South Persian Tribal

Qhasgai bag size 30x34cm
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Qashqai sumack khorjin bag face. Cm 38x38 ca. Datable 1890/1900 considering some fuchsine present. Very bright colors. wool and cotton. a sweet ... read more
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Antique Khamseh Bagface Size.61x53 Cm
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Qashqai Rug 3.4 ft. x 5.1ft. (104 x 156 cm) late 19 th. century Twin medallion type with poppy flowers and other ... read more
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Beautiful antique Southpersian Qashqai kilim, 19th century, all natural colors. Size: 315x175cm / 10'4''ft x 5'8''ft
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South Persian Tribal, Qhasgai, Qasqai, Qashqai, Ghashghai, Gashgai, Wool on wool, leather, with a plethora of livestock covering four sides ,good ... read more
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Classic Persian Khamseh design bagface (27"x 26") with characteristic silky wool and deeply saturated color. Very good condition, all original. Circa 1880-90.
Qhasgai bag faze size 31x38cm
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Qashqai tent bend in perfect condition 1880 circa•••size 7metrs60cmx7cm
Antique Luri Bagface. Last Quarter 19th Century. 7 colors. 1’6 x 1’10. Carefully hand washed.
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Antique Qashqai saddle bag front. late 19th century. All dyes appear natural. Please ask for additional photos etc.
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Qashqai bagface with afshari border 1880 circa)size 50x52cm
Qashqai jajim 1880 circa 100% on wool with rich vegtable colors and very good condizioni-size 300x175cm
Khamseh Khorjin, late 19th century. a fantastic bag with almost all tassels in tact. Colorful and rich extra wrapping along the center. ... read more
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***£350.00*** Qashqai bag face, Size: 58 x 52cm. Click the link link to view more items.
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Authentic Qashqai kilim Condition is excellent, selvedges are twisted perfectly. Fringes are bundled Wool foundation dimension 242*145 cm
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Rare Qhasgai Bag size 41x31cm
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antique qashqai chanteh few small repairs lockdown special
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Lovely antique khamseh pomegranate carpet with large chickens dated 1876 (1293) All wool natural dyes slightly low at end borders and few spots ... read more
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***Special offer*** click the link link to view more items. Size: 5ft 0inx 4ft 9in (153 x 145cm) excluding tassels. Antique Qashqai tribal ... read more
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South West Persia.. Fabulous creatures, Excellent condition, 8ft x 4ft approx
Antique kilim persian size:265x145-cm please ask
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Rare small Qhasgai bag size 20x20cm
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Qashqai Persian knotted circa in 1880 antique, 262 x 134 (cm) 8' 7" x 4' 5" carpet id: E-360 High standard collector's ... read more
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Qashqai Mille fleurs Persian, knotted circa in 1905 antique, 236 x 146 (cm) 7' 9" x 4' 9" carpet id: K-2970 The ... read more
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Rare Qhasgai bag size 42x42cm
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Qashqa'i Mowj, Late 19th Century. All good colors. Small tufts of wool decorating the field. Wonderful twill weave. a small repair in ... read more
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Luri bagface, 1'7"x1'6" Now 30% off on our website! https:// link
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£995.00 Click the link link to view more items. Size: 6ft 7inx 5ft 7in (200 x 170cm). Antique Khamseh tribal rug with two ... read more
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south persian complete khorjin - classic example with wear as shown- cheap!
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Qashqai bag 1880 circa all good colors ,size 114with kilimx60cm
***Spring sale*** sold click the link link to view more items. Size: 6ft 10in x 5ft 5in (207 x 166cm). Antique Khamseh Baharlu ... read more
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Rare Qhasgai Bag size 31x33cm
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Nice Khamseh with Arabic Signature. 310 x 210 cm.
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Qashqa'i Kilim, Late 19th Century. Repeating small medallions on a rich yellow ground. White diagonal stripes break up the uniformity. It is ... read more
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Antique Persian Qashqai Bagface Size.74x55 Cm
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Qhasgai bag size 46x46cm
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South Persian Tribal, Qashqai, Gashghai, Gaschgai ,Mafrash,Beddingbag. Good overall condition. No wear, no tear, no moth, etc. cleaned. Wool on wool. And ... read more
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Qashqai pile khorjin bag face. Cm 60x64 ca. 1890/1910. Beautiful, proportioned, interesting. Natural dyes. In good condition. The numbering on the back ... read more
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Luri bag face, very tribal and attractive, mint condition, soft wool, good colours, 62 x 72 cm.
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Qashqa'i Darreshouri small rug, possibly a pillow cover, Doesn't seem to be a fragment! Wool pile on wool foundation, very finely knotted ... read more
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a camel horse dress, probably Qashqai with an interesting combination of techniques (plaited and perhaps knitted areas), and with the original iron ... read more
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complete Qashqai khorjin 1880 circa perfect condition and all good colors•••size105x50cm
Kasghai Siraz region end of the century 286x150 For more information: WhatsApp +61 415-799-757
price:  P.O.R
Attractive antique Khamseh with vibrant colours. Partially low pile and a small area with a reparation and a very small hole (see ... read more
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Rare Qhasgai bag face size 55x64cm
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Qhasgai bag face size 45x50cm
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Early south Persian Khamseh bagface. Unusually spacious field and border design drawing along with an extremely supple handle indicates good age to ... read more
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Antique South West Persian Double Khorjin, Khamseh. Wool. Minor damage to sides. Minor moth damage to pile in place. No repair or ... read more
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Pair of South West Persian bags with backs. Size: 68cm x 56cm. Minor damage to sides and corners - see photos.
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Antique south Persian bagface. Better than average example of this we’ll know design with overall good pile and beautiful natural colors. Nice ... read more
price:  $250
Small Qashqai mid century chanteh with soumak and floating weft embroidery onto warp faced cotton and wool ground, authentic used nomadic piece ... read more
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Chanteh/vanity bags. South Persian small jewels. Cm 35/38 ca. each. Fully brocaded. Could be Qashqai? Some said Shahsavan. Back in plain indigo ... read more
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Late 19th Century Khamseh Runner It's in perfect condition all the colors are natural and all original untouched piece.Size 72 x 286
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Late 19th century Quashgai bag, great condition, great colours, great design Piled area 16in by 15in
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Antique Quashgai bagface, 12in by 11in A pleasingly simple design.
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Antique pair of very pretty south Persian bagfaces assembled to make a small mat. Good overall pile with a nice range of ... read more
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Size: 6ft 7in x 4ft 11in (200 x 151cm). link Antique Abedeh rug with the tribal medallion design, a rug with outstanding ... read more
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Size: 9ft 10in x 4ft 11in (300 x 150cm). link Antique Persian tribal Qashqai kilim, South West Persia. Circa 1900. a good Qashqai kilim ... read more
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Size: 3ft 3in x 2ft 11in (100 x 90cm). link Antique Persian tribal Qashqai kilim sofreh, South West Persia. Circa 1900. a scarce Qashqai ... read more
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