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366 x 281 cm is the size of this antique heriz -Azerbaijan-Persian carpet. In very good condition and washed. All natural, brilliant and ... read more
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#7116 Agra This Agra measures 11’1” x 15’3”. It has a black background with a vine and tendril design in coral, ... read more
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#5193 Agra This Agra measures 7'11" x 11'11". It is a 19th century rug with an overall design in corduvan on an ivory ... read more
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Persian Mahal, early 20th century, 10-6 x 13-6 (3.20 x 4.11), worn, holes, needs wash, plus shipping.
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#7106 Indo Chinese Carpet This Indochinese carpet measures 12’3” x 15’10”. It has a round medallion composed of several renditions of foo dogs. ... read more
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nice old persian sarouk great size 8' 2" x 10' 4" full pile no dry roots nice colors 595 plus shipping ... read more
Wonderful Heriz Rug,great Natural colours,,size:360x235 cm
size cm. 322 x 237 In very good condizions. wool on cotton. Antique persian KARDJEH/Heris. The carpet has ... read more
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Antique Indo-Persian Kerman rug. Size 10'6" x 14'6". Exceptional design and beautiful colors. Ready to use condition with nice soft pile over ... read more
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Antique, rare Tehran carpet Size:315x20cm p,o,r
Antique Tabriz c.1910 of the Haji Jalili milieu. Size: 9'7" x 12'3". Transcendent elegance. Good condition and floor ready. Does have some ... read more
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Antique Persian Sultanabad. Size 8'7''x12'1'' As decorative as they get. Real quality & age. Condition is fantastic. No ... read more
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Antique Heriz Serapi with a very special ivory medallion. 1910 or earlier. Size 12ft x 16ft. Remarkable color and powerful drawing. Supple ... read more
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Antique Kerman Kermanshah rug circa late 19th century. Size: 9'5" x 13'7". Beautiful colors typical of this type with cochineal, pale yellow, ... read more
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Exceptional late 19th c. antique Serapi rug. Size: 9'7" x 13'7". Superb natural dyes, glossy wool, and fine weave. Good condition with ... read more
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Antique Heriz Serapi circa late 19th century. Sublime light color palette and grand scale. Size: 10ft x 14ft9in. Excellent condition with even ... read more
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Very early Heriz Serapi-style, 341 x 255 cm., 11' 2" x 8' 4", end 19th c. Low pile with minimal ground showing ... read more
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Persian Malayer Kelleh, 9-0 x 18-4 (2.74 x 5.59), early 20th century, rug was washed, no rot, no hard places, original edges, ... read more
price:  SOLD
Fresh arrival from an old German estate: Antique classic Persian Kirman Ravar with an elegance design and a finely drawn medallion, size: ... read more
tabriz persian rug size:332x240-cm / 130.7x94.4-inches please ask
price:  ask
nice old heriz karaja rug measures 9' 4" x 11' 7" very good condition couple of minor low spot and few loose ... read more
Good Chinese Carpet, approx 1930s-50s. Size 391 x 258 cm. In good pile. Couple of small dirty marks and a small ... read more
price:  SOLD
Persian Heriz, circa 1920, 8-8 x 12-4 (2.64 x 3.76), needs wash, original edges almost complete, some end loss one end, good ... read more
price:  SOLD
Anatolian ushak early xx th century very good conditions cm.250X340 cm.
price:  p.o.r,
Persian Serapi Heriz, late 19th century, 11-10 x 17-11 (3.61 x 5.46), good condition, 13 inch wide main border, original edges, original ... read more
price:  SOLD
nicely worn persian heriz serapi rug measuring 8' 10" x 11' 4" great colors wear as shown one end needs work very ... read more
anatolian isparta cm 3.70 x 2.70 1920 circa good condition
antique anatolian isparta or siwas carpet cm 4.65 x 3.60 1910 circa
antique anatolian ushak carpet cm 4.65 x 2.62 1900 circa
#7582 Peking Chinese Rug This circa 1900 Peking Chinese Oriental rug measures 12’1” x 15’8” (368 x 481 cm). It has a very ... read more
This circa 1890 Peking Chinese rug measures 9’3” x 11’4” (280 x 347 cm). The rug has a lovely motif. The corners ... read more
price:  $7500
nice bakhtiari(SOLD sold sold) rug great old design 6' 10" x 10' original good condition be happy to answer any questions very ... read more
price:  sold thanks
Please see my other new listings Great old Serapi with excellent color and design in distressed condition No holes or dryness very ... read more
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Persian Tabriz rug size: 322x230-cm. pleaes ask
price:  Ask
Antique tabriz ( 4,20 x 3,36 m) . In very good condition.
price:  SOLD
Antique tabriz. Size is 4,40 x 3,40 m. In very good condition.
price:  SOLD
Ziegler & Co carpet, late 19th century, with sky blue field. 9'8" x 14'3"
price:  sold, thank you
Gallery piece Bakhtiyar carpet ,all natural dyes beautiful coulours ,size 304cmx251cm (circa 1880) minor areas of good repair.
price:  SOLD Thanks
Antique Persian Hadji Ja Lili Tabriz. Size 9'6''x12'6''. One of the most decorative hadji Ja Lili Tabriz rugs i have ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Beutiful Antique Heriz very decorative. Rug is in great condition and is ready to be used and it measures 9.6x11.7.
price:  POR
Antique Ushak Carpet 5.30m x 3.70m (17' 5" x 12' 2") with evenly-low pile all over - very acceptable floor condition. Recently ... read more
price:  SOLD thank you
Large Antique sarkoy kilim 16 m2 about 4 x 4 meters
price:  on request
antique sarkoy kilim size 14'3'' x 11' 2''( 169'' x 134'') 432 cm x 340cm . 19 th.
Antique Persian Sultanabad Size 10'7''x12'6''. Has been repiled in many areas. Decorative colors & design. Entire inventory online at link
price:  P.O.R
beautiful Heriz carpet Age: approx 1920 size. 350 x 265 cm
Antique oversized 19th century Sarkoy kilim. 410 x 390 cm
price:  SOLD
Antique Senneh circa late 19th century, likely a special order in this over size format. Overall excellent condition, for the most part ... read more
price:  POR
tabriz persian rug size:330x233-cm ask please
price:  ask
Antique Gerus Bidjar circa late 19th century. Highly unusual design motifs, great colors. Some work needed, mostly the ends and a 2-3 ... read more
price:  POR
1920-30's Oushak, 8'6" x 11'3" with holes, wear, low to medium pile to foundation wear. $650.00 no restoration, soft flexible handle. Wear ... read more
price:  $650.00 of best offer
Very Pretty late 19th/ early 20th century Heriz village carpet 358 x 243 cm (11ft 11" x 8ft 1") all natural ... read more
price:  SOLD
huge antique Persian carpet (19th/ 20th century) in perfect condition 325 by 270 cm
price:  on request
Turkish Oushak, 11-2 x 14-4 (3.40 x 4.37), circa 1910, good condition, original ends and edges, good pile, slight wear, few old ... read more
price:  SOLD
ending this friday 8th of january, antique estate auctions all auctions start at $ 1 link ship worldwide since 2001 link
price:  starting bid $ 1
Estate find: Antique Persian Heriz carpet, very decorative, fine and clear knot quality. Size: ca. 411x307cm / 13'5''ft x 10'1''ft , this ... read more
This 18th Century c 1750 Ningxia measures 6’7” x 12’3” (204 x 375 cm). It is well described in this article published in ... read more
price:  on request
Magnificent antique Bakhtiyar carpet. 580x420cm P.O.R
Large antique Bakhtiyar carpet 615x410cm p.o.r
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