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Anatolian Kilim Freagment
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a very nice antique Caucasian Shirvan rug with lots of little Swastikas and birds, size: ca. 215x135cm / 7ft by 4‘4ft some ... read more
This is a beautiful Antique Kashan Prayer Rug. It dates to the first quarter of the 20th Century. It is all Wool and in ... read more
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This is a nice Sarouk Carpet. It measures 8'6" x 12'3". It has medium, low, lush, dense, silky, wool pile on cotton foundation. t ... read more
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This is an Afshar Bag Face. It has a little wear but is quite nice otherwise. Please feel free to ask questions...
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'Der thrakische Silberschatz aus Rogosen Bulgarien' German text published in Bulgaria with copious color and black and white plates of gold and ... read more
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this is a beautiful persian kASHAN c.1940's. Medium low lush dense silky wool pile on cotton foundation. Very finely hand-knotted. The field has multicolor palmette ... read more
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Azerbaijan, north of Baku, village of Khizy or Xixi. Sometimes such pieces are called Shirwan or simply Baku. This is a sumakh ... read more
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Size: 100x165 cm, Central anatolia,Cappadocia (hasandag) Natural wool.
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Afshar tribes bread sofreh,based on wool frings and the field were weaved using cotton,Size:122X110 cm
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c.1890’s Shirvan prayer rug…..approx 3.7 x 5.3….. Checks drawn on u. s. banks preferred……price on request… Thanks to rr for providing this site….Thanks, Ed Questions???…… ... read more
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Antique Peking Chinese Oriental Rug 3’1” x 5’10” #7911 Age: circa 1930
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C.1890’s Chi Chi / Shirvan…..approx 2.9 x 410…..3pics in sun; last pic in back yard….. Checks drawn on u. s. banks preferred…..please ask….. Thanks ... read more
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Antique Shirvan/Kuba Caucasian rug #7995 Age: circa 1880 Size: 4’7” x 6’4”
Larger than normal Baluch rug with unusual geometric botehs arranged in a subtle but sophisticated repeat creating graphic diagonal negative space that ... read more
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Selendi Prayer Rug Circa 1850 size 140x183
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Yamud Cuval Circa 1850
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Yomut spindle bag, complete and in very good condition, 22x 56 cm.
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outstanding ottoman embroidered towel ca 1820 highest quality professional work. Silk and metal thread on linen ground with partial striped silk ... read more
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Small Afshar bag, a chanteh for personal use with snowflake motif. Very tribal.Good colours, with the soft orange tip faded, good pile. 47x ... read more
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Thigma Tie and Dye, Zanskar Bokh Shawl From the Tribal Area of Zanskar Ladakh India. Its Pure Indigo Blue colour has been used ... read more
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Central anatolia , Cappadocia. Size : 140x290cm
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Han Dynasty Ceramic Vase, ca. 200 bce/ 200 CE Diameter 6 1/2” // 16.5 cm Height 5” // 12.7 cm Diameter Base 3 1/8” // ... read more
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Turkmen Yomud Chuval - near mint condition, great colors, rare 3 x 4 Guls plus secondaries and border. ex- Jim Dixon collection!
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Anatolain Aksaray Kilim
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Baluch Rug Size.155x83 cm
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Nortwest Rug size.283x150 cm
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Antique Kuba Bidjov Runner Oriental Rug #7909 Age: circa 1850-1875 Size: 3’8” x 10’8”
Shahsavan runner iv quarter XIXth Century in very good condition. Washed and ready for use or estate. Nomadic persian runner with all ... read more
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Nishapur Calligraphic Ceramic Bowl, ca. 9th-10th Century Diameter: 8” // 30.5 cm Height: 2 3/8” // 6 cm Diameter Base: 3 1/2” // 9 ... read more
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Antique runner Chahar Mahal-va- Bachtiari size 404 x 105cm. Some areas have visible the foundations. Look at the photo- Runner has been washed professionally. ... read more
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sewan Kasak very good color Scattered moth damage, slightly shortened at the and bottom otherwise good condition, Size: 170x116cm
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Persian Halvai Bidjar Bag Face circa 1880 size 52x55 cm
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Turkmen Ersari Rug Size.110x98cm
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1850's Persian Kurdish Bag Face size 56x56 cm
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580/95 cm very old Kazak runner all natural dyes. a fantastic green border piece. Some small holes, somes small demages on ... read more
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