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Antique Turkmen Yamut Main Rug size.315x170cm
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Charming small Afshari tribal rug. Low pile, some conservation problem, great colors. Southern Persia, mid 19th c. 97x90 cm.
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Ushak fragment, 68 x 102 cm, 2'3 x 3'4, around 1700, some old repair (faded)
Shasavan pile bag, 19th c, quite unusual bagface, quite rare. Good condition
a small collection of 17th century Safavid carpet fragments woven in the 'Vase' technique. Each from different carpets, offering an overview of ... read more
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Timuri Afganistan, a half bag (0.81x0.74m) 1.quarter 20.cent.perfect condition high pile.
price:  € 500.-
Senneh wagireh 1880 circa,size 40x40cm
beautiful old Senneh Wagireh,size 20x20cm
Senneh wagireh 1880 circa,size 40x39cm
a nice Camel ground Baluch about 80-90 years old,the border is rug and the middle is a very good condition.
price:  680€
a very nice Antique Turkmen Tent band Fragment ca.1880,size:144,5x30 cm,back side has been sewn by a white cloth.pls not to hesitate to ... read more
price:  380€
Antique flat woven bagface or panel with a bold uncommon design. Kuba? Avar? Whatever it is, the kuba kelim like medallion is ... read more
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Antique Tekke Small (Wedding) Rug. Last Quarter 19th Century. Chemche Secondary Gols. Deep green. Great Condition for age. Older than most. ... read more
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Antique Baluch bagface. Classic mushwani concentric latch hooked design. Good older example of the type. Mostly good pile, bit of scattered slight ... read more
price:  $235
Antique Tekke Small Main Carpet. Mid 19th Century. 4 x 9 gul pattern. Extremely fine weave with piled rhombus elems containing light ... read more
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Antique Turkmen old silver necklace with beads gilded and cornalian. original ethnic tribal jewelry. Turkmen girl's using for wedding and engagement days. ... read more
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Complete Southwest Persian pile chanteh (11"x 10.5") with tassles. In excellent, full pile, condition. Fancy, kilim back. Late 19th c.
Circa 1800, small “linked palmette” classical Caucasian rug with some old faded repair. Cool!
Antique Persian Khamseh Bag face Size.55x50 Cm
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Shahsavan sumack mafrash end panel. Cm 48x56. End 19th century. Some great natural colors like blue and green. White is cotton. Love ... read more
price:  € 280 + Ups € 35 to EU & USA
1' 9" x 2' 6" Fereghan Sarouk in high pile condition. One small repair area.
price:  reasonable
Rare Vrindavani Assam Vastra with Double Sided Namawali Embroidery.
price:  POR
Totemic Afshar pile bag face. Cm 29x51. Over a a
price:  € 280 + 35€/UPS 4 EU/USA
Antique Kuba Afshan Sajayaghy rug in a dark blue ground, ~1890-1900, 128x165cm (4'2"x5'4") link
price:  POR
Hand carved Anatolian wooden drop spindle Excellent condition ! Size - Height : 10 cm - Circumference : 26 cm Thank you ... read more
price:  O.R
Super colorful Bashir Central Asian / Middle Amu Darya area carpet. older than most. Worn but more or less complete with an ... read more
price:  $1150
Nice Persian Hamadan sarouk design size is 9x12 in good condition circa 1920 $1100 + Shipping
price:  $1100.00
Pre-Columbian knit figure. Early Nasca. Size: 5cm x 21cm Details please feel free to ask
price:  USD1,500-
Pre-Columbian knit border of mantle. Early Nasca. Size: 24cm x 146cm No.1596 Details please feel free to ask. ... read more
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Antique persian Tabriz hajji jalili 9.2x12.4 No dry rot no damages no repairs all original
price:  4000
Healthy 9'1 x 13'1 Antique Mahal, ready for your home or gallery. lovely
price:  4k
Antique Yellow Shirvan, large but reduced in length, 140cm x 282cm.
price:  2k
Antique Green Karachoff with a lovely yellow border, blessed with ancient restorations. rare six star medallion boxes ( usually only four ), ... read more
price:  3k
Quchan soumac Textured with wool and abundant silk,1880 circa in perfect condazion•••size68x36cm
Baluch balisht, older Sistan type with botehs, nice and thin.
price:  $350
Pair Kerman Lavar 1870 circa,,in very good condition size 60x60cm.