superb ningxia in great condition with flushy long pile, top wool and colors. ca 1850
Chinese Rug Size : 2.65 x 2.05
price:  P.O.R
Antique Chinese Peking rug in an art deco style, hand knotted wool pile on cotton, ca.
price:  $1200.00US
Antique Chinese Nobility Insignia Roundel for a coat, 4 toe front facing dragon of heaven / mang, silk embroidery and couching of ... read more
price:  please ask
Chinese Ning Hsia square, 19th c (1st half) link
price:  $750
Gansu Kilim circa 1850 size 150x205 cm
price:  On Request
#7539 Art Deco Chinese Oriental Rug This circa 1920 Art Deco Chinese Oriental Rug measures 9’0” x 11’9” (274 x 362 cm). It ... read more
price:  $5500
Ningxia temple mat blanket, early 19th century, size 224x58cm, welcome to consult
Gansu rug measuring 6'3" x 4'3". Near perfect condition.
price:  por
#7541 Art Deco Chinese Rug This circa 1920 Mandarin Chinese Art Deco Oriental Rug measures 10’0” x 13’3” (304 x 405 cm). It ... read more
Chinese Art Deco period circa 1925. Collector's item, Size: 285 x 202 (cm) 9' 4" x 6' 7" carpet id: p-5752 rare ... read more
price:  On request
Rare Yellow Ground Chinese Rank Badge circa 1800 size 30x30 cm
price:  On Request
#7544 Peking Chinese Rug This Peking Chinese rug measures 9’0” x 11’10” (274 x 365 cm). It has a café au lait colored ... read more
Ningxia Chinese antique. Collector's item. Size: 76 x 73 (cm) 2' 6" x 2' 5" carpet id: k-5613 seat cover, vegetable dyes, ... read more
price:  On request
18th c. or older Chinese square.
Ningxia Chinese, antique. Collector's item. Size: 65 x 65 (cm) 2' 2" x 2' 2" , carpet id: K-5614 Seat cover, vegetable dyes, ... read more
price:  On request
Circa 1800 Ningxia measuring 6'3" x 2'8". a runner that has been reduced in length with one end border rewoven. Great condition ... read more
price:  por
#1b327 Handmade antique collectible pair of Peking Chinese rugs 1.7' x 1.10' ( 51cm x 59cm ) 1920.c
price:  $650
#7530 Art Deco Chinese Rug This circa 1925 Art Deco Chinese measures 9 ft 1in x 11ft 11in (277 x 338 cm). It ... read more
#7519 Art Deco Chinese Rug This circa 1920 Chinese Oriental rug measures 3’8” x 5’1” (115 x 155 cm). It has a multicolored ... read more
Antique Beijing Fragment with charming Fo-dog. 146x89cm
price:  € 780
#7512 Peking Chinese antique Rug for sale in Sarasota Fl by carpet dealer Mosby Antique Oriental Rugs. We ship Worldwide! This Peking Chinese ... read more
Miao women’s apron: Beautiful Miao woman’s apron with black calendered cotton cloth, and green commercial border, and fine silk embroidered center panel ... read more
price:  $140.USD
160 x 80 cm Very old chinese pao-tao in very good condition. Full pile and any problem. Original pattern boulou. More photos or info on ... read more
price:  ask please !
#1c275 Handmade antique Peking Chinese rug 4.2' x 6.3' ( 128cm x 195cm ) 1880.c
price:  750
Antique Ningxia runner with yin-yang medallion and fo-dogs. Part of a long temple runner, hence bothe ends replaced. 19th century. 170x70cm.
price:  please ask
a museum grade and very rare Antique imperial 17th century Chinese Ming dynasty dragon gold and silk k'o-ssu / Kesi fragment. This ... read more
price:  SOLD
Ivory coloured Beijing rug, circa 1920. Repiled areas. Great shabby chic character full or charm. 350x270 cm.
price:  € 1100 plus shipping
Large Chinese silk pennant, two dragon design in silk, embroidered both sides. 12ft by 8ft by 8ft Some losses to blacks, generally good
price:  Sold
Chinese Ningxia rug, it should produced Gansu area in China. a meditation mat and also can use to a saddle , as ... read more
price:  Sale
Ningxia carpet, yellow color with single group "shou" veins, around flowers pattern. Packed with red cotton cloth. Good age and quality.size 135*68cm(53*27") ... read more
price:  Sale
Ningxia carpet, light camel background with single group flower , around with eight lively lions , flower selvage. It was produced in ... read more
price:  Sale
Peking Chinese Long Runner 3.0 x 26.2 0.91 x 7.98 The slate field of this particularly long interwar Peking runner displays teapots, Ru-yi sceptre ... read more
price:  Price On Request
#7444 Peking Chinese Runner This circa 1900 Peking Chinese runner measures 2’4” x 26’6” (73 x 809 cm). This super long runner has ... read more
#7442 Peking Chinese Rug This Peking Chinese Oriental rug measures 9’0” x 11’6” (274 x 353 cm). This stunning antique Peking Chinese carpet ... read more
Chinese textile end of 19th cent 135x115 cm
price:  por
Chinese antique Peking rug. Very little used or never used. Excellent condition. Size 250/350 cm 9.8/ 13.7 inches Price: 1800 To pick up from Los Angeles Sending ... read more
price:  1150
Antique Chinese Silk Brocade size 66x71 cm
price:  On Request
123 x 66 cm Antique Chinese carpet knotted in Sichuan district. Very good condition: full pile, no repils, original ends and selvedges, no stains, only ... read more
price:  on request !
207 x 125 cm = ft. 6,79 x 4,10. Oriental antique carpet knotted in CHINA-Beijing. Very good condition: full pile, no restors, repils, ... read more
price:  on request !
233 x 159 cm = ft. 7,64 x 5,21. Oriental carpet knotted in china Gansu district. Very good condition. Beautiful pattern Other info or photos ... read more
price:  ask please !
Chinese antique rug Ningxia, 18th century Size 4/ 2.3 inche 100/60cm To pick up from Los Angeles Sending also available Price: the best offer
#7410 Mandarin Chinese Rug This circa 1920 Mandarin Chinese rug measures 10’0” x 11’10” (304 x 362 cm). It has a dark gold ... read more
#7374 Pao Tao Chinese This circa 1910 PaoTao Chinese rug measures 3’3” x 5’4” (3’3’ x 5’4cm). This rug is like a Chinese ... read more
China carpet size 128x65cm
price:  Por
#7328 Peking Chinese Rug This late 19th century Peking Chinese Oriental Rug measures 6’4” x 8’5”. It has a dark blue variegated field ... read more
price:  $4500
#7286 Ningxia Mat This circa 1860 Ningxia meditation mat measures 2’0” x 2’1” (60 x 64cm). It has a mustard ground with Chinese ... read more
Baotou Runner: Early 20th century fragment of large Inner Mongolian rug with repetitive floral pattern on a grid. a very stunning piece, ... read more
price:  $450.00
7263 Peking Chinese Rug This circa 1900 Peking Chinese Oriental carpet measures 7’2” x 12’1”. It has an ivory field containing various Buddhist ... read more
chinese textile on felt 80x90cm
price:  €200 plus shipping
Chinese carpet size 122x65cm
price:  Por
#7261 Mongolian Rug This late 19th century Mongolian carpet measures 6’5” x 9’4” (198.12cm x 286.512cm). It has a very lovely design of ... read more
18thC Chinese Ningxia
price:  $3500us
#7273 Ningxia This Ningxia Chinese Oriental rug measures 6’3” x 9’2”. It has 9 five toed dragons in blue on an ... read more
China carpet size 130x65cm
price:  Por
#6544 Antique Peking Chinese Oriental Rug This 19th century antique Peking Chinese Oriental rug measures 3’0” x 4’9”. It is a fantastic one ... read more
price:  $1700
#7274 Pao Tao Chinese Rug This Pao Tao measures 4’6” x 6’9’. It has an Imperial coral field with a crane with wings ... read more
Group of seven catalogues and periodicals featuring Asian textiles and art. All in pretty good condition. Christies Auction Catalogue: November 21, 1997; ... read more
price:  SOLD
#7584 Art Deco Chinese Runner This circa 1920 Art Deco Chinese Oriental rug runner measures 2’2” x 8’10” (67 x 271cm). This is ... read more
#7197 Ningxia Runner This late 19th century Ningxia runner measures 2’1’ x 17’8”. It is comprised of nine meditation squares in ... read more
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