Thomas Murray, Asiatica - Ethnographica

Thomas Murray is a private dealer of Asian and Tribal art with an emphasis on Indonesian sculpture and textiles, as well as animistic art from other varied cultures. He also features Indian printed trade cloths from the 13th-18th Centuries. He has placed objects in more that 30 museums on four continents. A HALI contributing editor for the last 20 years, he serves as their "in-house" expert on all ethnographic textiles, with more than 45 publications. He has lectured widely, including "Ottoman Influences on Islamic Calligraphic Batik from Indonesia" and most recently "Li Textiles of Hainan, Seeking the Source of Lost Austronesian Iconography." Seven essays and book reviews may be accessed on his website under Articles at Thomas Murray is Past President of ATADA, The Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association.