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Beshir torba face, late 19th/early 20th century. Fantastic graphic. Many of its original tassels are intact. In very good ... read more
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Small (3'6"x4'0) East Anatolian kilim. Mostly wool with cotton white highlights
Qashqai small khorjin 1880 circa all good colors and very good condition size 50x25cm
a Kazak Mafrash panel measuring 1.7 x 3.2 FT Data is 1222 ?? but based on experience it looks too have been ... read more
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Mahal Persian, knotted circa in 1895 antique, 368 x 270 (cm) 12' 1" x 8' 10" carpet id: P-4290 The black ... read more
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Antıque Caucasıan Şirvan Marashali Prayer Carpet Size: 150x115 cm.
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Chand Bagh Phulkari From West(Pakistan) Punjab. India. India. untwisted Floss silk on hand spun Brown cotton ground cloth. Early 19th Century. Its ... read more
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Baluch minakhani rug, decent condition, great color, 3'9"x6'4"
Antique Sahsavan Fragment Carpet size: 122x94 cm.
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Interesting and unusual 19th century Kurdish rug in good but evenly-low pile all over. Great natural colours and fairly coarse weave - a ... read more
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175 x 93 cm Antique Peking very very archaic design. Last quarter XIXth century. The upward-pointing decoration and the presence of original motif ... read more
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lovely Qashqai small khorjin 1880 circa all good colors and very good condition size 58x26cm
Leather powder flask,Persian, 19.century.Rich painted decoration,8x24 cm
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Antique classic Khamseh ? Chuval, end 19th century. Size is 146 x 63 cm
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Konya kilim in great beauty and condition. Cm 140x380. Should be and 19th century. Lovely natural colors. Amazing pattern.
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Books for Sale. I have some doublettes in my library which are taking up too much space. You can see a complete photo list ... read more
Von Scala / Sarre,1908. 12 plates from the original 25.Jumbo-sized classic rug book.With a lot of the text,and some extras from the ... read more
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very fine Qashqai chanteh 1880 circa size 28x27cm the white color all in cotton.
1970's Afghanistan pillow bag , sewn together from tent bands from the 60's ,70's see tag back of bag face ... read more
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Antique Turkmen inspired Baluch rug with "Tekke Gul" design. Size: ca. 210x105cm / 7ft by 3'5''ft good overall condition, little old moth
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Qashqai khorjin 1880 circa all natural color and good condition size 84x43cm
Central Anatolia, Konya/Karaman region yastik, first half 19c. The distinctive palette for this yastik indicates the weaver was likely from Tashkale. Two ... read more
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Antique Persian Hamedan rug, navy blue ground color, size: ca. 200x110cm / 6'6''ft by 3'6''ft
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Turkmen Ersari Cuval circa 1870 size 92x148 cm
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Antique Baluch rug or sofreh with unusually wide border and small picture frame field. Complete kilim ends. 3'6" x 5'8" or 107 x
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Mid 19th c Shahsaven Mafrash Sumak Size 110x42 Cm
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Small And very fine Ziegler & Co rug 4'9" x 6'6"
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Anadolu Kapadokya Runner Fragment Carpet size: 335x90 cm.
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Azarbeycan zile Half sofra size: 205x82 cm.
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Anadolu Konya Ladik Fragment Carpet size: 260x125 cm.
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Old Turkmen Tekke - Late 19th century 125x37cm (with fringes). Shipping from Belgium.
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An Rare Tran-phul-bhat Patola Sari,Silk Double Ikat.Probably Patan Gujarat.This Patola known as Tran-phul-bhat(there flowers design).This Patola is one of the most Rare ... read more
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Antique Persian Kermanshah Tree of Life rug, beautiful Blossom tree with peacocks, birds and Animals, ca.1880s, it measures (4'6" x 6'6")and(132 x ... read more
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Anatolian prayer rug, 19th century. Intriguing mix of totemic animism and Islamic iconography. Glorious colors and wool. Good condition. Size 58.3 x ... read more
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