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Magnificent Silk Antique Kashan “taffazoli” Rug, ca. 1900, 153 × 66 cm (5' 0" × 2' 1")
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Beautiful Signed Antique Persian Khamse Rug, ca. 1900, 200 × 145 cm (6' 6" × 4' 9"), Sign/Firma: ....1307
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50x590 cm East anatolia , Reyhanli tribe .
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Eberhart Herrmann catalogue - Good condition, no blemishes or damage If you want more image of it to determine contents/condition, please inquire. sold
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c.1890s Yoruk….approx 3.3 x 7.6….checks drawn on u. s. banks preferred….. Thanks to rr for providing this site…..please ask…. Ed Briggs…. Questions???? ... read more
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Swedish rollokan cushion kilim, size: 50*47cm
price:  410€ + shipping
Sweet, small Arab Baluch, 127x81 cm, saturated colours , coral, the red of unripe blackberries, 2 shades of indigo and olive ... read more
price:  € 350.-
Antique Caucasian Seychour rug, size: ca. 160x110cm / 5’2ft by 3’6ft link
Antique Turkish Mihalic! Size 110x98 cm Some wear, please look at the photos!
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Antique Caucasian Zeiwa ! Size 198x124 cm In good overall condition !
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Old and rare baluch rug (179 cm x 104 cm.) Complete and clean, with its big skirts (20cm and 18 cm to add ... read more
price:  450€ + ship
Nari Kunj double ikat Patola silk Saree, Probably Patan Gujarat 1800-1850 Circa. India.This Patola is the rarest designs known as ... read more
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25 Textile fragments from Greece/Turkey --- 19/20th century --- Linen, silk, metal thread --- average size about 10-15 x 15-25cm. Sold by ... read more
This is a great early example with rare border funky asymmetric drawing and soft old colours not to mention beautiful stripey ... read more
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Antique Manastir Kilim size 200x100 cm
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Kuba kilim, late 19th century, 5' x 11'
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11’4” x 9’10” Antique Quashqi Boteh Main Rug [130] Antique Quashqi main carpet. With 16 borders, this piece features an abrashed cranberry ... read more
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South-East Anatolin Gaziantep rug with all naturel colors
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Ottoman copper plate about 250 years old (signed)
price:  65 Euro
Ottoman Dress from Turkey. Late 19th to early 20th century Silk velvet bindali with gold embroidery dival work
price:  150 Euro
Khorasan Persian old, 430 x 314 (cm) 14' 1" x 10' 4" carpet id: P-5199 The knots are hand spun wool, the ... read more
price:  CHF 2'200.-
Heriz ca.350x250 Great condition
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Uncommon Baluch rug with “Memling gul” lattice design. Complete and all original. Circa 1870. Beautiful color and drawing.
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Majestic Antique Peking Nichols Medallion Square Carpet with Dragon, 20th Century 265 × 255 cm (8' 8" × 8' 4")
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Amazing Antique Persian Lilian Runner, ca. 1900, 530 × 92 cm (17' 4" × 3' 0")
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Mask, Nepal. 25 cm.
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Antique Tibetan mantra printing block, 19th century. 26 x 23 cm
price:  $ 550
South Caucasian or Northwest Persian Shahsavan Fragment of a Long rug with flowers on an ivory ground - could benefit from a ... read more
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Heriz Carpet Size : 286x390 cm
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a pair of antique Ottoman Curtains with wire break size of one curtain 55x270
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Perfect condition Shirvan Rug circa 1860/70 size 126x167 cm
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Persian Bagface Size : 62x68 cm
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Soumak technique double bags - about 9” x 25”. As found but still intact
Antique Baluch Rug size 73x110
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Antique Antep/Adana Reyhanli Kilim ~ 1880 85x365cm
price:  260 Euro
Rare type of Caucasian Kazak prayer rug (detail). Circa 1840. Appears to be dated earlier. About 4 x 6 ft. Mostly good ... read more