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Turkish prayer rug 87x137cm, beautiful rug, has some restoration,
price:  on request
Kilim Rug #1468 Origin: Turkey. Oushak Size: 6'7" x 8'11"' Age: approximately 125 - 150 years old Wool. Tightly spun. Slit tapestry ... read more
price:  upon request
Anatolian Village Rug. Originally an 18th century piece, now mostly second half of the 20th century. Size: 58 x 72 ... read more
price:  priceless....
Nice and unusual little yastik. Great graphics and good color. Badly in need of a bath. Freshly picked. If you inquired before, ... read more
price:  Sold!! Thanks.
Anatolian Carpet, arround 1800, seize: 123 x 175 cm. a compareable piece is illustrated at "orient stars" Kirchheim collection page 260. Very ... read more
price:  por
Early Obruk Prayer Kilim,90x170cm,rare and beautiful,properly mounted,very similar to the one in Mccoy Jones collection(plate 97).
price:  sold
Turkish prayer rug ( konya ) 38 inches by 65 inches
price:  por
Parzun or baby/all purpose carrier. Eastern Anatolia. See more pics on fb: https:// link
price:  pls ask
Anotolian Melas very old good colors 19. centrum size 153x112, restored
price:  por
Luxurious, understated filikli tulu from Karapinar, 170x110cms, undyed soft, shiny angora wool tufts on undyed sheep wool plainweave base.
price:  900 Euros including postage
Eastern Anatolian Yastik 1'6" x 2'. Good colors, probably missing border all around.
price:  SOLD, thanks
Central Anatolian Konya Yatak fragment.85x60cm
price:  p.o.r
An interesting 18th or early 19th century east Anatolian rug (ca. 118 x 218 cm). Belongs to a rare group of about ... read more
price:  POA
Central Anatolian Yastik. Good colors, not great condition. 2'10" x 1'9".
price:  SOLD, Thanks
Anatolian (Mujur?) long rug, complete & with great colors, but a healthy amount of wear, approx 3' x 10'
price:  very reasonable
Yuruk, size:290x106-cm / 114.1x41.7-inches. a genuinely ancient thing with gorgeous colors. As found condition and the photos tell the story
Circa 1850 Yuruk, 3 ft 4 in x 7 ft 2 inches. a genuinely ancient thing with gorgeous colors. ... read more
price:  SOLD
Beautiful Tülü From Konya tribal . Size 1,75cm x 1,10cm
price:  400 Euro
Anatolian Turkish Prayer rug. 40"x55"....101x140 Cm.
price:  SOLD
West turkish Cal? 19th century, 115 x 90cm, very good condition.
price:  sold
Anatolian Fragment. It's a beautiful piece. It needs a bath!!
price:  Sorry No Longer Available
Anatolian Kurdish Yoruk rug. 50x79 Inches... 127x201 Cm. All intact with braided ends. Mostly good pile, some wear, dirty with washable stain ... read more
price:  SOLD
#1b355 Turkish "Yastik" rug 1.11' x 3.2' 1880, in original good condition.
price:  SOLD
anatolian kilim about 160-170 years old size is 330cmx160cm
Weaving Heritage of Anatolia (2 Volumes) link
Ushak Rug,with birds in the garden.Very nice desigen and colours,Good condition.Size 5'9"*3'9".Ready for use.E.mail for more info.
price:  SOLD.
Anatolian Wooden Mortar. Late 19th c. h 28 cm.
price:  SOLD
anatolian melas rug 4 '10 by 7'6 ft condition as seen beautiful colors
price:  POR
East Anatolian Kagizman Kurd Rug, 2-1-2 format, fragmented
price:  SOLD
South-east Anatolian tulu, organic dyes, 19th century, 240x118cms
price:  on request
Awesome Konya fragment, 18th/19th c. Compare w/ Orient Stars, pg. 260, #183. Color, color, color.
anatolian turkish angora qushak rug from 1880's condition as seen all the rug is original no repairs,no odor ends and sides are perfect prayer design with great colors
price:  POR
link rugrabbit would like to thank Seref Ozen for sharing his original images of this fascinating collection of rugs and carpets from ... read more
Old Turkish Sivas Fragment. It has nice thick pile, very meaty, heavy rug,with good colors.Size 1'11'x8'11''
price:  por
konya 18 century size 3'2'' x 8'10''
price:  por
East Anatolian Filikli with vibrant all natural colors. Bold almost modernest composition with fine detailing with flatweave techniques.
price:  SOLD
Very early(possibly 17th. century) fragmentary Yastic replete with zoomorphic elements; (animals in border, sas- like animal forms in corners) in original ... read more
price:  ON REQUEST
Old Turkish Sivas Fragment. 18 century ??? . It could be framed ,and hang on the wall. Beautiful colors,and wool. Measures from ... read more
price:  por
a beaten and faded Anatolian prayer rug, but still has plenty of charm. Late 19th Century, 195 x 122 cm. Friendly price.
price:  sold
Nice 19th century Turkish Melas. It's 4'4" x 6'2" (somewhat larger than is typical for the type) and is in excellent ... read more
price:  $4200
published , Orient Stars, a Carpet Collection, Kirchheim, plate 105 West anatolian Kilim Fragment, Ushak region, 19th Century, 76x92cm
price:  SOLD
more pics !!!!! Wild east Anatolian Kurdish rug, from 2. half 19th century, in great condition with lustrous high pile, crazy ... read more
price:  Sold thanks
Anatolian eye-dazzler yatak with fantastic color. Probably Kuthaya region. fragmented. mounted and conserved on black backing. 155x130cm
price:  SOLD
Kula long rug. Circa 1875. Some small areas of wear and corrosion but no repairs.313 x 136cm.
price:  SOLD
East Anatolian, early 20th c. 123 x 210 (4"1' x 7'). Uneven corrosion of ground color. Small repiled areas, small reweave at ... read more
price:  Sold, thank you.
a 19th Century Ladik Prayer Rug Size 184 x 114 cm A fragmented Ladik prayer rug in poor original condition, losses to ... read more
price:  SOLD Thanks
An early Melas fragment with great pressence. Contains ids, but beautiful. Early 19th century. 118x115cm
price:  SOLD
a good Giordes prayer rug in as found condition, dirty with some moth holes and early faded repairs, but very fine with ... read more
price:  SOLD
a compilation of images of classic pieces from the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts presented here for enjoyment and edification. link
Antique anatolian rug. Old survivor, barely. One could wax poetic on this relic. Or not. 4'7" x 4'11"
price:  sold
ref: s1583 / Melas Anatolian rug, 19th century, perfect condition size: 190 x 120 / 6' x 3'
price:  SOLD
Hi, my name is John Fogg and i am not a rug person— except for my love of & for them. I'm ... read more
price:  $2350.00 U$
Antique turkish yastik. Interesting design. Abused condition, picked off a New England floor. Feels old. Good colors. 23" x 38"
price:  on request
ref: s288,anatolian yuruk prayer rug end of 19th CENTURY,very minor repairs. size: 1.60 x 1.35 / 5' x 4'
price:  2500 $ + Shipment fees (DHL)
ref: s227 / anatolian melas antique rug 19th century , perfect condition size: 1.40 x 1.00 / 4' x 3'
price:  4000 $ + Shipment fees (DHL)
2nd half 19th c. Turkish Kirshehir rug, 44" x 88". Lovely narrow borders surrounding a richly decorated central bouquet of flowers.
price:  SOLD
Early Aksary central anatolian prayer rug.Circa 1800-25. Some wear and a patch in the top right corner.118 x 100cm. Superb wool and colour.
price:  SOLD
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