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a Scythian gold bracelet, Central Asia, 5th century bc, the clasp with a griffon in profile turning its head to the side, ... read more
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Size : 110 x 150 (cm), Old Reyhanli !
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Turkmen, kilim, 1940-1950, 210x350 cm.In good condition, need to wash
Turkmen-yomud, 1890-1900, size-120X260 cm.requires restoration, need to wash
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Yomut Turkmen Chuval. Second half 19th century--among the older ones I've seen with the complete flatweave back. Good natural colors, ... read more
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Size : 90 x 200 (cm), East anatolia , Adiyaman !
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Kilim cod. 3010. Wool. Ait Bou Ichaouen confederation. Talsint area. South-Eastern Morocco. 1st. half 20th. Century. Very good condition. Cm. 391 x ... read more
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Wonderfull Zeyhur Sirvan Rug
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Wonderfull Turkmen Yamut Chuval
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Nice Old Turkmen Yamut Chuval
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Shirvan, early 20th century. 106 x 186 Cm.
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18th Century Greek Crete Embroidery size 34x66 cm
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Early 19th c. Central Anatolian "banded" kilim panel fragment. Excellent color range. Fine weave. Conserved & mounted professionally on linen.
Caucasus Dagestan Sumach 1820 or 1840s size 265x170cm
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Banjara Dowry(Envelope) Bag From Karnataka,South India.C.1900.Embroidered on cotton.This is a square embroidery that has been folded and sewn to form the bag.This ... read more
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Antique Shahsavan mafrash panel, with diamond lattice design. link Circa 1890. a good Shahsavan mafrash panel in reverse soumak technique. The colours are ... read more
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Antique South Caucasian or Shahsavan Khorjin with plain weave back. link Circa 1890. The saddle bag faces are very well drawn with large ... read more
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Antique Kurdish Varamin region Khorjin with plain weave back. link Circa 1900. The saddle bag faces are drawn with a diagonal repeat boteh ... read more
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Phulkari From West(Pakistan)Punjab. India.known as Chand Bagh. c.1900. Very Rare influence of Nazar buti in the Middle(DSC04820).
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Antique Tibetan seal with a deer seated amongst flowers. Carbon dated between 1280 to 1400 (95.4%) Compound material with presence of cellulose and animal ... read more
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19th century Choodor chuval 4'1"x2'9"/125x84cm
Bergama rug, late 19th century. This rug has saturated natural colors including the bright cochineal pink, wide kilim ends and a ... read more
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Turkmen Tekke Chuval 1870 circa•••size130x70cm
Heriz perisan, 380×266 cm. circa 1910.
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Extreemly Rare double side knoted 19th century Small Angora Ushak Or Oushak Beautifull soft silky shiny wool, Some wear and worn ... read more
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Size : 160 x 410 (cm), Middle anatolia , cappadocia !
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Pre-Columbian 'Chuspa' - Bag for holding coca leaves. Northern Chile - a.d. 1100 - 1470. Alpaca fiber complementary warp faced weave. ... read more
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Colourful Antique Baluch rare design with animal motifs, very good condition, size is 132 x 80 cm
price:  450 GBP
Anatolian Kilim fragment properly mid 19th century size is 105 x 78 cm
price:  350 GBP
Baluch Runner, great natural colors, woven like a giant long bagface with a repeat mosaic like pattern of eight-pointed stars in a ... read more
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Antique Baluch Bags Faces
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Antique Wonderfull Baluch Bag
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Antique Baluch Rug
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Antique Wonderfull Baluch Rug
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17th Century Chefchaouen Morocco Cross Stitch Embroidered size 30x57 cm
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Antique Qashqai Persian Carpet. More info https:// link
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