Antique Caucasian Shirvan Akstafa Rug, 4.8 x 10.4 ft (141x313 cm), ca late 19th Century.
Antique Caucasian Şirvan Yastık Size.75x58cm
price:  Por
estate dagestan with excellent + pile - no repairs, no repiling , original condition 3 ft 9 x 5 ft 4 inches ... read more
price:  SOLD
Caucasian - Shirwan kilim bag. natural colors in good condition. Little part folded inside and turned into a pillow cover. Circa 1900 ... read more
price:  O.R.
Shirvan Kilim. 2nd Half 19th Century. a very colorful and finely woven early kilim. 6 x 5 large hexagonal rows are separated ... read more
price:  POR
Sumac mafrash end panel - Borchalu? Finely and tightly woven. One small break in the fabric, visible in the image
price:  POR
Very Fine Shirvan Prayer Rug Circa 1870 size 117 x 130 cm It's in Perfect Condition and has great pile on it.
price:  On Request
Marash Armenian Embroidery 132 x 170 cm / 4'3'' x 5'6''
price:  On Request
Early but distressed caucasian prayer rug. Unusual to find some original cotton pile. In "New England condition" and priced accordingly. All natural ... read more
price:  $225 or best offer
Antique Caucasian Kuba region rug with scarce design and very small size. link Circa 1890. Size: 4ft 3in x 3ft 2in (130 x ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details.
Unkown textile. Measures 1'1''x3'1''. Told it was made with silk. Some staining on back.
Antique Caucasian Sevan Rug Size.245x193Cm
price:  Por
19th Century Large Size Shirvan Rug As Found It Size 155 x 295 Cm
price:  On Request
Antique Kasak rug 19 th. century 117 x 178 cm Beautiful naturel ... read more
price:  Very reasonable
Shirvan fragment size 120x92 cm
price:  Por
Antique Baku Chila (Khila) long Rug, East Caucasus - Azerbaijan, ca first half 19th Century. 4'7" x 12' (140x365 cm).
a small refined Caucasian prayer rug from North Shirvan/Kuba region; well-known design group with fantastic animals, 2.11x4.8 feet, 92x142 cm, dated 1310 ... read more
price:  on request
a bold and graphic antique Kuba Karagashli rug, human figures, no repairs, late 19c. Lustrous full wool pile with brilliant natural dyes ... read more
price:  on request
Caucasian Rug 19th Century Size:130x203Cm/ 6’9”x4’3”
price:  On request
1870s Caucasian Borcalo Rug Size 140 x 240 cm
price:  Sold Thanks
Middle of the 19th Century Caucasian Rug.It has great colors.All is original untocuhed one.Size 115 x 400 cm Reasonable one.
price:  On Request
19th Century Caucasian Sumach size 58x58 cm
price:  On Request
c.1890's Kuba.....approx. 3.11 x 5.3....some field wear.....edges need attention....checks drawn on u.s. banks preferred..... Please ask......Thanks, Ed. ( Thanks to rr for ... read more
price:  POR
Caucasian Kuba bagface, 14 x 15". Good colors, full pile. Nice design with lower skirt. Wear to lower corners. ... read more
price:  $90 including US shipping.
Antique Caucasian Kazak Rug, 4'7" x 8' - 140x245 cm, ca 1870, very good condition, all original, no repairs, no issues.
19th Century Marasali Prayer Rug size 110x140 cm
price:  On Request
Antique South East Caucasian runner with soft colours and rustic village design. link 1900. Size: 15ft 5in x 3ft 6in (470 x 106cm). A ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details.
#7198 Kazak This third-quarter 19th-century Kazak measures 4’2” x 8’5” (128 x 259cm). It has four memling gul medallions, one on a ... read more
19th Century Shirvan Chi-Chi Rug ıt's in perfecet condition untocuhed one.Size 132 × 151 cm
price:  On Reuest
#7742 Kuba This circa 1850 antique Kuba Oriental Rug measures 3’8” x 5’1” (116 x 155 cm). It has an ivory ground completely ... read more
19th Century Schirvan Kuba Rug 125 x 180 cm
price:  On Request
Karabagh 4x7 app
price:  $2500
Kazak 5x8
price:  3500
Antique Caucasian Gendje Kazak rug with star and lattice design. link Circa 1880. Size: 7ft 11in x 4ft 0in (241 x 122cm). This rug ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details.
Antique Caucasian Shirvan Prayer Rug Size.146x116cm
price:  Por
Antique Caucasian Karabagh Rug Size.255x112Cm
price:  Por
Karabag, very good velvet, good colors, perfect conditions, 215 x 126 Price upon request
Antique caucasus karabagh size cm. 173 x 116 cm. Very good condition. All wool Gol-farangh pattern. Other info or photo about my Karabagh ... read more
price:  on request thanks
Unusual and attractive south Caucasian prayer rug, circa 1900,no repairs, oxidation to the brown,3-4 × 5-7.
price:  Reasonable
Antique Caucasian Shirvan rug classic medallion design. link Circa 1880. Size: 8ft 5in x 4ft 6in (257 x 136cm). An interesting Shirvan rug with ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details.
Antique Caucasian Shirvan rug with unusual design. link Circa 1900. Size: 7ft 5in x 4ft 6in (227 x 137cm). This is a most unusual ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details.
East Anatolian / Caucasian carpet with motives of Sewan Kasak, Shirvan ...but made probably near the Van Lake / Turkey regarding to ... read more
19th Century Schirvan Marasali Rug.As Found it.Size 130 x 150 Cm
price:  On Request
Rare Kurdish bag, maybe from the caucasus, good age natural colours, only the camel color is slightly tipfaded. corrosion gives a beautiful effect. ... read more
price:  €145
Antique Shirvan Carpet size:152x86
price:  Ask Please
Middle Of The 19th Century Schirvan Kuba Rug 87 x 155 cm
price:  Sold Thanks
Antique Armenian Kilim rug. 208×414cm 8x16 feet A masterpiece Pure wool..handmade Dm if interested..
price:  Ask for price
Antique Caucasian Kazak rug with compartment design, probably Bordjalou area. link Circa 1890. Size: 7ft 4in x 4ft 3in (223 x 130cm). An interesting ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details.
Antique Caucasian Seichur rug with floral lattice design. link Circa 1890. Size: 4ft 10in x 3ft 0in (147 x 92cm). This is a very ... read more
price:  SOLD, thank you.
Antique Caucasian Khila rug from the Baku region of the Eastern Caucasus. link 1890. Size: 9ft 8in x 6ft 6in (295 x 198cm). This is ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details.
Kazak Borjalou, condition see photos, 250 x 174 Price upon request
Late 19th / Early 20th century Karabagh rug. Cute piece, tree of life design, great color. Areas of repiling. 3'4" x 4'6". ... read more
price:  POR
Nice Kuba see-through Thrasher Approx 3' x 4' 3"
price:  $150 obo
Antique Caucasian Chelaberd (so called "Eagle Kazak") Rug, Karabagh Region, 4'7" x 6'9" (140x205 cm), mint condition. All my rugs come with a ... read more
Antique Caucasian Kuba Small Rug Size.108x87Cn
price:  Por
Antique Caucasian Kazak rug in a one way prayer rug design, Fachralo or Borchalo distric, ( Borchalu ), 19thC, hand knotted wool ... read more
price:  $850.00US
Mid.19th Century Caucasian Gendje Rug Size 111 x 267 Cm
price:  Sold Thanks
Caucasian camel bag, most probably from Bordjalu area, 19th century, wonderful contemporary-like drawing, just like an op-art painting, all natural colours, soft ... read more
price:  % SALE %
Marasali, Caucasion, 1890's 45" x 55", medium pile throughout, some wear on selvedges, some wear on ends, one end has wear into ... read more
price:  $2,500.00 or best offer
Late 19th Century Caucasian Sofreh 165 x 271 Cm
price:  On Request
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