asad reza

  • Museum Quality Mughal Yellow Agate Bazuband inscribed with Koranic Verse,IndiaRare,Original and Authentic. No Repairs,No damage to the Carnelian Agate. Origin : Middle East
    price:  1600

  • 19th Century Porcelain Plate,Made in England with Jawi script. Rare Porcelain Plate with Indonesian Jawi script,Very unusual and interesting. Made in England.No repairs,No
    price:  1260

  • Amazing Carnelian Agate Ring top with inscription of kufic script. The silver ring attached to this magnificient agate is missing. Rare,Original and Authentic. No ... read more
    price:  675.00

  • Mughal Era Bazuband mounted on Silver & inscribed with Koranic Verse in Naskh Script,Quran. Very desireable Bazuband Amulet mounted on silver and ... read more
    price:  1450.00

  • 19th Century : Silver 'Khasdan' from Lucknow,India A beautiful looking silver presentation round tray with dome shaped lid with peacock on the top ... read more
    price:  850.00

  • Mughal Dagger with beautiful intricately done gold floral pattern,known as Koftgari work.The length is approx. 14 inches with original blade.There seems to ... read more
    price:  1280.00

  • Rare Mughal Bidri Hukka base India,Lucknow,Huqqa,Silver,Nawab,Raja,Tobacco,Pipe Nicely preserved,authentic & rare Mughal Bidri Hukka in excellent condition with more than 95% silver-work intact, Dimension: 5 ... read more
    price:  685.00

  • Splendid octagonal agate micro inscribed Agate with 99 name of Ismaa e Husna (names of Allah) in small Grid, "Ayat ... read more
    price:  9875.00

  • very fine Antique islamic Calligraphy quran Gilt Silver carnelian pin c. 19th C. This finely incised genuine carnelian gemstone amulet is superbly bezel ... read more
    price:  685

  • Diagonally scribed Persian text in Nastaliq script with black ink and off white paper.Calligrapher: Mir Saadat Ali Khan
    price:  1450

  • BAZUBAND, Moghul, India,17th Century, Large oval yellow Agate with inscription of Koranic Verse 'Ayat ul Kursi' mounted on silver in Naskh script. Please ask for
    price:  5600

  • Fatimid Era , 11th Century, Lepus lazuli mounted on gold ring with inscription of 'Allah Akbar' in Kufic script.Beautiful mint condition.
    price:  3800

  • Artist Pubali Dutta , India "Woman behind the curtain" Original,unframed,approx 12 x 16 inches
    price:  1800

  • Koran Box with Inscription of Koranic Verses A rare Koran box worn as a amulet pendant. The inscription of Koranic verses are in tughra ... read more
    price:  POR

  • Koran Box Bazuband, British India ,19th century : Amulet in form of two adjacent cylindrical amulet holder and an octagonal shaped Koran ... read more
    price:  650.00

  • Authentic & Vintage Gardener Bowl in Beautiful Condition,Russia,Farsi,Afghan Russian Gardener floral pattern bowl with word 'Gardener' in Persian - Farsi - ... read more
    price:  P O R

  • 18th Century Islamic Silver Bowl from Middle East with Turquoise & Arabic Calligraphy in Relief 18 th Century decorative Islamic silver bowl ... read more
    price:  Price Upon Request