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Early Anatolian Re-entry Fragment
price:  SOLD
An Anatolian Runner (Samsun/Ladik), 19th century, 408x113 cm
price:  SOLD
Rare Ensi with Design Usually Found on Ok-Bashes-Areas of Blue Cotton Wefting, Ca.1800
price:  SOLD, Thanks!
Soumac Bagface
price:  SOLD
Archaic Baluch
price:  POR (Inexpensive)
19th century rare fragment pane1 of Persian woven Termeh
Özbek Detail 375x175
price:  POR
Konya Kavak Rug Fragment Circa.1830
price:  POR
Konya/Karapinar, 205 x 152 cm / 6'9" x 5'0" ft age: ca. 1800 (No.17955)
price:  on request
Silk embroidery with multiple large roundels. Central Asia, Mide 19th century. 3-2 x 7-3 ft.
price:  On Request
Early 19.Century West Anatolian Yuncu Rug.probably its an Prayer rug,Turkuaz cloudband motifs show the holes,some worn places.size is 120x115cm.please ask the ... read more
price:  SOLD
Uzbek fragment, 210x190cm
price:  POR
aydin fragment kilim detail
price:  POR
konya fragment
price:  SOLD
Balıkesir Sofra
price:  SOLD
Turkoman all over embroidered small bag
price:  SOLD
To my understanding this is a very unusual pair of Kasiklik (utensil holders) from the Yuncu Tribe of Turkey. Original with no ... read more
price:  $2000.00 pair
1'5" x 2'5" Kurdish back face. Collectible Piece.
price:  $700.00
4'3" x 6'4" complete Sumak circa 1910
price:  $3200.00
Kazak, 224 x 147 cm /7'4" x 4'10" ft 19th Century (No.18063)
price:  on request
Malatya Cicim
price:  por
Qajar jacket with fine Kashmir kani shawl
price:  Sold Thank You
Saj Bulagh w/ Diagonal Garden, 19th c, full pile, amazing color palette, minor gauges at sides
nw Persian Kurd w/ Tile Design, great color, some wear
Caucasian şirvan fragment kilim detaİl
price:  $ 700
central anatolian fragment kilim 118x105 cm
price:  $300
nw Persian (Kurd Bijar?) with very pleasing drawing and color but with some wear. (not too much, though)apx 3'9''x5'9''
price:  SOLD
anatolian kurdish cicim detail
price:  POR