) 1880.c
price:  $1650
Rescheduled: Saturday, March 17, 2018 10 a.m. Refreshments 10:30 a.m. Lecture in Los Angeles: Program: "What the heck is a Khorjin? Woven ... read more
Antique Persian Kurdısh Bagface Size.66x50cm
price:  Por
Turkmen Yamut Chuval in good condition .115 x 73 cm . link
Turkmen Tekke ak chuval with pile,130 x 87 cm . link
Antique Avshar bag face pile , 118 x 73 cm link
Antique Afshar Bagface Size.62x46 Cm
price:  Por
#1b313 Hand made antique collectible Caucasian Sumak pair of bag faces 1.4' x 1.8' ( 42cm x 54cm) 1900.c
price:  $1600
Turkmen Tekke Ak Chuval fragment. Circa late 19th century. Size: 7.8" x 33.4" - 20 cm x 85 cm.
price:  P.O.R.
Ottoman silk chatma yastik pair,Cm.51x115,good condition,some stains and color run.
Old Qashqaii Bagface size.53x64cm
price:  por
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