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Baktiar Ermenibaf Persian knotted circa in 1910 antique, collector's item, 216 x 150 (cm) 7' 1" x 4' 11" carpet id: ... read more
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Heriz Persian, knotted circa in 1915 antique, collector's item, 410 x 310 (cm) 13' 5" x 10' 2" carpet id: ... read more
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Baluch Prayer Rug circa 1880s , size 2'10" x 4'4" (86 x 132 cm.)
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Swedish embroidery wool on felt, size: 77*52cm, wall hanging.
price:  170
Caucasian Karabagh Sunburst Rug - c. 1880 - 5'6 x 8'6 - 170 x 265 cm
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Rare, early and large Aymara bags. All date to the first part of the 19th century or before. Very few ... read more
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Timuri Baluch Large Bagface - Star in octagon surrounded with Guli-Kaf designs, i like the x motifs above the medallion as ... read more
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Early 1900s. Qashqai horse blanket or cover. 4ft7in x 5ft. Wonderful repeating animal figures with a few silk braids woven in here ... read more
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Antique kilim rug size=280x128 cm
price:  250$
19 th West anatolian sumak cuval Size=130x90 cm
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Central Anatolian karapınar sumak cuval Size=146x95
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19th Century Tekke(?) rug with many Saryk designs. 4ft x 5ft2in. Unusual elem design normally attributed to the Saryk. Wonderful, deep madder ... read more
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Antique Afshar bag. 2ft1in x 2ft8in. Great design on a deep indigo field. Wonderful rich colors throughout and the sumak weaving on ... read more
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Chirvan, interesting design, no hole and no tears, late 19th, 140 x 90 Price upon request
Tabriz on frame, fragment, 2nd part 19th, 130 x 97 Price upon request
Antique Balkania monastery Kilim. Size: 153x49 cm 5’x1’8” feet
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Antique Azeri soumak Size: 60x52 cm 2’x1’9” feet
price:  200$
Ottoman silk and metallic embroidered hand bag. Some stains inside and some wears as can be seen on photos.
price:  O.R
Antique Caucasian or Kurdish ? mafrash side panel. Warps are camel hair. Size: 47 cmx 43 cm.
price:  O.R
Eastern Anatolia. In between Bayburt and Erzurum. Cm 150x195. End 19th c., if not before. Very rare type of kilim. In good
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bidbidbid-now on ebay item# ebay item selling sunday eve at 5 pm eastern time - a yomud torba and a persian saddlerug - ... read more
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Central Asian warp-faced tentband fragment, 19th century. This is either a Khirgiz or Uzbek band?? i collected Central Asian flatwoven ... read more
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Persian Senna bag face. Fine, single wefted, cotton foundation. 19th century.
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Khirgiz decorative felt stirrup cover. 20th century. Probably for ceremonial usage. It was constructed using a natural brown, wool ... read more
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Uzbek tent bag face with side panels. Central Asia/Afghanistan. Late 19th century. These are called napramatsch (sp?) and were made ... read more
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qashqai horse neck-band 1880 circa in very good condition,all good colorsss and the white color all in cotton•••size80x5cm
excellent quality of the 1880 circa qashqai horse neck-band in very good condition,the white color all in cotton•••size85x5cm
.Afshar rug, Mother and child Boteh design, 6.2ft x 4.8ft. (186 x 148 cm.) Around 1910
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Antique Anatolian Karapınar Yastık
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#7650 Antique Agra Oriental Rug From India 9’10” x 14’1″ This Agra antique carpet from India measures 9’10” x 14’1” (302 x 430 ... read more
Second 19th Century Antique Türkmen Ersari Chuval Rug Size.168x92 Cm
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Central Asian wool tapestry fragment. 2.5 x 30 inches. Both sides have the original selvedge. The design is a row of ... read more
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One of the most gorgeous, colorful Sauj-Boulagh?? Kurdish rug, it is a very old piece but i am not sure about its ... read more
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Antique Caucasian Akstafa Kazak Runner ca.1910/1920 280cmx118cm Perfect condition
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In the Qing Dynasty, the brocade embroidery with tangled branches and lotus pattern is made of white satin at the bottom, which ... read more
Cheerful Shahsavan Khorjin. Complete. Attractive palette and glossy wool. Worth a look.
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