Room size carpets

mahal 310*250 coler nechrel ıt ıs made about 1910
price:  500$
karaca heriz it is about 1900 it is sıze 440*395 it has very small repair
price:  ask item
Antique Heriz with a very nice colour palette cm 305xcm220.
price:  p.o.r.
heriz serapi 1900 age 300x400 cm quality is fine all colour is natürel
price:  ask item
Fresh from an estate: 1920's to 1930's 10'2x13'6" Persian Sarouq in great condition. $1,750.00 obo
price:  $1,750.00 sold
Fresh from an estate: Antique bijar in perfect condition, size is 7'8"x12'1". Thanks for looking.
price:  SOLD
Sarouk Carpet, excellent, condition 8 ft 13 ft
price:  asking $2900.
This is a beautiful and subtle example of turn of the century North west Persian craftsmanship, this piece has central medallion with ... read more
price:  2800
antique mahal carpet, large sise with stunning design & colour, circa 1900 link Size: 13ft 11in x 10ft 10in (425 x 330cm). Antique Mahal ... read more
price:  Please enquire.
Old Heriz/Serapi 7 ft 3 x 11 ft 4 in. Real decorative thing with great colors and very uncluttered design. Unusual to ... read more
price:  SOLD
link This circa 1900 Indo Kashan measures 11’10” x 13’10’. The size of this rug is utterly fantastic, as nearly square sizes ... read more
price:  on request
Very nice Bijar, circa 1900, great colors, excellent condition. Just cleaned, ready for the floor. Measures 9'3" x 12'11".
price:  SOLD
link This late 19th century Peking Chinese Oriental carpet measures 9’1” x 11’7” (277.36cm x 356.61cm). It has a central medallion in ... read more
price:  on request
Oushak Carpet, Turkish
Fresh from an estate: a 1920's High Quality Bijar, size is 11'2"x14', thick pile, has damage at one end, not too costly ... read more
price:  SOLD
Old Oushak carpet. Over 95% full pile. Age-related wear, minor damage consistent with a roughly hundred year old antique. a couple of ... read more
price:  POR
Very Good Serapi Carpet 3.97m x 2.97m, circa 1870
price:  Please ask
Heriz/Serapi. 7 ft 11 in by 11 ft 5 inches. circa 1910. Very artistic rug. Definitely something for those who love ... read more
price:  sold
Serapi. 10 ft 1 in by 12 ft 4 inches. Real pretty and decorative late 19th century piece. Someone spent a lot ... read more
price:  SOLD
For sale is a 9'x12' 1880's Persian Antique Heriz or Serapi. Condition is pretty good except for the few area's that ... read more
price:  SOLD
Late 19th century Indian large carpet. Beautiful Indian Amritsar type carpet. This lovely old piece has lived a life; there are various old ... read more
price:  sold
Antique Bakhtiari runner in excellent condition. All wool and saturated natural dyestuff. Approximately 3'8" x 13' 10" = 112cm x 422cm.
price:  Very reasonable
a very boldly executed Sultanabad/Arak area "vase design" carpet with a very legible inscription cartouche and dated 1305 Hijri = 1878 a.d. ... read more
price:  Available
Late 19th Century Antique Persian Serapis Heriz Rug showcase the finest grade of Heriz in terms of design, weave and color and ... read more
price:  $4999
Decorative antique Persian Serapi Heriz. 19th century. Size: ca 370x295cm / 12'2'' x 9'7''
For sale is this 9'4"x12'6" Halvai Bijar from the 1880's to 1890's. It has some wear down to the foundation in ... read more
price:  SOLD
a very nice overall pattern early 20th Century Kirman carpet. The carpet is in nice condition. It measures 9'x15'.
price:  SOLD
rug no : 78 size : 564x357 type : antique 1910 origin : tabriz iran design : tabriz panel design content : wool on cotton foundation background colour : mutli border colour : multi product description palace size tabriz,beautiful design,natural dye,few places of low pile but its ... read more
price:  SOLD
Very Colorful Heriz area Antique rug with incredible drawn.Good vegetable colors and size 400 x 285 cm .
price:  Sold.
israeli bezalel rug marbadia/jerusalem 1920's made in marvadia's workshop it is most likely the artists and craftspeople involved in weaving rugs of this type were eastern jews ... read more
price:  POR
Fresh from an estate as found: a 1920's Persian sarouq, size is 11'10"x8'10". It has good wool, good weave, good colors, ... read more
price:  sold
persian heriz cm 380 x 245
Old Persian Tabriz ca. 1920's in excellent condition measuring 11'5" x 15'9" signed by the master weaver "Salami".
price:  contact
link This Peking Chinese Oriental Rug measures 9’2’ x 11’9” (280 x 362 cm). It has a navy blue field with an ... read more
price:  $8500.00
Antique Tehran 355x265cm , in good condition,
price:  Sold
Antique heriz 300cmx215cm pazyryk Amsterdam
price:  SOLD
Wonderful Kerman 295x475 cm, excellent condition,
price:  on request
rug no : 2 size : 403 x 297 TYPE : Antique 1910 DESIGN : Tabriz Khuy CONTENT : Wool on cotton BACKGROUND COLOUR : Blue BORDER COLOUR : Red
rug no : 1 size : 430 x 298 TYPE : Antique 1930 DESIGN : Tabriz CONTENT : Wool on cotton BACKGROUND COLOUR : Pink BORDER COLOUR : Blue
persian dabeer kashan rug perfect condition size: 8'9 by 12'8 ft
price:  POR
Heriz circa 1930 good condition size 241 x 309 item no. 136
mahal circa 1920 good condition size : 247 x 345 item no. 135
serapi circa 1920 Field fragment. borders removed SIZE : 242 x 388 item no. 134
ushak circa 1900 very good condition size : 396 x 482 item no. 133
tabriz hagilili size : 372 x 510 item no. 131
heriz circa 1920 perfect condition size : 2 x 265 item no. 129
antique kashan circa 1920 good condition size : 215 x 308 item no. 126
antique ushak circa 1900 perfect cfondition size : 270 x 355 item no. 125
antique lavar kerman circa 1900 good condition size : 292 x 395 item no. 124
tabriz hagi galili very good condition size : 314 x 411 item no. 123
tabriz hagi galili perfect condition circa 1900 size : 392 x 535 item no. 120
tabriz hagi galili perfect condition circa 1900 size : 350 x 485 item no. 119
tabriz hagi galili perfect condition circa 1900 size : 268 x 370 item no. 118
tabriz hagi galili good condition size : 276 x 390 item no. 117
Mahal SIZE : 235 x 330 item no.116
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