Room size carpets

antique mahal circa 1920 perfect condition size : 260 x 315 item no. 114
antique mahal circa 1900? perfect condition size : 285 x 370 item no. 113
antique mahal circa 1900? size : 265 x 372 item no. 112
antique mahal 90 years perfect condition size : 3 x 420 item no. 111
antique mahal circa 1900 perfect condition size: 245 x 300 item no. 109
antique tabriz perfect condition circa 1900? size : 325 x 425 item no. 108
kashan 80 years very good condition size : 270 x 370 item no. 94
tabriz circa 1900? good condition size : 282 x 372 item no. 93
chinese peking circa 1900 good condition size : 274 x 334 item no. 92
mahal circa 1900 perfect condition size : 307 x 400 item no. 90
i am selling this piece as a favor to a client. This is a 19th Century Heriz/ Serapi that belonged to my ... read more
price:  SOLD
Antique Bidjar 18 x 11 ft Fantastique oversize Bidjar rug from castle in southern Germany. Hardly ever walked on, exquisit condition. More ... read more
price:  Please ask
Kashan bright 60 years Very good condition size : 310 x 420 item no. 81
kashan 70 years very good condition size : 261 x 351 item no. 78
kashan circa 1930 perfect condition size : 252 x 372 item no. 77
kashan good condition 75 years SIZE : 259 x 366 item no. 76
kashan circa 1930 perfect condition size : 272 x 347 item no. 74
kashan circa 1900? good condition size : 264 x 345 item no. 73
kashan circa 1930 perfect condition size : 260 x 389 item no. 72
kashan circa 1900 good condition size : 270 x 390 item no. 70
dabir kashan kork circa 1900 Excellent condition Color correction on the side SIZE : 315 x 430 item no.69
Beautiful Antique Heriz 670 x 410 cm,
price:  sold
Antique Isfahan Circa 1900? Very good condition SIZE : 216 x 321 item no. 60
Antique Kashan Very good condition SIZE : 226 x 305 item no. 59
Antique Dabir Kashan Circa 1900 Very good condition Size : 212 x 310 item no. 58
Antique Kashan Circa 1900? Very good condition Size : 204 x 298 item no. 56
antique isfahan great pattern, lovely colors low pile size:340x263-cm / 133.8x103.5-inches more info please mail me
graet ningxia mid 19 mint 228/242 never touch.very decorativ rug
Indo Kashan carpet, 11' x 15', beautiful magenta field. Nice silky feel. Circa 1900.
price:  SOLD
Serapi. 10 ft 6 inches by 12 ft. Projecto-mundo. It has no odors; no dry rot; and no moths. Aside from ... read more
price:  SOLD
Beautiful Persian Rug with great colors and design,fine weave,good condition.Size 13*10 Ft.Ready for the floor.E.mail for more info.
price:  US$ 1999.
Antique Tabriz, ( Fragment). Early 19th century, worn in sections, natural vegetable dyes, top half missing. 295x260 cm Suitable for museums display.
price:  AUST $5000
Beautiful Antique Serapi 555 x 355 cm, elegant rug
price:  Sold
Wonderful worn old man ... This 19th century Turkish Ushak carpet has lived a life; however it has been brought back from ... read more
price:  sold
Antique Isfahan rug in Excellent condition last qtr 19c size 7 ft x 4 ft 9". Fine rug with all natural dyes including ... read more
price:  £1850
Early 20th c. Malayer, woven in Symmetrical knots with 100% hand spun wool, possibly from a village of Bibik-abad in western Persia, ... read more
price:  AUST $5500
Antique Ziegler 395x280cm , in distressed condition but absolutely a beautiful and elegant rug
price:  on request
Antique Mashad Moglie 395x312, Top piece, in great condtion, wonderful rug.
price:  Sold
Antique Mahal 365x280cm, wonderful colors, in great condition
price:  on request
Antique Garrus Bidjar carpet with arabesque design, circa 1870, wool foundation, measuring 7'-5" x 13'-6",a symphony of color and design, truly a ... read more
1b96 Persian "Mahal" rug 6.9' x 9.10' 1900, good condition.
price:  SOLD
Antique Ziegler Mahal 465x363 cm, beautiful colors and drawings.
price:  on request
8' x 11' - c.1880 - Haji Jalili Tabriz - ***Soft***
price:  SOLD
10' 5'' x 13' 5'' - c1890 - Farahan Sarouk - ***Soft***
price:  SOLD
8' 5'' x 13' - c1900 - Farahan Sarouk - $4000
price:  $4000
Antique agra oriental rug purchased from the estate of a prominent late writer in nh. It needs lots of work. It's ... read more
price:  SOLD!
rug no : 54 size : 404 x 277 type : Antique 1880 origin : Iran Lavar design ... read more
Antique Persian Oversize Bakhtiary carpet. Fine weave, beautiful design with birds and parrots. Good condition. Glossy and shiny wool. Age: circa 1900. ... read more
a very early Heriz Serapi carpet with highly desirable palette of tones. About 11'x14'4" = 336x437 cm. Repair galore!
price:  Sold
american sarug antigue 470cmx290cm pazyryk antique amsterdam holland
price:  SOLD
Antique Heriz, Late 19th Century, washed and restored, 310x217 cm It can be shipped to anywhere in the world (shipping & insurance costs ... read more
price:  SOLD
a good Heriz carpet with very pretty colors. Size 395x270cm/12'9x8'8. Generally is in excellent condition with good pile; a few small ... read more
price:  SOLD
Very Nice Persian Heriz 9x13
17.5x25.7 i have this butiful Persian Kerman link
price:  55,000.00 OBO
Antique Tabriz Guaranteed to be Haji Jalili 10x13
price:  SOLD!
beautiful rug, carpet usak anatolia, anadolu!WOOL on wool. 12'x9' 380x280
a great antique Feraghan carpet with magnificent main border just acquired from an old Scottish house. The carpet is in good condition ... read more
price:  SOLD
Antique Persian oversize Bakhtiary carpet. Circa 1920. Size: ca. 505x350cm / 16'6'' x 11'5''
All wool Bidjar 11'2" x 7'5"/ 340 x 227cm art in motion
price:  alas alas, I sold it
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