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Naga head hunter's basket. See my previous post for more pics & infos link
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Malatya kilim Age : between 100- 150 years old
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Sumba(eastern Indonesia) Ceremonial Weaving with Shells & Beads called Lau Wuti Kau.
a stately Kangxi era carpet circa 1700. The most spacious and elegant version of this field design i have seen after exhaustive ... read more
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Antique Swedish Wall Tapestry Rölakan| Kelim. Size 115cm by 54cm.
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Very Large, Old Ersari Type "Juval". Wear in places, a patch. But the skirt, tho.
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Ersari or Middle Amu Darya type trapping.
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a great early silk rug from East Turkestan. 18th century. In compromised condition with scattered old repairs, wear and some holes but ... read more
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Kurdish herki rug with little damage,370 x 80 cm link
Morocco, probably Beni Sadden, fantastic design, 2 x 3 meter. Price upon request
Antique Pair of Pekin, decor 5 dragons, 91 x 61. Price upon request
Antique Khotan Early 19th century, size is 182 x 83 cm
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Mid 19th Century Caucasian Eagle Rug Size 138 x 218 cm
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moroccan berber embroidered kilim, the colours and weave of which indicate that it was woven by the Beni M·guild Berbers in the ... read more
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a rare example of Turkmenistan Beshir Main Rug. It's in good condition but not a high pile. All original untouched.All sides are ... read more
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1870 or older Tibet sitting square
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19th Century Zeichur Sumac It has very nice deep colors Size 180 x 225 cm Generally ıt's in good condition
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Famous master Haji Jalili hand-knotted rug. Size: 112 cm × 164 cm
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Antique Shasavan Sumak Panel
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Antique shirvan good old one ca 1880 or bit earlier. Nice purple and camel hair in pile all wool foundation unusual ... read more
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Central Anatolian Banded Kilim, Konya or Cappadocia. Late 18th Century to early 19th. The colors are all there in their finest ... read more
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Antique Turkmen Ersari Chuval
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Antique Anatolian Cappadocia Rug Fragment
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Antique East Anatolian Rug
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Zari (Real Zari) Brocade Khinkhab Sampler from Jamnagar Gujarat, India. Beautiful and oldest Buta Design work. C.1900.Its size is 35cmX70cm(DSC06746).
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Early 19th c West Anatolian Kilim Bag face Size.43x40 Cm
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Antique Baluch Mina Khani bagface, Very nice collector´s item, size: 72x66cm / 2'3''ft x 2'1''ft
Fine antique Persian Bidjar rug, size: 150x110cm / 5ft x 3'6''ft
yomud yomud ebay item#233297693871 excellent condition with all the points and tassels
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17th Century Italien / Spain Silk embroidery on canvas please contact for future information
price:  $4000
Mid 18th century Kurdish rug fragment unique and rare Size 242 cm x 79 cm
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Colorful antique Caucasian Shahsavan long rug, age: 19th century, all natural colors, size: ca. 297x98cm / 9'8''ft x 3'2''ft , sides and ... read more
Lori–Bahtiari saddlebag end 19th cent. 50 x 86 cm. Sumac technique in wool. Goat hair in some details. White is handspun cotton. ... read more
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Antique Borjalı Sumak Bag Faces
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Antigue perisan, Malayer rugs. Cırca 1900_ size 482×123.
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