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ref: s1583 / Melas Anatolian rug, 19th century, perfect condition size: 190 x 120 / 6' x 3'
price:  SOLD
Hi, my name is John Fogg and i am not a rug person— except for my love of & for them. I'm ... read more
price:  $2350.00 U$
Antique turkish yastik. Interesting design. Abused condition, picked off a New England floor. Feels old. Good colors. 23" x 38"
price:  on request
ref: s288,anatolian yuruk prayer rug end of 19th CENTURY,very minor repairs. size: 1.60 x 1.35 / 5' x 4'
price:  2500 $ + Shipment fees (DHL)
ref: s227 / anatolian melas antique rug 19th century , perfect condition size: 1.40 x 1.00 / 4' x 3'
price:  4000 $ + Shipment fees (DHL)
2nd half 19th c. Turkish Kirshehir rug, 44" x 88". Lovely narrow borders surrounding a richly decorated central bouquet of flowers.
price:  SOLD
Early Aksary central anatolian prayer rug.Circa 1800-25. Some wear and a patch in the top right corner.118 x 100cm. Superb wool and colour.
price:  SOLD
Anatolia kırşehir carpet size=134*97cm freeshiping
price:  sold
anatolya frakman konya halİ
price:  1250 $
Nice old Turkish yastik. Filthy, needs a bath.
price:  Sold!! Thanks.
Ayranci village, Karaman area, Central Anatolia, cm 125x100 ca., or 49x39 in, early 19th century, very high pile, great dyes...... See more pictures ... read more
price:  pls ask
a mosque portiere,ottoman turkey 18 th century
price:  POR
a 19th Century Anatolian Yastik Size l 70 x w 56 cm. a well drawn Yastik in original condition with luminous ... read more
price:  SOLD Thanks
West Anatolian Bergama area / Çanakkale carpet with a Ghirlandaio medallion.
price:  SOLD
ceremonial sash end probably made by Armenian hands in the then Ottoman controlled Balkan region first half 19c.
price:  £250
Ottoman Kilim fragment, Western Anatolia, 16th Century, 36 x 20 cm (14 x 8 inches)
price:  SOLD
an ottoman metal-thread embroidered silk PANEL Meaurment : 63 x 38.5in. (160 x 97.79cm.)
price:  P.O.R
Earlier East Anatolian Kurd Rug.
price:  SOLD
an ottoman silver ewer With squat body rising from short splayed foot to waisted neck with pronounced collar, the double curving spout ... read more
price:  3500 USD
1' 10'' x 2' 9'' - a rare 19th century Anatolian Sumac Yastik. Price is $1,100.
price:  $1,100
Kurdish rug, East anatolia, in good condition, high pile with great handle, all natural colors, size 278x120cm
price:  SOLD thanks
This 19th century Ottoman metal embroidery measures 3’ x 3’. There is a diamond inside of a square with a ... read more
price:  on request
Anatolian Yastik,19th century,rare an great design,beautiful colors.
price:  sold
Anatolian Yastik, to be offered for sale during Sartirana Textile Show,Italy,13.-16. September
price:  SOLD thanks
Ottoman period, beautifully patinated bronze or brass scribe's pencase (divit), with large inkwell and interesting decorations, including an elegant tulip with tughra ... read more
price:  reasonable
{46) 130 x 194 cm. This early 20th c. (perhaps late 19th c.) Kurdish rug from Antep is expertly mounted on linen ... read more
price:  price on request
a compilation of images of classic rugs and carpets from tİem, Istanbul presented here for enjoyment and edification. link
Western Anatolian Medallion Rug, great color and organic asymmetry, mounted and conserved.
price:  SOLD
Hello everyone this week i have a beauty for your pleasure. This old Anatolian Prayer rug is very pleasing even though the ... read more
price:  Sorry no longer available
#1b204 Hand made antique prayer Turkish "Kersheir" rug 3.5' x 5' 1880, in original good condition
price:  SOLD
East Anatolian Kurdish Rug.310x110cm
price:  sold
a 19th century (mid?) central Anatolian Muçur or Mujur prayer rug. a nice grass green above the mirhab prayer niche. In worn ... read more
price:  Please enquire
Three Anatolian pouches. (framed). link
Central Anatolian Rug.Probably Niğde-Kutören village.165x101cm
price:  p.o.r
Ottoman sash or towel,18th/19th cent., attractive and unusual , no marks or stains excellent condition, 6ft x 1ft £300 plus postage
Anatolian mucur good color good condition 165z105
price:  por
An East Anatolian rug with interesting motifs. Late 19th Century. 140 x 107cm
price:  sold
antique anatolian rug malatya com 204 x 125
anatolian prayer rug cihanbeyli cm 146 x 102 sold thanks
Nine Ottoman embroidered towel & napkin fragments. They should be either end of the 19th or early 20th century. Anybody interested? It was especially ... read more
price:  pls ask
Wonderful early Bergama carpet, nice condition. Measures 6'4" x 5'1"
price:  SOLD
prey turkish cord rug late 19th great color never touch small place a little low pile size 1.04 x 1.64 cm
turkish kuord rug late 19th great color never touch some place the black color is oxid size : 1.06 x 2.42 cm
Antique yastik. Unusual design. Imperfect condition. 19th c. 1'11" x 2'9"
price:  not expensive
East Anatolian Yastik with spectacularly abstracted drawing. Woven with the thick glossy soft wool that this group is known for. Very colorful ... read more
price:  SOLD
Anatolian runner 270 x 100 cm 19 century
price:  sold thank you
Two East Anatolian fragments, probably 18th century, a variety of interesting motifs represented. mounted and conserved, apx. 3'x2'.
price:  SOLD
East anatolian Kagizman rug (250X120cm).
price:  SOLD
Grandiose end of 18th century or begin 19th century Anatolian prayer. Great colors and exxelent colector item.
price:  Sold
Antique anatolian prayer rug cm 150 x 115
Yuruk yastic, e. Anatolia, 61.5 x 67.5 cm. This in in the Bags and Trappings section of our web site: link You ... read more
price:  €900
An Ottoman silk and metal thread bocha, late 19th century
price:  please ask
Anatolia kurdish frakment size=200*105cm
price:  200€
Ottoman calligraphic paper folio, possibly a qit'ah, written in Persian in nasta'liq script with a proverb, "Give to the noble one (sharif)... ... read more
price:  please ask
Anatolian Ushak Medaillon border fragment mounted on cotton.XVIII th.century
price:  p.o.r.
Anatolian Migri 188 x 140
price:  SOLD
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